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turku-piter Porn

Any litrpg on this site?


I've been reading a lot of litrpg lately, off of Amazon and the Royal Road site, and it occurred to me to ask if anyone knew of any such stories here.

Litrpg, for those unfamiliar, is a genre that covers a lot of ground but boils down to settings with a game-like rule system. Some of them have characters who spend time in the real world and in the game world (like Ready Player One), some have characters digitized and trapped in a computer game (somewhat like Tron), some have players transported to a completely different world, and some have no real connection to Earth or a game but take place on a world that runs along video game lines.

The amount of game-stuff varies wildly between stories, but in general characters advance by gaining levels or character points or otherwise progress in power by gaining discrete skills and abilities that they didn't have before, and all of this is explicitly part of the setting. So unlike say Dungeons And Dragons, characters actually know when they gain levels and decide for themselves how to advance as they get more powerful.

I hope that all made at least a bit of sense. Anyway, anyone know of anything like this on SO?

Ernest Bywater

Yes, there is, somewhere. It because there were a few stories someone asked for a relevant tag to be added so the GameLit tag was recently added.

GameLit = Stories with gaming elements essential to the plot. Often includes features of Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Science Fantasy.

edit to add:

just did a category search on it and found:




Ernest Bywater

You may also want to do a category search using the tags Superhero, or Steampunk, or High Fantasy or Science Fiction because they Game Lit tag is only a few weeks old and some of the stories you want may be tagged under the older tags that also relate to it.

StarFleet Carl

Her stories are based on the Dragon Age video game.

My own Legacy of a Legend, based upon Skyrim.


A number of ' stories over at are GameLit, with his most recent serial A Piece in the Game of Gods very definitely being LitRPG.

Content warning: An MtF sex-change, generally involuntary, is mandatory in a Morpheus story, either via magic or pseudoscience. In general, they are non-reversible; his Travel Agency stories are the only exception that springs to mind.

If you don't like gender-bender stories, don't read Morpheus. In which case you'd also probably not be comfortable with most of the stories at BigCloset, as their focus is TG & closely related; that's why Morpheus and similar authors are welcome there, while not writing true TG stories, they still involve gender changes.


Good story, although it doesn't feel "completed"


I too have been reading some litrpg on Amazon. I was reminded of this 1950 sf story by John D. MacDonald, Spectator Sport. It seems to be more about living the story than battling and acting in it as in litrpg. I didn't first read the story in 1950, but probably not too long afterward probably in an anthology. Here's the address:

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