Anthony Brown, Sweet Smelling Stud

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by Warthog

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Erotic Sex Story: Wife can't help herself when she meets a black stud. She takes him to her room along with her willing husband.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Mult Consensual Fiction Cheating Slut Wife Wimp Husband Cuckold Group Sex Interracial Black Male White Female Oral Sex Anal Sex white wife cheats with black stud.

After a year of hard work my project was finally finished. It was time for a vacation. Fortunately, the school year was ending and my wife Brenda would be rapping up her teaching duties in the next day or two. She had let me know a month earlier that she was ready for a little time off.

I made arrangements for two nights at a hotel in a nearby large city. I figured we would site see during the day and check out the night life at night. I told Brenda about my plans and she was thrilled.

Three days later we hopped into the car and took off. We spent the first day and night checking out the city as planned. We were so tired after all the days' activities that we went straight to bed. I was a little disappointed that we hadn't reserved the energy necessary to make love before retiring. I vowed that the next night would be different. I had plans and a surprise for my beautiful wife.

We slept late the next morning. We dressed, had brunch then resumed our tour of the city. Just before dark we had dinner at a nice restaurant. During the meal I told Brenda that I had a surprise for her back in the room. She begged me to tell her what it was but I told her it would wait until after dinner. It became a race to see who would finish first. She won. As we waited for the check she became annoyed at the waiter's slowness. He wasn't really slow but to Brenda it seemed that way. She was definitely very excited about the surprise.

I paid the check and we hurried back to the hotel room. I didn't even have to open the door to the room. Brenda had hurried ahead and had opened it with her own key. She had the door open just as I caught up with her. She bolted into the room and began the search for her surprise. "All right Tom, where is it?" she asked.

I reached into the closet that she had forgotten to check and pulled out a clothing box. "Here you go baby," I said. Brenda's face broke into the pretty smile that made me fall in love with her three years earlier when I first laid eyes on her.

Brenda took the box and said, "Tom you're so sweet." She plopped onto the bed and removed the lid of the box. Quickly she moved the tissue aside and pulled out the outfit that I had bought her. Brenda's smile faded and a look of concern took its place. She said, "Tom its really nice but I don't think I could wear this."

"Why not?" I asked.

She held the garments up, looked them over and said, "Well, Tom, its just so revealing."

"I know," I said with a lecherous grin. I added, "I think you will look terrific in that outfit."

"I don't know," Brenda said.

I sat down on the bed beside my beautiful wife and put my arm around her narrow waist. She looked at me with her sparkling hazel eyes and I said, "Baby, we've worked hard ever since we've been married. This is our first chance to blow off some steam. I thought it might be fun to do something a little daring. I've always wanted to see you dressed in an outfit like this. I thought it might be fun for us to pretend we were meeting for the first time and I would seduce you into my bed. I think it would be fun."

Brenda smiled and said, "That does sound like fun." She held up the bustier checking the tags for the size. She turned back to me and asked, "How did you know my size?"

"I did a little snooping in your closet and I asked your mother," I replied.

"You didn't tell her what you were buying, did you?" she exclaimed obviously very concerned. Brenda comes from a very conservative family. Her mother would definitely not approve of this type of outfit.

"No," I said.

"Thank God," said Brenda.

I asked, "Are you going to put it on, baby?"

Brenda smiled and said, "Ok, but you'll have to leave the room while I get ready." I started to protest but Brenda put her finger to my mouth and said, "I think it would be better for you if you saw the finished product." I couldn't argue with her logic.

As I left the room, Brenda gave me a very passionate kiss and thanked me for the surprise. She told me to be back in a half hour for my surprise. As I left the room, my mind tried to guess what my beautiful but reserved wife would look like in the outfit. It was very difficult to picture it. Brenda had always been very conservative in her dress and demeanor. I wandered around the hotel trying to imagine what the evening would bring. The thoughts I had were causing my cock to make its presence known. I put a hand in my pocket to make the necessary adjustments.

I made it back to the room in exactly one half hour. I was as anxious to see my surprise as Brenda had been to see hers. I knocked on the door. Brenda opened the door just a crack and said, "Tom, is that you?"

"Yea, baby," I said.

"Close your eyes and then give me your hand," she ordered. I closed them, then felt a breeze as Brenda opened the door and took my hand. The smell of her perfume made my blood rush through my veins. Brenda led me into the room and sat me in the chair at the end of the room. "Ok baby, open up," she said.

