Summer Weedend

turku-piter Porn

by Warthog

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Summer Orgy Sex Story: On a summer vacations three couples participate in a wet t-shirt competition and that somehow leads to an orgy.

Caution: This Summer Orgy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Mult Consensual Fiction Slut Wife Wife Watching Gang Bang Orgy Interracial Black Male White Female Oral Sex Anal Sex .

What a glorious day. I was walking down the beach about twenty yards behind three gorgeous babes. Brian, Dave and I had been following these prime specimens of femininity for over an hour. We kept our distance. Soon we would catch up to them, but we were having too much fun watching their swaying butts set the hook. I know that sounds strange, but if you had seen all those necks snapping you would have been convinced that a hook was doing the job.

"The bait?" you ask. How about a blond, brunette and a redhead. Each one with a body that would arouse a dead man. The blond had on a red two piece suit. She had an ass that just screams, "Squeeze me." Her shape measured 34C-21-34 and she was the tallest of the three.

The brunette had an awesome set of tits. The bikini top she was wearing struggled valiantly to keep them covered no thanks to her pronounced strut. The brunette's white suit was easily the most provocative suit on the beach or maybe it was just the incredible 34D-22-33 body that it covered.

Finally the redhead, or more accurately the strawberry blond, strutted her fantastic 38D-24-36 assets in a shiny silvery blue two piece suit. I swear it looked like her headlights were chrome plated.

My pals and I chuckled all the way down the beach as man and boy alike craned there necks to check out the babes. On two occasions, would be suitors attempted to land one or more of these ladies, only to be politely rebuffed. Well, the game was fun but it was hot and a break was in order. It was time to make contact. I gestured ahead and we took off in a trot to catch up to the three women.

I ran up behind the redhead and grabbed her around the waist. "How could I be so bold?" you ask. Simple. The redhead babe was my wife Mindy. Brian walked between the blond and brunette and patted both of them on the butt. "Greedy!" you say. Not really. The blond was Brian's sister Terry and the brunette was his wife Cheryl. Dave fell in beside Terry and put his arm around her. They had been seeing each other for some time now.

A little background is in order. Our weekend vacation had been planned for some time. I met Cheryl first on the Net and she introduced me to Brian, Terry and Dave. I knew from the start that Cheryl was a sweet lady and that was before I laid eyes on her. Man, what a fox. Terry was a beauty herself and Brian and Dave were everything the two women wanted in a man. Both were trim and well sculpted and had other assets that the two sexy women were crazy about. Mindy noticed those other assets as well hiding behind their form fitting swim trunks. I know her curiosity was peaked.

We arranged for rooms in the same hotel and met there on Friday night. Mindy and I live in a different city so the evening before was our first chance to meet the two couples in person. Of course we hit it off wonderfully as we had dinner together after settling in. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off the two beautiful women who were easily ten years younger than Mindy and I. I caught my lovely wife having the same trouble keeping her eyes off the handsome fellows. To Mindy's credit they obviously appreciated looking at her as well. I knew at that moment that the weekend would be terrific and I was right.

We were all tired after our journeys so we decided to turn in early. The next morning we were up early. We enjoyed breakfast and then hit the beach. We had a ball swimming, playing games and sun bathing and along towards the afternoon I suggested that we play the rubbernecking game. Mindy and I had perfected the game at home in the malls. She would dress up in a sexy outfit and then stroll the mall. I would walk behind her and watch all the men check her out. I got a big kick out of it and Mindy developed more confidence in her ability to attract men. It was an ego boost for both of us.

Our new friends were intrigued by the game so we gave it a try. By this time the beaches were crowded. I must say that in order to play this game it is essential to have an attractive woman. This fact I'm sure is obvious to most people. Of course, Brian, Dave and I happened to have three overly qualified specimens to play this game with. It was the best time I had ever had playing the rubbernecking game. The ladies were tremendous in their skimpy bikinis.

At first we had intended to play the game for only ten minutes or so but the ladies were obviously having a ball and us guys were very proud, a little bit amused and turned on by all the reactions the ladies were getting. The ten minutes turned into over an hour as we rejoined the ladies.

"How are you lovely ladies doing?" I asked.

"Hot," was their answer in near unison.

"Ooohh, turning on all those guys has made you horny, eh?" I returned.

Each lady looked at me like I was a dirty old man, which I am.

"You know what I mean, Mike, its got to be near one hundred out here," said Mindy.

"OK, ladies, lets get a drink and then head back to the hotel," suggested Brian.

Ever the lecher, I said, "Now, I know you three ladies enjoyed parading down the beach and showing all the guys what a female is supposed to look like."

