Hypnotising Mother

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by Scorpio00155

Copyright© 2001 by Scorpio00155

Incest Sex Story: Wanda finds a book on hypnosis in her son's room and soon learns who his 'subject' is to be. Pretending to be under his spell Wanda discovers just how far he will take a willing subject.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Consensual Hypnosis Incest Mother Son .

It was Friday, and as with every other Friday I was in my son's room tidying up, dusting and hunting out his dirty clothes which had been tossed all over the show. How one kid could make so much mess beat me, I was sure I hadn't made as much when I was his age, that thought reminded me that it was Paul's birthday the next day, he'd be thirteen.

Frowning I continued my quest for dirty linen and dust, my frown caused by thoughts of Paul's bastard of a father, he'd seduced me when I was sixteen, took my virginity and sent me home with a baby brewing inside me. Of course when I discovered I was pregnant I went to him with the silly thought he would be overjoyed, would marry me and we'd live happily ever after, I was a naÔve kid. I was soon taught the realities of life though, first he denied it could be his, then he blamed me for it, then he told me he had no intention of leaving his wife. Wife! His tune changed when I tearfully yelled at him that I would get a lawyer, seems he was a man of position and scandal, especially of this sort would do him a lot of harm, so he paid me off with a small house and a large amount of money.

So here I was now, thirty years old, still good looking, unmarried, comfortable money wise, but poor relationship wise, apart, that is, for my son. Paul was the brightest spark in my life, I doted on him and, thankfully, he had not taken advantage of that, he'd turned out to be a good boy, even if a little untidy.

"Damn!" I cursed as a pen rolled off and behind the bedside cabinet.

Leaning over the cabinet I groped around for the pen, I soon found it, but I also found something else that felt like a book. Grinning and thinking that my little boy had found himself a girlie book I pulled the thing out, then I was frowning again, rather than being a girlie book it was a book about hypnosis. I was curious and flipped through a few of the pages reading a paragraph here and there, as I did this I noticed that certain pages were marked and I began to wonder how long Paul had been hiding this book and why he actually had it. Noting the title I put it back where I had found it and went back to my tidying.

Later that day I went shopping, near the supermarket was a bookshop and after I'd got the weekend essentials I went to into the bookshop and looked around the shelves until I spotted the same book I had found in my son's room. I'm not quite sure why, but I bought the book and started to read it as soon as I had packed away the shopping. My eyebrows rose when it finally dawned on me that the book's main aim was to teach you to hypnotise people so that you could take advantage of them! Why on earth was my son reading about such things? With this thought at the back of my mind I continued reading, the book was not long and the more I read the more I gained the impression that it had been written very much tongue-in-cheek.

As I lay the book aside a while later I wondered just what my son was doing reading a book that supposedly would let him hypnotise women into doing "naughty" things on his command, at least I hoped it was women he was thinking about. Still pondering this I looked at the clock and realised that Paul would soon be home from school, time for me to get the evening meal sorted out.

After dinner Paul did his homework then went up to his room, I assumed to study his book on hypnotism some more. I decided that I would broach him on the matter, though I wasn't sure how I was going to do so, after all I couldn't just come right out with it. The opportunity was past for that day though, Paul didn't reappear from his room until it was time for him to go to bed, and then only to wish me goodnight and to give me his nightly peck on the cheek. I wasn't long behind him in heading for bed, apart from the usual Saturday tasks the next day was also Paul's birthday and I had some things to get ready for that.

Saturday dawned and I had all but forgotten about asking Paul about the book on hypnotism, by the time breakfast was over I had forgotten all about it. Paul had rushed through his breakfast then dashed off to his room to play the CD I had bought him as his present, I could hear the music playing while I cleared away and washed up. I had just about finished my chores and was set to begin baking when Paul came thundering down the stairs, came over to me and gave me a hug.

"Thanks mum," he smiled broadly "that was the best!"

"I'm glad you liked it." I smiled in return "Now run along while I get your cake sorted out."

"Can I help mum?" he asked.

Paul had often 'helped' when I was baking, though half the time that 'help' consisted of nibbling at the ingredients or sticking his fingers in the cake mix, but those times were fun. He seemed really pleased when I said "okay", before long we had the cake mixed and in the oven.