The site that greeted me was incredible. I had to look closely to see if it was really my wife. She was dressed entirely in white although purity had nothing to do with this outfit. Starting from the floor I took in this site guaranteed to make a dead man get hard.

Brenda's feet were covered with a pair of white five inch pumps. Her long legs were encased in very shear white stockings. The ruffled skirt Brenda was wearing was a very short and lacy affair. The tops of her stockings were just barely visible. The short skirt made her look taller than her five and a half feet. Brenda's 22 inch waist was surrounded by a two inch wide white belt. Her belly button and part of her flat tummy were visible below the white lace bustier. The top of the bustier struggled to hold Brenda's 35D bust in place. Her very firm bullet shaped breasts were pushed together forming a cleavage that would be a magnet to any man's eye. Over the bustier she wore a small unbuttoned jacket that matched the skirt. To complete the outfit she wore white lace gloves and carried a small white handbag.

"You like?" asked Brenda as she held open the jacket showing me her bust in all its glory. The cups appear slightly under sized as the sides of Brenda's breasts were visible under her arms. Her large brown nipples were also visible through the shear lace bustier. The lace cups covered less than half of her breasts.

"I like," I said. I quickly added, "In fact, I love it." I looked at Brenda's smiling face and noticed that she had applied her makeup and little more heavily. Her eye shadow was multicolored and her cheeks were red with blush. She wore bright red lipstick. Brenda had taken her shiny dark hair down and fluffed it up to look full and thick. It cascaded across her shoulders and over her breasts as she turned her head. She looked like an expensive call girl. It was just what I had hoped for.

"Its a good thing I'm not going out like this," said Brenda.

"What do you mean, 'not going out'?" I exclaimed.

"Oh Tom, I can't go out like this," said Brenda. She added, "I look like one of those women." Brenda would never say whore or prostitute. It just wasn't like her.

"You mean whore?" I asked.

"Yea," she replied.

"I think you look very sexy." Brenda blushed. My wife was a passionate woman but she didn't really like to talk about sex. I really wanted to loosen Brenda up a little. I figured if she walked around in public with a sexy outfit on she might start to like it. I had to get her out of the room. "Let's just go down to the hotel bar and have a couple of drinks," I suggested.

Brenda seemed to ponder the idea for a moment. She could see the pleading in my eyes. I think she knew how important it was to me. Finally she said, "Well, I guess for just a little while."

I jumped up and grabbed Brenda and kissed her hard. She felt and smelled wonderful. My excitement was catching as I heard a little moan escape from my wife's throat. After a very long kiss, I separated my lips from Brenda's soft full lips. She said, "Wow, if I'd known that dressing like this would have made you this way I would have done it long before."

I was elated. Brenda seemed to be loosening up already. I gave her a big hug. I loved the feeling of her large breasts pushing against my chest. Her usual wear covered her curves and acted as an effective buffer. I liked the feel of the lace. I pulled back, looked at my beautiful wife's angel face and said, "Baby, why don't you go down and wait for me in the bar. I'll be down in about five minutes. That way we can pretend that we don't know each other. I would love to seduce you and take you to my room."

Brenda's lips curled into a smile, "Tom, baby, you're getting me all hot and bothered, but I'm not sure I can go down alone. I'm nervous."

I knew the answer but I asked, "Are you more hot or more nervous?"

Brenda giggled like a little girl and snuggle her cheek against mine and let her breath across my ear answer my question. Suddenly she turned and headed for the door without a word.

"Don't forget your key," I said. She patted her handbag as she disappeared through the door. That little devil. She knew she was going out all the time. Brenda was loosening up a lot. Tonight was going to be some night.

I left the room five minutes after Brenda. I made my way down the elevator, across the lobby and into the bar. I imagined the scene five minutes earlier as my sexy wife strutted across these floors.

The bar was dim. After a moment I could see well enough to walk. I walked to the right and didn't see Brenda. I went back to the left and finally noticed her sitting at the bar sipping a coke. Brenda doesn't drink alcoholic beverages. I was surprised to see the man sitting on the next stool talking to her. I waited a moment before going over to my wife. I wanted to give her a chance to finish her conversation with the man. Oddly, the moment turned into five minutes and she showed no signs of ending the conversation. In fact, she had swiveled her stool in his direction a bit.

