Mom's Friend

turku-piter Porn

by Drifter

Copyright© 2002 by Drifter

Incest Sex Story: My mom and I were always close, then we got a lot closer, then my mom's best friend came over...

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Consensual Cheating Incest Mother Son .

How did I end up sleeping with my Mom's best friend Helen and with my Mom's full knowledge and approval? I would love to tell you. I have always been mature for my age. That's because of the way my parents raised me. Now I am a 16 year old male Junior in High school. I am 6' and weigh 190 pounds all solid and find myself in this unbelievable situation.

My parents, Charlie and Carol Johnson are in their late thirties, both work and both are pretty successful lawyers. I am an only child and my folks have always treated me like an adult. I mean they never talked down to me but treated me more like another adult for as long as I can remember. I know I liked it and tried to live up to their expectations.

Some people would say our house is pretty unusual and I guess it is. My folks have always been good friends to me as well as great parents. As I grew up, anything and everything that came up was always discussed openly and directly with me without any lies or fairy tales. Consequently I never really thought much like a teenager.

When I first started asking about sexual things I got honest answers from both of my parents. And they never used the cold limp clinical terms for anything but explained to me both the clinical and street terms for everything. Especially my Mom, I think she liked using street language. They did ask that I not talk about any of this with anyone but them, mainly because most people were pretty hung up about sex in this country.

My Dad took me aside one day and said bluntly, "Mark buddy, you are going to fuck a lot of sweet young things. I did too when I was your age. There are a few things I want you to remember. First never force yourself on a female. If they say no, even if you know they mean yes, then drop it until they make it clear it's a yes. Never use a young girl. There will be some that you can impress and fuck. Make damn sure they are as horny as you are and not just fucking you just because you are a good looking popular young hunk. Even with those limits and maybe because of them, you will get more ass than you can dream of. You know about diseases. Be safe. Soon you will get a reputation and girls will come to you. One last thing bud. Older women will come on to you too. Teachers, house wives, your friends Moms even. Don't pass them up. You will find the older ones know a lot more about what they are doing. Enjoy and learn. If you have a problem or don't understand any of this come see me. I love you son and want you to have a good life. So it was in this open environment that I grew up.

I was well versed in the theoretical aspects of sex. I also knew my folks had a very active sex life. They didn't ever try to hide that fact. I heard them in their bedroom a lot from a early age. I remember listening to them as I masturbated.

By the time I was 15, I had played a lot of games with girls. I had gotten lucky a couple of times and knew I really dug sex. Sarah Barns gave me my first blow job after we had been kissing and feeling each other up for a couple of hours in her bedroom one day after school. Then Betty Towns let me fuck her at this party at her house when her parents were out of town. Actually I wasn't the only guy that had Betty that night but fortunately I think I was the first... that night.

After Betty I was a true devotee to pussy. I concentrated on the subject and actually did pretty well. It amazed me how many of the girls in high school were as eager as I was for sex. Just like my Dad had said. Some took a little longer than others but as my reputation grew so did the list of eager girls. The girls I dated knew I was going to push hard for sex and most of them were as eager as I was. My favorite story was the cute cheerleader who as soon as we parked at the lake slipped her panties off without a word and lay them on the dashboard as cool as that.

I guess word got back to my Mom cause one day when I got home from school she was there. She had taken the afternoon off from her office so we could talk. She started right after I had gotten home from school and popped the top on a coke. She sat at the kitchen table in her Lawyer Suit.

"Come sit down Mark, we need to talk."

"Sure Mom, what's up."

In her normal unabashed way she looked directly at me and said, "I have been told that you are quite the Romeo and are fucking half of the little girls in high school." Remember I told you my parents had little use for clinical terms.

I guess I grinned pretty big, a little proud of my success and I also blushed. She didn't seem surprised or even upset. She had said it pretty matter-of-factly. I looked at her and replied. "That's a bit of an overstatement Mom. I have gotten lucky with a few."

"Well I'm not surprised I guess. You are a young hunk. It's about that time for you as I remember high school. Tell me you are being careful. We both know this is not the time to get some sexy little thing pregnant."

"Yeah Mom, I am careful, usually I use rubbers. A few of my dates are on birth control. There are a couple of girls I know that have been with a lot of guys so I use a rubber anyway. Pisses some of them off but they get over it. I tell them no rubber, no cock."

"Good for you. I'm glad honey, I mean that you're being careful. Sex is a lot of fun but as that commercial for rubbers says, Its not worth dying for."

Then I surprised myself when I asked, "Were you pretty active in high school Mom?"

She cocked her head and looked surprised at my question. Then she laughed good naturedly and said, "Well lets just say my Mom put me on birth control when I was a sophomore. And it was a good thing she did."

"Did you do a lot of guys?"