"Mum?" Paul said quietly as I closed the oven door.

"Yes Paul?" I responded as I turned to the kitchen table to start on the icing mix.

"Can we dress up for dinner tonight? he asked.

Well I was certainly surprised by his request.

"Seems like a lot of trouble just to stay in," I smiled "but if that's what you want why not. Any particular style of dressing up, formal, casual, sexy?"

Quite why I added the last I am not at all sure, but as soon as the words were out of my mouth I knew without doubt what his answer would be.

"Sexy!" he laughed "Definitely sexy!"

Well we enjoyed a laugh and joked around while I prepared the icing for the cake. A while later the cake was cooked and cooling, shortly after that it was iced and ready to eat. It was mid-afternoon and there was little else to do other than lay out the dinner and, of course, get dressed up before sitting down to eat. I laughed quietly as we lay the table, Paul seemed so eager to get on with the festivities, even though it was to be only the two of us. At last everything was ready, except for us, so off we went to get "dressed", as I closed my bedroom door I shook my head and smiled broadly at Paul's idea, but I also had to admit to myself that it was fun. He wanted sexy, so with that in mind I showered then looked in my wardrobe for something to fit the bill, not being fashion or clothes conscious my choices weren't that many, but there was one dress, if it could be called that, that definitely fitted the bill of sexy. Drawing it out of the closet I held the thing up and looked at it.

"Perhaps a bit too sexy?" I mused as I studied it.

The dress was something I had bought specifically for a fancy dress party, it was black, slinky, about knee length with a deep plunging neckline and a slit up one side that went from waist to hem, I had gone to the party as a whore! Still it was the sexiest dress I had and I was sure Paul would like it, or rather, like me in it, so I laid it out on my bed and pondered what to wear under it. Not that there was much to decide, because of the neckline I couldn't wear a bra with the dress, opening my knicker drawer I looked at the selection, I spotted just the thing, a thong, I felt wicked as I slid into the minuscule garment and adjusted the strap in the crack of my buttocks and got the tiny front panel to cover my shaven pussy.

"What else?" I asked myself out loud "Oh, of course, stockings!"

With a laugh I got out a pair of self-grip stockings, then paused, self grips were convenient and they looked pretty good, but stockings with a suspender belt were even sexier. Laughing at my own thoughts I dug out a pair of sheer black stockings and a saucy suspender belt, put them on and looked at the effect in my wardrobe mirror.

"Not bad." I smiled at my reflection "Not bad at all."

Okay, so I was a little vain, but I had a right to be, I was slim with curves in all the right places, tall, but not too tall and my blonde locks framed my face and rested on my shoulders. Turning away from the mirror I took the dress from the bed and put it on, once again I looked at my reflection and smiled broadly, which made me realise that I had no make-up on. Well of course having gone to the all the trouble of dressing up I was not about to spoil the effect by leaving off my make-up, so I sat at my dressing table and applied eyeshadow, rouge and lipstick. Just to top everything off I put some of my favourite perfume on my wrists, behind my ears and, feeling very naughty, in my cleavage. Smiling at myself in the dressing table mirror I decided I was "sexy" enough and turned to get up when my eyes fell on the copy of the hypnotism book I had bought.

All of a sudden I found myself wondering just who Paul was planning to try and hypnotise, goodness knows why but I also found myself wondering if I was his intended victim.

"Pull yourself together Wanda!" I berated myself "Paul wouldn't want to get his mother doing naughty things!"

Only the thought persisted, it was still there at the back of my mind when Paul called to me from downstairs.

"Coming!" I shouted in reply.

Still caught up in the thought that my son may be thinking of using me as his 'subject' I made my way downstairs, as I entered the living room Paul gave a wolf whistle that made me laugh.

"Sexy enough?" I asked doing a little twirl.

"And then some!" Paul responded "Mom, you look gorgeous!"

I glowed at his words and for the moment my mind was taken away from the thought of who my son wanted to hypnotise. We sat down and ate the sandwiches and rolls and stuff that I'd prepared then came the cake. Paul closed his eyes for a moment before blowing out the thirteen candles, looking at me through the candle smoke he grinned.