I decided to sit down while I waited. I ordered a drink from the waitress and as she brought it I noted that the bartender had brought Brenda and the man a drink. I watched with great surprise as my wife lifted the cocktail glass, touched it to the glass offered by the man and took a healthy swallow. It was puzzling. My wife had never tasted liquor. She was raised by parents who frowned on drinking. To my knowledge it was her first drink. Perhaps it was some kind of soft drink. The pink color didn't look like any soft drink I knew of.

The conversation continued for another ten minutes. I wasn't sure but I think Brenda had moved closer to the man. I noted with surprise that she touched the man's hand twice while making some kind of a point. This wasn't like my wife. She was not a touchy type of person. I figured it was time to make my presence known when the man put his arm around my wife's shoulders. I got up and as I walked over to where they were sitting at the bar I noticed that Brenda's hand was resting on the man's thigh. This was getting strange.

I angled around behind the man so that Brenda would notice me. I couldn't believe it when she made eye contact with me and then continued her conversation as if I was a stranger. It dawned on me that maybe she was acting as though we were strangers as I had asked. I was a little surprised that she had picked this man to talk to. It wasn't that he was unattractive. He was a nice looking fellow but he was black. I guess it was no big deal but I was still surprised. I walked over and sat down on the vacant stool to Brenda's left. The bar was quiet enough to hear their conversation.

The man whom Brenda called Anthony was going on about how Brenda looked like Demi Moore. I know that Brenda had heard that before but she seemed surprised and flattered by Anthony's comments. She asked, "Do you really think that I look like Demi?"

"Brenda, you're as pretty as she is but your curves make Demi look like a boy," said Anthony smoothly.

From where I sat I could see Brenda's head drop with embarrassed shyness. "Do you really think my figure is better than Demi's," she asked.

"I definitely do based on what I can see of it," Anthony replied. He quickly added, "I'd love to see more."

"Anthony, are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?" Brenda asked. I didn't like the way this conversation was going.

Before Anthony could answer, I leaned into Brenda and said, "Hello."

Brenda turned and looked at me annoyed that I had interrupted her conversation. "Oh, hi Tom," she said and turned back to Anthony. I was dumbfounded.

"Brenda," I said a little louder.

She turned again and said, "Tom, do you mind, I'm talking to Anthony."

Now, I was annoyed. Brenda was taking this a little too far. It was our vacation and suddenly she was ignoring me. What in the hell was so special about this Anthony? He was nice looking but why was Brenda acting this way. I noticed he was wearing a rather potent cologne but big deal. What was going on with Brenda. She was drinking for the first time. I could smell the alcohol on her breath when she talked to me. She continued to touch Anthony in a way that was very familiar.

Anthony continued the conversation, "Brenda, I would love to get to know you better. I have qualities that I think you would like to get to know."

Brenda smiled coyly and said, "Oh, and what would those qualities be?"

Anthony said nothing but his gaze dropped to his thigh where Brenda's hand was resting and then to his crotch.

Brenda's gaze followed his and I heard her moan, "Hmmm, did I cause that?"

"You most certainly did, Baby," said Anthony.

I stood up and placed my hand on Brenda's shoulder, "Its time to go Brenda."

Her gaze left the large bulge in Anthony's pants and looked at me. With anger in her eyes she said, "Look Tom, I'm sorry you took your time getting here but Anthony was first. From the looks of the bulge in his pants I'm glad of it. If I'm lucky he'll show me how he uses it." Brenda stood up and looked at Anthony and said, "Am I going to get lucky?"

Anthony stood up and said, "Most definitely, Baby." Brenda took his arm and they left. I watched Brenda strut her body through the door. Gone was the demure wife. Brenda was now showing off her body. I was in shock. I was certain that my wife had just walked out of my life. It was like a Twilight Zone episode. Nothing made sense.

I tried to think about what I should do. I left the bar and headed for the room. I found that I couldn't figure any of this out because it made no sense. My sweet demure wife had left me without warning for another man.

I opened the door to the room and walked in to a new surprise. Sitting where I had sat less than an hour ago was Anthony. Straddling his lap was my wife Brenda. Her head was thrown back as Anthony buried is face in her bosom. As he kissed and licked her velvet skin, she shrugged her jacket off her shoulders and lowered the straps of the bustier. Anthony now had access to her full breasts. He sucked on her nipples and licked all over her tits. Brenda moaned and asked for more.

I walked into the room and said, "Why did you bring him back here?"

Brenda replied, "It was the closest private place that we could be together. You can stay and watch if you behave yourself. If you can't then just leave. If Anthony's cock is as big as advertised then I won't be needing you again."