"Not really," teased Cheryl.

"That's not what I heard," tattled Terry. "You should have heard her talking to those sexy young men," she added.

"Yeah, Brian, your wife invited two of them to tuck her into bed tonight," said Mindy.

"Yeah, right," said Cheryl as she socked Mindy in the arm.

"Ouch," cried Mindy.

"Hmmm, sounds like a good idea to me," said Terry.

"Yeah, come to think of it, it does sound good," said Mindy.

"Well, what do you think Mike, do you want to step aside and let a couple of young hunks make Mindy comfortable for bed," inquired Cheryl.

Every one grinned and looked at me. I should have known better than to start a conversation like this. I couldn't let them give it back to me though, so I said, "I would be happy to help. I think the three of us could make Mindy watertight."

Brian and Dave burst out laughing but the girls just stared at me.

"What is that supposed the mean?" asked Mindy.

"Oh, forget it," I said as we walked up to a soft drink stand. We quenched our thirsts and headed for the car. Mindy kept pestering me about my comment but I just shrugged her off. I was to regret this treatment of my beautiful wife.

We piled into my van and headed for the hotel. Along the way I noticed a sign for a local strip club that said tonight was amateur night. I couldn't pass up the chance to tease the ladies, "Hey gals, they'll be waiting for you tonight."

To my surprise Mindy said, "Hey, I'm ready, lets go." I figured she was just getting her revenge for my remarks on the beach.

"Me too," added Cheryl. I looked at Mindy and Cheryl and noticed that they both actually looked serious.

"What time does it start?" asked Terry.

"I don't know, but we can call when we get to the hotel," said Mindy.

"You're not serious about stripping are you Terry?" asked Dave.

"If Cheryl and Mindy do it so will I," said Terry.

"That's the spirit," said Cheryl.

"This is gonna be fun," added Mindy.

"I can't believe this," I said. I looked back and noticed that Brian had a smirk on his face. "You look like the cat that swallowed the canary, Brian, what gives?" I added.

"I think its a great idea. I love to watch Cheryl strip. Why not share her with some other guys," answered Brian.

"What do you think, Dave?" I asked.

"I'll go along with what Terry wants to do," said Dave.

I looked at my smiling Mindy and knew that we were going to the club tonight, "So you want to show your stuff to a room full of men?"

"Sure, why not? Maybe they will even help make me watertight," said Mindy.

I pulled into the hotel parking lot and said, "We're in trouble now."

Mindy just grinned at me.

Ten minutes later Mindy got off the phone and said, "The three of us are entered. The contest starts at ten. That gives us time to eat and then head to the club." Mindy passed the word to Cheryl and Terry. We spent the next two hours cleaning up and then taking a nap. I was bushed after an afternoon on the beach. So was Mindy.

I got up and dressed first. I told Mindy that I would meet her in the lobby. I wanted to find out a little more about this club so I headed for the hotel bar. The bartender told me that the strip club was a well-run outfit and that I should have a good time there. I asked about the amateur contests and he said that the girls that danced were a mixture of college girls, local professional strippers and a few tourists. I tipped the fellow and headed to the lobby to meet Mindy. I arrived in time to meet Terry and Dave.

"Wow," I said as I took in Terry's outfit. She smiled and blushed at the once over that I gave her. Terry was wearing a tight red mini-dress that revealed a lot of leg and cleavage. "Very sexy," I added.

"Isn't she?" said Dave. He had his arms around Terry's tiny waist and was obviously very proud to be with her. Terry hugged Dave back pressing her round breast into his side.

"She is and more," I confirmed. After another slow look at Terry I added, "If Cheryl and Mindy look as good, Dave, we'll end up as there bodyguards."

"I don't mind guarding a body as sexy as this," commented Dave. I had to agree.

"Terry, you look terrific," said Cheryl as she and Brian joined us. Brian was looking over Terry as I had done moments before. Dave and I turned to check out Cheryl at this point.

"You're looking pretty hot yourself," I said. Cheryl was wearing a white flared skirt. The white lacy material was short enough to exposed the tops of her thigh high white stockings. She wore a white lace bra that was just barely covered by the lacy vest that matched her skirt.

"Thanks Mike, where is your better half?" asked Cheryl.

"Holy shit, there she is," gestured Brian. I turned to watch my incredible wife strut her body across the floor. She obviously was enjoying her role as temptress. She looked like a biker's dream. Leather from head to toe. She wore leather high heel boots that came to mid thigh. Her leather skirt continued about an inch higher to tightly cover her ass. She wore a leather bra and a leather vest that did nothing to hide her bra. She even sported a pair of leather gloves with no fingers. Pretty hot for a preschool teacher.