"How about a birthday drink?" I suggested "You choose what."

"Some vodka?" he asked.

"Vodka it is!" I laughed as his grin grew bigger "You go play barman while I get rid of these candles."

Though he didn't know it, I knew my son had been taking the occasional sip from the vodka bottle, which was my favourite tipple and I always had a bottle in the house. While I pulled the candles from the cake then cut us both a slice, Paul went over to the drinks trolley and poured us both a drink, I really didn't pay much attention to what he was doing, so I was more than a little surprised when he handed me drink that brimmed near the top of the largest glasses we had, he had a similar glass for himself. Smiling I took the glass and sipped at it, he'd put mixer in and I assumed that what I held was a splash of vodka and a lot of tonic, I also assumed his glass held the same much watered down beverage. Between mouthfuls of cake and sips of our drinks we laughed and chatted, I felt really warm and relaxed and even when the subject came round to hypnotism my mood didn't change.

"Do those TV hypnotists really put people in a trance mum, or is it all fake?" was how Paul broached the topic.

"I've always assumed they really put them in trances," I smiled "after all, one or two of them have been sued by some of their 'victims', I'm sure that wouldn't happen if it were all fake."

"Guess you're right mum." he grinned impishly.

As soon as I saw that impish smile of his I knew he was up to something and I wondered if there was any connection between the topic of discussion and the book in his room.

"Only," Paul continued "I don't understand why he only gets them to pretend to undress and stuff."

"Paul!" I laughed.

"Well, I mean." he laughed back.

"I'm sure that if it were a show at a much later time they could perhaps get away with that," I laughed "but somehow I doubt the 'victims' would feel good about it afterwards."

"What do you mean?" Paul asked with a frown.

"I mean that they would feel humiliated if the hypnotist got them to bare their all for all the viewers to see." I smiled.

"Oh, yeah, I guess they would." he replied looking relieved about something "I wonder if they ever put their wives in a trance?"

The impish grin was back, somehow I knew that sooner or later he was going to suggest hypnotising me, but the thought had been buzzing over in my mind since I had come downstairs, somewhere along the way I had decided that he could try it if he wished. It was rather exciting thinking that Paul would try to put me in a trance to have me do naughty things, only it dawned on me what that might lead to and I felt a moment of uncertainty, but that faded as I also realised that I actually liked the idea. Okay, so it's sick, but hell, Paul was more of a man than many I had dated and I knew he loved me, which was a lot more than I could say for those other men in my life, he was also a handsome teenager.

"Mum?" Paul cut across my thoughts.

"Sorry love, I was miles away." I smiled "I really don't know whether they do or don't use their powers on their wives or girlfriends, I suppose some might do though."

Well, that seemed to end the subject, I must admit I felt a bit disappointed, but that's life. We chatted about other things, including, to my surprise, pride and blushes, how sexy I looked that evening.

"I think you are really gorgeous mum." Paul commented, then asked out of the blue "Have you ever been hypnotised mum?"

"Me?" I laughed.

"Have you?" he persisted.

"No," I smiled "I haven't."

"Want to try it?" he asked so casually.

Now the moment had come I wasn't so sure I should let him try, after all he might actually succeed and then what might happen? Worse, what might happen that I wouldn't remember afterwards? I looked at Paul's hopeful face, it was that look of hope that decided for me, how could I turn him down, I couldn't. For a couple of seconds I went through this should I or shouldn't I, could I or couldn't I thought process, but in the end I kept coming back to the fact that the idea of being hypnotised by my son was an exciting one and that I not only should, but I could as well. Of course Paul was becoming convinced that I was not only going to say no, but have words with him about asking in the first place, I could see the hope slowly draining from him.

"Why not." I smiled "Who's going to try to hypnotise who?"

I already knew the answer to that question, but I couldn't let on that I knew his secret, it would spoil half his fun.

"Can I try to hypnotise you mum?" he asked.

"Sure," I laughed "mind, I hope you have more idea about it than I have."

