Caught in the Act

turku-piter Porn

by Oscar Dante

Copyright© 2015 by Oscar Dante

Incest Sex Story: Mom catches Jake with his Sister, she takes a drastic step that backfires on her.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Ma/ft mt/Fa Fa/ft Mult Teenagers Consensual Heterosexual Fiction Incest Mother Son Brother Sister Father Daughter Grand Parent Orgy First Anal Sex .

"How long are they due to be gone?" Amy Davis peeked into her brother's room.

"Mom said about two hours." He said with a hopeful look.

"Then let's go to my room. I am so horny and I need your cock in me." Amy left him behind.

Jack was up and following his sister to her room. Decorated in pink it matched the bare nipples she displayed for him when he arrived. She hooked her arms around her brother's neck and gave him a deep tongue kiss.

She had shed her top and bra before he had entered the room. Her C-cup tits pressed into his chest as their tongues danced together. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his hips as she showed her brother how much she loved him.

Jack loved his sister just as much, even more than he loved his girlfriend. He cupped her ass in his hands to hold her up as they made out standing in the middle of her room.

Jack set her on the bed, and she leaned back and lifted her ass as an invitation to remove her track pants and thong. Jack quickly stripped her naked and spread her legs.

"Eat me, Big Brother!" She demanded, knowing he would send her to the stars with his talented tongue.

Jack buried his tongue into her pink pussy and lapped at the fold of flesh that covered her clit. No one ate pussy like Jack did, not even Amy's girlfriends.

Amy adored her brother and would do anything for him, and he adored her and would never ask her to do anything she didn't want to. Their parents marveled at how they got along. Little did they know that there was a strong sexual bond between them that mollified any dispute the two may have day by day.

Jack knew what buttons to push on his sister's pussy. In minutes he had her squirming on her bed and her hands gripping the blanket. She climaxed with a strong upheaval of her hips, and she laid quiet on the bed as she caught her breath.

Amy sat up and pulled her brother into a deep kiss. "You do that so well, Jack. Now trade me places and let me suck your dick."

Jack pulled down his shorts and jock strap. His nine-inch cock mesmerized Amy. He laid back on the bed and Amy settled between his legs and jacked on his hard cock. A look of admiration shined in her eyes as she watched a drop of precum form at the head.

Amy licked the head of his cock and then down the shaft and the fondled his balls with her tongue. She ran her tongue tip up his thick vein. At the tip she opened her lips and captured the head of his dick, and sucked his dick while she slid her lips down his cock.

She didn't intend to make him cum. What she wanted was his big dick in her pussy fucking her. So when his dick was as hard as glass, she straddled him and fit his cock to her pussy and sank down on it.

"Oh fuck, Jack. I love your dick in me." She giggled and rocked her pelvis on his cock and moaned in a continuous keening that excited Jack. Amy pulled his hands to her tits and pressed them into her firm flesh.

"I love fucking you, Amy. Beth doesn't hold a candle to you."

"Oh, Baby. I know. I love riding your big dick and never want you to cum in me."

Jack turned her over and shoved her face down on the bed. He jerked up her hips and tucked his cock back into her tight little pussy. He gripped her hips and thrust deep and hard into her tight cunt. He was getting near orgasm, when there was a scream at the door, and they both turned to see their Mother's red face with a look of horror on her face.

"Get your dick out of your sister's pussy! Now!" She screamed.

Jack yanked his cock out of his sister knowing his life was over. "Get back to your room and get dressed." She turned to Amy. "You slut. Get dressed and I'll be right back." She chased Jack back to his room, and then screamed for her husband to come upstairs.

An hour later Jack's Dad dropped him off at this Grandma's house. He was grounded at her house for at least two weeks.

Amy was grounded for the same period with an option for more. Her mother, Anna, wouldn't speak to Amy, but her father would when his wife wasn't around.