"Hi stud," Mindy said to me as she crushed her large breasts into my side. "See anything you like?" she asked. For a moment I was speechless. "What's the matter, never seen a lady looking to get lucky," Mindy continued.

"Sonofabitch," was all I could say. Our friends were grinning at my obvious loss of composure. Mindy had really blown me away.

All of the ladies had teased up their hair. The smell of three different perfumes fought to lure any male to the wearer. I felt like I was at a high class hooker's convention. Each lady looked like they only had one mission, to harden as many cocks as possible.

When I had sufficiently recovered, Brian, Dave and I escorted our respective female companions to dinner. The ladies were a hit wherever they went. We enjoyed our meal and then headed for the strip club. We arrived about a half hour early and found a table. The place was crowded and seemed to be getting more crowded as time passed. On stage a very attractive blond was giving the crowd a tour of her fantastic body. About ten minutes before the contest started, an announcement was made asking all contestants to go back stage. The ladies left us and were escorted through a door marked "private".

The contest began with the first of twenty contestants. The first contestant was not as attractive or polished as the pro dancers that preceded the contest. I figured her to be a tourist based on her inexperience and slightly older age. I thought of my wife who like me was older than many of the young folks in the club. I began to worry a little about this fact but quickly was reminded of how she was dressed. She looked at least ten years younger than her age and was very hot looking.

After the fifth dancer a pattern began to emerge. It appeared that whoever was running the contest had prejudged the contestants and had set the order of dance with the less polished and less attractive ladies first. As the eighth and ninth lady danced I was convinced. The ladies were getting better looking and they seemed to dance with more style.

My pride began to swell as contestant after contestant danced and our three girls hadn't come up. Evidently the management had recognized how hot and beautiful my wife and friends were. Finally the announcer introduced Mindy as the fifteenth contestant. She strutted on stage with a ton of confidence. I was amazed that my relatively shy and conservative wife was wiggling her body in a seductive manner like a pro.

Mindy walked around the edge of the stage making eye contact with each patron. She swiveled her hips to the beat of the sexy music. After introducing herself up close to the cheering crowd she removed her vest. The whistles increased as everyone got a good look at her bulging tits in the leather bra. Next, she unzipped and removed her tight leather skirt, revealing a leather g-string. I was amazed at this outfit. I had never seen it before. It was not typical of the things Mindy wore. I wondered what had possessed her to buy something so sexy. I wasn't complaining though.

Mindy strolled around the stage pausing occasionally to accept a tip in her very skimpy t-back g-string. Several hands managed to accidentally touch her shaved pussy but Mindy didn't seem to mind. She gave each contributor a kiss on the cheek. A group of boisterous young men on one side of the stage seemed to be taken with Mindy's voluptuous figure. Most of the previous contestants had medium to small tits. One lady had larger tits but she happened to be larger all over. Mindy was the first to dance that could be considered busty yet trim. I thought to myself, "Wait till these guys get a load of Cheryl."

Mindy allowed one of those cute young guys to unhook her bra. For his efforts she turned and gave him a noticeable wet kiss on the lips. I knew then that she was very hot. She danced back to center stage before pulling her bra off and exposing her large round tits. The hoots and whistles increased in number and volume. A minute later Mindy removed the bills from her g-string then pulled it off exposing the cute little brown heart over her pussy lips. Several groans could be heard over the whistles and yelling. Mindy was working the crowd into a fever. She was also working herself into a fever. Everyone could see her juices drip down her thigh and into the leggings of her boots.

Mindy's finale was to lightly rub her pussy and then blow the crowd a kiss. She walked off the stage to the loudest applause of the night. The next two contestants were good but not as good as Mindy. The eighteenth contestant was Cheryl. She walked out like the only thing on her mind was sex. The crowd knew from the start that she was hot. They also knew that they were in for a treat. Cheryl was Playboy Bunny material about to get naked. She looked like she wanted to get it on with every man in the crowd.

Cheryl danced slowly around the stage, thrusting her hips at the guys with every beat of the music. She cupped her huge tits to make sure that they were noticed. I never ceased to be amazed that such a small girl with that tiny waist could have such big tits. Usually, women with her shape have had breast implants. Not Cheryl. She is one hundred percent pure, grade A, choice female with a body designed to get men hard. She was doing that right now. Not a cock in the place was soft. Everyone was imagining what they could do to Cheryl's body if given the chance.

Cheryl removed her vest and soon after her skirt was gone. The sexy lace bra and g-string were left. For about five minutes Cheryl collected about twenty five tips, many from the same group of young men that Mindy had collected from. She gave the honor of removing her bra to one of the fellows. She even allowed him to remove the garment by cupping and squeezing her tits. Cheryl moaned as the young man grazed her nipples as he removed the bra. The crowd went wild.