His answer was to smile that impish smile of his and to suggest we get ourselves more comfortable, this we accomplished by moving from the table to the armchairs, or at least I did. According to Paul the 'subject' needed to be relaxed and comfortable, so I sat back and let him play the 'master' hypnotist, which he did quite well I must admit. The room was softly lit and Paul very carefully placed himself so the light touched his face, in particular his eyes, standing in front of me, he leant forward and began the process.

"Look into my eyes mum," he said in a soft, soothing voice "deep into my eyes."

I had to suppress a giggle as I did as he asked, he had lovely ice blue eyes and I did find myself gradually sinking into their depths, but a few moments later I had to suppress a giggle again as Paul began the 'you are feeling so heavy, so sleepy' routine. I knew he wouldn't get me under, not with what he had learnt from that book anyway, I wondered how disappointed he's feel when he failed. At the same time I really was curious as to what he would do, or have me do, if he had been able to put me under his spell, then the thought struck me, I'd read the book too, I knew what signs he was looking for in his 'subject' and I knew damn well I could fake them without even trying. From thought to deed was but a moment, slowly I let my eyelids droop until they were closed, I let my whole body relax as though I had nodded off and waited for Paul's next move. It wasn't long in coming, he told me to open my eyes, obeying his command I opened my eyes, but kept them unfocused which gave the impression of being in a trance state, or so I hoped. Paul leant forward and looked into my eyes, I could make out the blur of a smile on his lips as he straightened, next came the noise of the other armchair being shifted, I guessed he was moving it into a position he could see me from. I knew that if Paul was sticking to the book I'd found his next action would be to test me by asking questions he thought I wouldn't normally answer.

"Mum," Paul said softly "when I ask you questions I want you to answer me honestly and completely. Do you understand."

According to the book the 'subject' should be able to respond almost normally though perhaps just a little slower than usual, so barely hesitated before replying.

"I understand Paul."

"Look at me mum." Paul commanded gently "That's it, can you see me mum?"

"Yes, I can see you." I replied letting my eyes come back into focus.

He was sitting in the other armchair which he had moved almost directly opposite where I was sitting, only a few feet separated us as he smiled and leant forward to ask his questions.

"Mum, how many men have you slept with?" he asked.

"Fifteen." I answered honestly.

"Is that all?" he asked almost in surprise.

"All the men." I replied knowing I was going to surprise him again "I have slept with five women as well."

Paul seemed taken aback by that revelation and I was hard put not to grin at him, but I managed it somehow and waited while he got over his surprise. His recovery from the surprise and the realisation that I was under his spell came at the same time, I saw his face split into a wide grin and a sparkle come to his eyes that had little to do with mirth and a lot to do with naughty thoughts. For a few moments he just sat looking me up and down, almost as though he was revelling in his 'control' over me, I wondered if he would ask more questions or move on to other things.

"Mom," he said at last in a voice firm and commanding "do you masturbate?"

"Yes I do." I replied without hesitation.

I was actually a little surprised by how firm his tone was, but at the same time I felt a sexual thrill run through me knowing that soon he would be issuing commands rather than asking questions.

"Do you like to masturbate?" Paul asked.

"Oh yes," I replied "but not as much as I like being fucked."

This response made him laugh lightly, but he obviously had a list of questions he wanted to ask and he was intent on asking them.

"When you masturbate do you imagine you are being fucked?" he asked.

"Sometimes, yes." I replied.

"Do you have a lot of pretend lovers or only a few?"

"Only a few."

"Are they real people?"

"Only one is." I responded suppressing a grin "The rest are strangers."

"Who is the one that is real?" he asked licking his lips.

"You are." I replied.

Which in a way was true, I had fantasised a few times about Paul touching me, but never actually about him making love to me. My response was a surprise all the same, Paul sat back in his chair with almost a gasp, he recovered fast though, leaning forward he asked his next question.

"Mom, will you do everything I tell you to do?"

"Yes Paul." I answered without hesitation.

I saw him lick his lips and smile, then he stood up and I wondered what he was going to do next. What he did had me suppressing a gasp both of surprise and arousal as he quickly stripped off all his clothes. I took advantage of him looking away to look down at his cock and had to suppress another gasp, he might only have been thirteen, but my son had the cock a grown man would have been proud of. My pussy gave a twitch as I forced my eyes back up and waited for Paul to ask his next question or give his first real command. There was no two ways about it, I was getting hot and horny, my original intent had been to go so far then reveal the sham, now I knew that I was not only going to continue to play along I was going to obey him willingly!