So, that was it. Brenda was leaving me but why didn't she just go off somewhere else to fuck Anthony. The whole episode was disgusting but I still loved Brenda. I didn't want to see her get hurt. I figured that maybe I could protect her if this Anthony got crazy with her. Actually, there probably wasn't much I could do if Anthony did get violent. He was a very large man with a powerful build.

I sat in the other chair and watched as Anthony raised my wife's temperature. It was sad. He was doing what I thought I would be doing. Brenda began to moan, "Oh baby, please take me. Make love to me, Anthony."

Anthony broke away from ravishing Brenda's tits and said, "That can be arranged, baby, but first you have to put on a little show for me."

Brenda looked at Anthony with heavy lidded eyes and said, "Would you like for me to do a strip tease?"

"Not just yet," said Anthony as he lowered his zipper and pulled out the fattest cock I had ever seen. It was only about six inches long at this point but it wasn't fully hard yet. Its girth was nearly that of a beer can. Brenda pounced on Anthony's cock at first sight. I couldn't believe it. She had always shied away from my rather modest member. Brenda began by kissing the mammoth black shaft from head to root. That monster cock was quite a site next to Brenda's creamy smooth white skin. It looked like an invader looking for a place to wreak havoc.

Brenda wasn't intimidated in the least. She hugged and kissed the angry looking shaft like it had given her life. I shook my head in amazement as Brenda attempted to take the large head into her mouth. She stretched her lips wide and managed about two inches but it obviously was uncomfortable for her. She retreated and settled for licking the head thoroughly. She even probed the piss slit like she was hunting for treasure.

Anthony smiled at Brenda's sincere attempts to give him pleasure. He said, "Baby, do you think you can take my cock in your cunt. You may need to be stretched out a little bit. Maybe Tom could help you out."

Brenda's eyes brightened at the thought of feeling Anthony buried in her pussy. Her expression changed at Anthony's suggestion to use my cock to prepare her for his big cock. She shook her head and said, "I don't think so, Anthony. Tom is not very big."

"Well, where do you think you could find a suitable pussy stretcher?" asked Anthony.

Brenda was new to all of this and had no answer. She shook her head.

After several moments had passed with no solution, Anthony said, "The only thing I can think of is finding someone with a good sized cock to fuck you. You can put on an little sex show for me and your husband. You can also prove to me whether your worthy of taking my cock."

Brenda pouted like a little girl and said, "Oh Anthony, I know I can please you. I'll do anything you say. Please don't make me wait to feel your wonderful cock inside me. I think I may die if I don't have it soon."

Anthony responded, "You will my dear, but first things first. I want that show. I want to see you fuck like your life depended on it." He pulled back the curtain shielding the window and looked down at the street corner eight floors below. He pointed and said, "You can find someone on the corner down there."

Brenda began to get excited. She got to her feet and headed for the door pulling her bustier back into place over her tits. I couldn't believe that she would really go down there and pick up a stranger. Anthony said, "Baby. Leave the jacket. You'll want to show 'em what you got. The jacket just gets in the way."

Brenda smiled mischievously and pulled off her jacket, her tits bouncing in the confines of her bustier. She grabbed her handbag and left the room.

I turned to Anthony and said, "Why are you stealing my wife?"

Anthony looked at me and said, "I'm not stealing anything. The woman wants to get laid. I'll see to it that she has a night to remember. I'll be gone in the morning. She probably won't leave you. You'll have to decide if you want her back, though. When I get through with her she'll be about as loose as a two dollar whore."

Anthony looked out the window and said, "Look at that. Your precious wife is strutting around like a two dollar whore."

I looked out the window and watched as Brenda hit on every man that passed by the corner. It didn't take long. In less than a minute she had found her guy or quys as it turned out. I watched as she frisked two young men in the groin and then led them back into the hotel.

I said, "I can't believe she's acting this way."

"You mean like a whore?" said Anthony.

"Yea," I said.

"Its the cologne," said Anthony

"What," I returned.

"My cologne," replied Anthony. He added, "The cologne I wear turns any women I get close enough to into a whore. They do anything to get at my cock and my cum just sends them into orbit. You'll see. Brenda can't be stopped. If she doesn't get laid by me then she will get very sick."

"Why do you wear it, then?" I asked.

"I love women and I love to fuck them," said Anthony.

It occurred to me that Brenda was not with Anthony now. I asked "If women fall into this snare of yours by smelling your cologne then why did Brenda just pick up those two guys? She's not smelling your cologne now."

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