Cheryl's breathing was noticeably rough. For a moment I thought that she might be cumming. She continued to kneel in front of the guys giving them a look like she wanted their cocks bad. Slowly and without taking her eyes off one young man she reached down between her legs and grabbed the triangle of material covering her pussy and violently ripped the g-string from her body. The place was in an uproar. I suspect that if the contest had ended then that Cheryl would be the winner, but we still had Terry and one other girl to go.

Cheryl circled the stage naked one last time giving each man a personal "Fuck me" look and then disappeared off stage to the disappointment of everyone. The next contestant was a redhead leaving Terry for last. The redhead did a great job but she looked almost too perfect. I figured her to be a pro and her polish was terrific but she lacked a sincerity that Mindy and Cheryl showed. It was obvious that they had been turned on by the guys who appreciated their performances. The redhead looked like she would rather have been somewhere else.

Terry came on to the stage last. I figured that the fellow running things must have really liked Terry. She was after all young and very pretty. Terry had a classic model's figure and face. She probably was the most beautiful woman in the contest. She could dance too. She did the usual tour around the stage. The guys were a little quieter than before but it wasn't due to a lack of interest. The were mesmerized by Terry's beauty.

The quiet didn't last long. After Terry's tour she stopped at center stage with her back to the crowd and spread her legs. Slowly she bent over and pulled up her skirt. The crowd got very loud when Terry's perfect ass was exposed. After giving everyone a good look she turned and cupped her tits. Terry's cleavage flexed as she pushed her tits together. The guys didn't know whether to look at her perfect ass or her perfect tits. Terry had it all.

Quickly Terry shed her dress revealing a matching red lace bra and panty set. She had evidently been clued in by Mindy and Cheryl about the cute guys on the side of the stage. She finished collecting her tips on their side and didn't flinch when they boldly felt her body. The look on her face indicated that she wanted them to do more but she had work to do. Another in the group of young men was given the honor of removing an article of Terry's clothing. She turned her back to the young man and knelt down thrusting her perfect ass in his direction. Terry decided to lose her g-string first letting the guy slowing pull the skimpy thing over her ass. He made sure to squeeze her perfectly rounded ass cheeks several times while the g-string made its way off. When it had been fully removed, the guy boldly ran his hand between Terry's legs and rubbed her slit. She moaned loudly and didn't move. Another young man rubbed her and Terry shuddered. The crowd began to shift toward the side of the stage where Terry was so she got up before things got out of hand.

Moving to center stage, Terry removed her bra. She was now naked except for her shoes. The crowd was becoming unruly. Terry quickly left the stage before she caused a riot. The emcee returned to the stage after and few moments and called out the contestants. One by One the ladies walked out in a T-shirt with the clubs name on it. Other than the shirt they had on what they had finished their dance in, which was usually only a pair of shoes and possibly stockings.

As each lady appeared and removed the shirt the emcee asked for applause. The crowd gave each lady a respectable amount of applause. As the later contestants appeared the applause grew. To my ear Cheryl and Terry got the most applause with Mindy being very close behind. In the end the emcee gave the prize to Cheryl. She gladly took the two hundred dollar check. Brian, Dave and I screamed out our appreciation of our three beautiful ladies. If my friends were like me, they were now anxious to get home and mate with our respective females. It wasn't to turn out exactly that way.

"I wonder where the girls are," said Brian after the contest had been over for fifteen minutes.

"Yeah," said Dave.

"I'll go see if I can find them," I volunteered. I got up and looked around for someone that looked like a manager. The place was still pretty crowded. I asked a bartender where the manager was and he pointed to a man on the other side of the club. I headed his way. Before I reached him, I heard a familiar laugh. I turned and saw Cheryl sitting down with one of the young men that had been very appreciative of her dancing. When I looked closer, I noticed my wife and Terry at the same table talking to two other guys. They were all dressed once again in their sexy outfits.

I walked up behind Mindy and whispered, "Having fun?"

Startled, Mindy turned around and said, "Oh, hi cutie, I want you to meet John."

I shook John's hand and then the two other fellows whose names were Jim and Ted. They all looked at me like a potential rival. They were polite but I could tell that they hoped I would disappear soon. I could see why the ladies were taken with these three young men. They appeared to be college age and were very well built and handsome. Ironically, all had blond hair and blue eyes and looked like your typical surfer dudes.

I congratulated Cheryl on her win and to Terry and Mindy who were close runners up. I asked Mindy if I could speak to her and she stood much to John's displeasure. I pulled her aside and asked, "We were wondering what had happened to you three?"