Amy slipped into a depression shortly after Jack's banishment. It took a week before Anna went to Grandma's house to visit Jack.

The week at Grandma's

Jack's mother or father didn't tell his grandmother why Jack was banished from their home, only that she was expected to enforce the grounding while his parents worked things out.

Jack slipped into a similar depression, and this worried his grandma.

"Jack, why are you here? What did you do?" His grandmother asked him.

"Mom told me not to tell you. She said it's a terrible thing and she doesn't want the news to get out." Jack sat with his face covered by his hands.

"Please, it just sounds so awful. Did you do something wrong? Did you hurt someone? Your mother or your sister?" Grandma ran down the list of calamities.

"Grandma, if you promise not to tell Mom I told you, I will tell you what happened." He was wanting to get his Grandma off his back.

"I promise not to tell." She said simply.

"Amy and I were having sex and Mom caught us." Jack said remorsefully.

Grandma's eyes grew wide, and she sat stone still for a moment. Then she laughed.

"What's so funny, Grandma. Mom's really pissed. I might get sent off to military school."

"She's not going to do that."

"How do you know?" He said in doubt.

Grandma got up and paced before Jack. "I don't know if I should tell you this, but your mother when she was sixteen, was fucking her brother. They fucked like minks until I caught them."

"Mom and Uncle Paul? They were getting it on at my age?" He said with excitement looking up with hope in his eyes.

"Yes, they were. After I told them it was okay, and that they didn't have to hide it, they were fucking everywhere in the house. They didn't stop until Paul went off to the seminary to be a minister. Your mom was heartbroken when he moved out."

"Wow, Grandma. And you let them just fuck whenever they wanted?"

She nodded and grinned at the idea. "Your Mom was so heartbroken on Paul's leaving that I let her fuck Grandpa now and then. Your mother was a real slut. She loved a cock in her wet cunnie. It took some of the load off me to have your mom doing it with my husband."

"Grandma, this is so wild. If true, then why is Mom so mad at me? I would think she wouldn't mind if I was fucking my sister."

"You'll have to ask her." Grandma put her arm around my shoulder and led me to the guest bedroom. "You can bunk here while she's pissed at you."

Grandma turned to Jack. "You know if you like, you can bunk with me. It's been a long time since I've shared my bed." She said tenderly.

"I would love to, Grandma. I'll keep you warm all night." Jack said joyfully.

"You know I sleep in my birthday suit. Will that bother you?" he said.

"Not a bit, Grandma, if you can take me in mine."

She hugged her grandson. "I would love to share my bed with you." She reached down and cupped his dick. "We might even try some of them things you did with your sister."

"Grandma, you really want to fuck?" He said amazed.

"I love to fuck, it's just been so long since I've had a cock snuggled next to me."

"Then let's go to bed early and get a good start on it."

Grandma told Jack it was her bath night, and she would welcome him into her tub. She ran a tub full of hot water and added soap to make thick bubbles.

Grandma stripped down to her panties and let Jack take in every curve of her body. She cupped her breasts to show Jack their old shape and size.

She added bath salts and slipped under the bubbles. "Jack, join me. I love it when a man washes me up."

Jack took soap and sponge to his grandmother's body, and worked up lots of lather over her. He sponged off her body and touched every inch of her soft skin. He loved the slippery feel of her skin and the soft folds of her pussy while he washed it.

Then it was her turn to wash him. She shampooed his hair and his back and tummy. She spent a long of time washing his cock and comparing it to her long gone husband's.

She stood him up in the tub and washed his ass and legs and then she rinsed off his cock and sucked it.

"I love to suck cock. I've done it since I was about thirteen. I would suck off the ranch hands for fifty cents. I love the taste of cum, Jack, so you feel free to cum in my mouth." He finally spent his load down his grandma's throat. It was an outstanding feeling, even better than Amy's oral arts.

