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group of female swingers on vacation


Just a vacation until they take a challenge that one will have to make good on when they get home. One will get a call from a stranger that she must make good on.

I have a start but would like some help with:
As follows:

It was our last day of vacation so to speak, we stopped at a night club that wasn't the greatest, the lounge was large enough and crowded mostly with men, some with wives, some with buddies, some all alone. We all agreed that those that were all alone where probably praying like hell to get lucky. Those were the ones that stared the most at the six of us as we sat down at our table. Being pretty much smashed and being a bit to noisy drew attention to us as soon as we walked into the place.

We were on our third and last day from our husbands and kids and were out to make this last night a memorable one. All of us were friends for various amount of years, friends that shared a common life style---- swingers! Yes; swingers. Again for various amount of years. The life style was a strange strong bonding agent that kept us together. We all slept with each others husbands and sometimes boyfriends. Our intent for this little vacation was not for sex, although we did go to some rather explicit shows, it was just to get away from everything, no more.

Like I said we were pretty smashed and loud, so it was no surprise that we didn't have to pay for our drinks. Guys came stood around us and a couple even snuck chairs and sat with us. Now how we all began talking about sex I can not recall. But there we were laughing and telling things about ourselves that we shouldn't have; when one man with his wife began talking about being swingers it seemed to take a strange turn that made me stop talking and just listened.

Before I knew it the lady made a bet with us, well our good old Judy could never pass up on a bet. The bet was that if her areolas were not bigger than all ours she and her husband would invite all of us including husbands down, fly us to an private island where her and their friends would provide the most perverted sex shows you could ever imagine, afterwards a glorious swingers party we could ever imagine. We all seen each other and seriously we were well armed for the bet. Still I had to ask what if we lost? She said each of us was to place our telephone number in a hat, the one that was drawn would be called and would have to invite one of the men, here, right now, to come up to Chicago to party with him for three days. Three days of any kind of kinky sex he would request. But no sadistic stuff. Just any kinky stuff, anytime and place he wanted. And of course he'd need a couple of pictures to prove it all. I glanced around and was happy to see that the crowd had thinned out.

We looked at each other and said, or slurred 'why not'. But Judy being no fool said that her areolas had to be natural and not man made. Well the lady agreed and lifted up her blouse, her husband popped open her bra. And.... and I have never ever seen such big areolas in my whole life, not even my mother-in-laws we that big. We didn't have to show ours we just bowed on heads and lifted our drinks to her conceding defeat!

Some have a hat? The lady asked. A man with a teen offered the boys baseball cap. I could only wonder how old the boy was and what was he doing in here. As the pen and paper was handed to me I wrote my name and number down but before I placed into the cap I made sure he was not to be included. His dad agreed! The boy lifted his cap over his head and the lady reached fumbled around teasing us and all the men around. The boy stood in front of me staring down at my boobs; oh what the hell I unbuttoned two buttons to give him a better view. She drew to name and number but didn't say who it was. She took the piece of paper and tucked it away, then had the bartender place a big jar on the bar, next too it he put two pads of paper and some pencils. Each man was to write his name, put it into the jar. The next night would be the drawing; she wanted to give some of her friends a chance to join in on the drawing as well. Well that didn't go over so well and it was decided that the drawing would be that night.

Before we staggered out we started walking passed the bar, the jar was over flowing with hopeful bidders. The lady stopped us leaving us standing in a circle of hopeful and horny males.

"Okay some guide lines for the winner when you call!" With everyone's attention she laid out the guide lines. "First introduce yourselves. Than tell her how you want her to be dressed when she comes to pick you up. Oh: like: dressed as a movie star, like a slut, like a simple naive housewife... or... simply wearing a coat.... without any cloths under it. Tell her where you want to go if you know Chicago. Otherwise tell her the type of place you want to be taken too; a flop house, a cheap hotel/motel. Then after that you can decide where you want to have sex ... in public... but be careful with that one. Oh one last thing no sadistic stuff! Sharing her with friends? Why not."

The next morning with pounding heads we were flying back to Chicago. I finally said we have nothing to worry about. If someone calls we just say forget it. What can he do?

IF you like you can use my Email

Judy pulled out a small recorded that have everything we said on it then she handed us a small package of pictures. Blackmail? Of course it was. One thing swingers want is privacy, public exposure especially for those with families is huge trouble. Huge!!

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