Mindy blushed and said, "Well, ya see, while I was dancing they asked me to come by their table after the contest for a drink. They were so nice and cute that I couldn't resist. It turns out that they also asked Cheryl and Terry to stop by too, so here we are. I'm sorry I didn't let you know but I thought we would only be a minute."

I nodded, showing no anger and asked, "Do these guys know that you three are already taken?"

Mindy started to say something then looked down as though trying to find the words. Finally she said, "Well, we didn't exactly tell them that we were with anyone. They were so nice to us on stage and they are so cute."

"Yeah, I noticed the kiss you gave one of them," I said as Mindy blushed deeper. "It looks to me like you ladies are trying to get lucky with these three guys," I observed.

Mindy looked at me with those big brown eyes and sort of nodded in a way that looked like she was bracing for my wrath.

Her cringes turned to a big smile when I surprised her by saying, "Go for it." She hugged me tightly. I added, "The only rule is that you bring them to the hotel room and explain that Brian, Dave and I will be joining you soon. I'll go tell Brian and Dave now. I'm sure they will want to talk to Cheryl and Terry before you leave with these guys."

I headed back to our table and filled Brian and Dave in on the situation. Like me they weren't too upset about the ladies wanting a little strange cock. They paid the girls a visit and everything was set.

We waited until the girls left with their catches. It felt a little strange to watch my wife walking out of the club under the arm of another man but I love her very much and would do anything to make her happy, even if it meant sharing her with another fellow.

The three of us followed close behind. We managed to pull into the hotel lot just as the ladies entered the hotel with their new friends. We piled out and entered the hotel just seconds later. We had booked rooms on the same floor and our room and Brian's and Cheryl's room adjoined. Dave and Cheryl were right across the hall. Rather than barge in, I decided to knock. Mindy opened the door just as Cheryl opened hers. Dave got no answer. The reason was that Terry was in Cheryl's room with her new friend. Mindy had opened the adjoining doors so the scene was set for an orgy.

It was already underway. Jim and Terry were on the bed and Jim hadn't wasted any time burying his tongue in her wet pussy. Terry was busy giving Jim's big cock and messy blow job. As big as he was she managed to take the whole thing down her throat. Jim teased Terry's clit and then thrust his long tongue deep into her cute hole. They were still clothed but Terry was missing her panties. We all gathered to watch Jim and Terry work on each other.

"I've got to fuck this goddess," said Jim after several minutes of sixty nine. The sight of Terry's beautiful body and the expert job she was doing on his tool was too much. Jim unplugged from Terry's mouth and spun around to plug into her moist hole.

"Oh yes baby, put your big hard cock in my pussy," begged Terry. Jim started to pound Terry with hard thrusts and didn't let up. "Uhn uhn uhn...YES! DO ME! DO ME HARD!," moaned Terry. He didn't last long. He was young and he was probably fucking the most beautiful woman he had ever been with. His last thrust was the hardest and Terry bumped her head on the backboard. She was not bothered, however, as the flow of sperm entered her womb triggering her own orgasm. A moment later Jim got off Terry and we watched as his thick white cum pulsed out of Terry's quivering pussy onto the bed. "God, that was great, baby," said Terry. Things seem to be in full swing now. It was hard to concentrate on one person.

A gasped caused me to turn my head. Mindy was sitting on a chair with John standing in front of her. She had unbuttoned his pants and removed his cock. Her gasp was the result of seeing how large his cock was. Mindy went to work on John's tool as Cheryl and Ted started to kiss passionately on the other bed. A moment later I noticed that Ted had knelt at Cheryl's head and implanted a sizable tube of meat into her mouth. I made a note to have Cheryl and Terry teach Mindy how to swallow a cock like they could. Ted's cock looked too big to fit but Cheryl took the fat monster all the way down her throat. I could see the bulge in her throat and I marveled at her technique. I noticed that no one was attending to Cheryl's lower half as she lie on the bed. It gave me an idea.

For months I had fantasized about Cheryl's pussy. From her descriptions I knew it to be very sensitive with large lips and a large clit. Now was my chance to get to know Cheryl's treasure up close and personal. I eased on the bed, careful not to disturb the messy blow job she was giving Ted. I ran my hands up her stocking covered leg and then in between her thighs. Cheryl assisted by spreading her legs so that I could get to her private parts. I continued stroking her thighs until I had managed to move my hand under her lacy skirt. I loved the look of the skirt so I decided to let her keep it on. I raised the skirt and just stared at her hot looking pussy. It was very moist and meaty looking. I had to have it.

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