She handed him a giant towel and they dried each other off. Jack enjoyed rubbing the large terry cloth towel over his Grandmother's body. He used his hands on her tits as she leaned back against him. "Rub them, grandson, make them hot, so I can put your cock between them."

"Grandma, you have me so turned on right now. Can we go to bed and fuck?" He asked earnestly.

"Sure, Jack. Let's get into my bed and you can put this big dick in me." She tugged him by his shaft to her bedroom.

Grandma backed up to the bed and fell back with her legs raised in the air. "You know, Jack, I wasn't quite telling you the truth a little earlier about not being fucked in a long time. The truth is that your Uncle Paul stops by about once a month and gives me a good fucking. He's a good boy, and I really enjoy his big dick, just like his sister did."

Jack softly rubbed his Grandmother's cunt with his index finger. "Do you think Uncle Paul still fucks Mom?"

"I'm sure they do. You just can't cut that tight a cord just because you get married. Your father was never introduced to our family's passion for sex, because he said it was a sin to fuck your blood. So he's been on the outside."

Jack put a stop to Grandma's talk when his tongue licked along her pussy slit. "Yummy, Grandma." He purred as he worked his tongue under the folds over her clit and flicked her little nubbin with his tongue. He only took about five minutes to bring his Grandma to orgasm and had her begging for him to fuck her.

He mounted her and drove his cock deep into her wet tight cunt. "Fuck me! Grandson, use that big dick on my little cunt. I need a good fucking. We're going to have so much fun while your mother is punishing you."

He rose up on his arms and looked down at his grandma's face. He kissed her and she returned it with an open mouth and a questing tongue.

They fucked missionary style until Grandma insisted he do her doggy style and she turned over and let him mount her from behind.

It didn't take long to bring her to orgasm, and then Jack quickly followed with a huge load of cum he blew deep into her womb.

"Wow, Grandma that was a great fuck. You're so fucking good."

"We're going to fuck a lot, Jack. As much as I can, you have me so horny I want to do it again right now."

Back at the house

Amy was depressed. Without her brother she became absorbed in sensations of loss and sexual craving. She tried masturbation, but it just didn't compare with Jack's big dick. She sometimes didn't even dress in the morning, coming down in a bra and panties, not caring if her father saw her in her underwear.

She wouldn't speak a word to her mother, and ignored her when her mother told her to put her clothes on. After three days she came down to breakfast wearing only her panties, and letting her 34C breasts bounce nakedly all under her father's sight.

"Bob, she won't talk to me. Go up to her room and have a talk with her. She at least needs to know that not wearing clothes around the house is not appropriate."

"She misses her brother. I know it's wrong, but she loves him too much. Can't she go over to Grandma's to visit him?"

"Not a chance. They'll be fucking in a minute. My Mom can't watch both of them. Now go up and talk to her."

Bob trudged upstairs not knowing what to say to her about her depressed state.

He knocked on the door, and when he went in she was sitting at her desk doing homework in the nude. "Amy, can't you put some clothes on?"

"Not until Mom let's Jack come back home." She turned to her father and his eyes followed the jiggle of her nipples and her legs parted to allow her father to see the slim slit of her pussy... "Daddy, talk to her." She stood up and let him look at her body. He noticed that since that morning she'd shaved off her pubic hair.

He sat down on the bed and she came over and sat on his lap and threw her arm around his shoulder. "I love you, Daddy. Please talk to Mom. I need Jack. No one's ever fucked me like he does."

"Sweetie, you shouldn't talk like that, he's your brother and you two shouldn't be fucking each other. It's wrong."

She nuzzled her head into his neck. "Would it be as wrong if we did it?"

"What? Do you mean if we fucked?" He said shocked.

"Yeah. Daddy? Will you fuck me, to stop me from being so depressed?"

"I don't think your Mom would like that. She's pissed enough about you fucking your brother, without getting me involved."

"What if I asked Mom about fucking you? What do you think she'd say?"

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