"Mum," Paul said jerking me from my reverie "take off your dress."

"Yes Paul." I responded rising to my feet.

He hadn't commanded me to make a show of taking my dress off, yet I managed to make it's removal more erotic than would be normal and I knew that Paul enjoyed what I was doing by the way his cock began to come to life. Slowly and sensuously I slithered the dress up my body and over my head, I let it drop to the floor to one side of my armchair then stood facing Paul with my arms by my side. His eyes locked onto my boobs and I felt my pussy growing wet as his gaze almost burnt into me, I could feel my nipples getting harder and hoped that Paul wouldn't notice my excitement, or if he did would put it down to something else. Licking his lips and clearing his throat Paul gave his next command with a slight tremor in his voice.

"Take of the thong mum."

Once again I did as he commanded, though I couldn't tease or playfully remove the minuscule thong I could make a slight show of doing so. Hooking my fingers in the waist-strap I slowly pushed the thong down over my hips and buttocks, leaning forward I pushed it further down my thighs, my boobs hanging down erotically as I bent lower. Finally I stepped out of the thong, straightened and dropped it on top my discarded dress before facing Paul again and putting my arms back by my sides. My breathing was growing a little fast and I knew that unless Paul commanded me to do something that would account for me getting excited he was bound to realise I was faking being in a trance. Almost as though he were reading my mind Paul gave his next command.

"Show me how you masturbate." he ordered "Make yourself climax. Do it in the chair and keep you legs open so I can see everything you do to your pussy."

I was relieved to be able to sit down, my knees were trembling with excitement from the whole situation. Opening my legs wide I started to stroke my boobs, playing with my tits was always something I enjoyed, but now the sensations I got from passing my hands over their rounded mounds were amazingly powerful. Gently I squeezed both my boobs and let a sigh escape my lips, I sighed again as I moved my attention to my nipples, they felt so hard between my fingers, I'd never felt them so hard and oh so sensitive before! With firmer pressure I teased and pulled at my nipples, the thrills that ran through me pushed me towards a climax, in fact I knew that I would achieve orgasm without ever moving my hands from my boobs, but that wasn't what Paul wanted to see. Letting one of my hands slowly slide down my body to my pussy I slowly traced the shape of my pussy lips, pressing and squeezing them as my hand moved. God was I hot, I could feel an orgasm bubbling up inside me, moving my other hand down to my pussy I opened my lips with one hand and let the fingers of the other slide over my excited flesh revealed. Gasping loudly I plunged first one, then two fingers into my pussy, my already copious juices covering my fingers with their sweet stickiness as I began to finger-fuck myself heavily. At the same time I pressed one of my thumbs to my clit and rubbed at it hard.

"Oh, oh, OH!" I groaned as a climax hit me.

My orgasm grew more intense as I kept on fingering myself, in brief glimpses through my pleasure I saw Paul watching me wide eyed and open mouthed, but it was the momentary sight of his hard cock rearing straight up that sent my orgasm to a peak I had rarely felt before. With a growling gasp I threw back my head and gurgled my way through torrents of sexual bliss, I was so far gone in my pleasure that Paul had to repeat his command to stop three times before I heard him. Gasping, trembling and sweating I took my hands from my pussy and sat facing him, since he hadn't commanded it I didn't close my legs, I knew my son could see my pussy in all it's glory.

"Did you enjoy that?" Paul grinned at me.

"Yes Paul, I enjoyed it very much." I replied breathlessly.

Paul sat there grinning at me, his eyes moving up and down my body, pausing in their passage to study my boobs and my pussy, his gaze kept my level of excitement high, so high I thought I would climax given enough time. I felt pleased that my son found me attractive enough to sit and look at me for ages, but at the same time I wished he would give his next command because I was horny as hell and wanted to fuck like crazy. Without a word Paul rose from his chair and crossed the few feet between us, he knelt between my wide-spread legs and looked at my pussy up close.

"Mum," he said softly "I want you to keep your legs wide open no matter what."

"I'll try Paul." I answered.

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