She laughed again only this time it was her nervous laugh and I knew she wasn't comfortable with my questions.

"Hey buster it was your sex life we were talking about, not mine."

"Mom... fair is fair. I will answer any of your questions so why can't you answer mine?"

She looked thoughtful for a moment and then took her coat off like it was getting warm and said, "OK, fair is fair I guess. Did I do a lot of guys. I'm not sure how to answer that. I fucked seven or eight in high school, and a few more than that in college. Is that a lot?" and her eyes twinkled as she looked at me.

"That's a few Mom. I bet you were a hot one. You still are if the sounds from your bedroom are any indication."

She blushed then and after a moment laughed saying, "I guess I am honey. I have always adored sex. I had a hard time saying no to a cute guy back then. It seems you are a lot like your old Mom."

"Yeah old... give me a break Mom, I wish my girl friends looked like you." And I meant it. My Mom was one sexy looking lady.

"Why thank you honey. That is really a sweet compliment."

I glanced at her nice size breasts and saw her nipples standing up hard through her thin bra and silk blouse. I was surprised that when she realized where I was looking she pulled her shoulders back pushing her great tits out further and said, "OK buster, take a good look and then get it off your mind."

We laughed and my cock was hard as a rock. She was so damn sexy. I thought about it for a moment and then stood up. My hard cock was obvious as it could be in my jeans. Her eyes ran over it and she swallowed hard and said, "I think this conversation has gone a little too far. Up to your room and do your homework you young faker."

I laughed and said, "I have to get rid of this first."

"Well I'm sure you are still familiar with your fist so go on to your room and take care of it and then do your homework... Stud... I need to get busy on dinner."

As I closed the door and pulled my hard cock out to jack off I was thinking about how it would be to fuck my great looking Mom.

Later when I went back to the kitchen my Dad was in the shower. I walked in and Mom looked at me, dropped her eyes to my cock and then said laughing, "I see you took care of your problem."

I was instantly hard again. In front of her eyes my cock jumped to full hard in my pants. I was standing a couple of feet from her and she looked up at me and blushed saying,

"Oh Mark honey, I'm sorry," and she hugged me like she usually did when she wanted to comfort me. Only this time we both felt my hard cock between us. After a long hug she pulled away looking flushed and grabbed her purse. She pulled out a ten dollar bill and put it in my hand saying,

"Get out of here you randy little shit. Go get yourself a burger and then go see one of your girlfriends and take care of that thing. Get before your Dad comes down here and we have to explain why I made your cock hard."

I laughed and hugged her again pressing my pet against her boldly. She broke after a few seconds and looked down at me and then swatted me on the ass and said huskily,

"Go baby."

It was almost midnight when I got back. Dad was sound asleep and Mom was waiting up for me. She was reading in the kitchen and had her robe on. I wondered what she had on under it. When I walked in she looked up from her book and smiled saying,

"Feel better?"

I just smiled and nodded.

"Good," then after a Moment she said, "Honey, I think we got a little carried away this afternoon. I think it is a lot of fun to be open and completely honest with you but it went just a little too far."

"You mean cause we both got turned on?"

She just grinned for a moment and then said, "Yes cause we both got turned on. That isn't exactly normal honey. That smacks of incest and that is a real no no."

"I never understood that. I mean with the birth control of today no one has to worry about making retarded kids. Wasn't that why incest was a no no? I mean the idea turns me on."

She blushed. Once again and her nipples stood out hard through her thin robe. She sputtered and said, "Mark stop that right now. Damn you. You don't play fair. Maybe people don't have the old reasons for avoiding incest but your father would have a cow just over the conversations we have been having. Let alone anything else."

Then I realized she had been thinking of the same thing I had, What would mother son sex be like? I smiled at her and pulled her into my arms. I had just fucked Jenna Thompson three times earlier but my cock was hard again. I hugged her close and we both felt my hard cock press into her again. She gasped and slid her arms around my neck hugging me back. I held her tight for some time and then said,

"Mom are you naked under your robe."

She pulled back looking me in the eye. I had my arms around her waist and when she leaned back her body pressed harder into my cock. She looked at me and then said, "Honey turn me loose and go to bed. This has to stop."

I kissed her and turned her loose. I headed for the stairs and then stopped and turned and looked at her standing there breathing heavy. "Well are you bare ass under your robe?"

She got this cute look on her face and smiled saying, "I'm not wearing a stitch except this robe. Now go to bed."

Later I heard them at it in their bedroom. I bet it was a nice surprise for Dad to be waked up to fuck his gorgeous wife.

After that it became a game that I loved. I wanted to see what I could get by with my Mom. Hell the truth is I wanted to fuck my darling Mom. I didn't think she would let me do that but I knew we already had secrets from Dad. What else would she let me get by with?

The next night as usual she was home before Dad and was preparing dinner. She was peeling potatoes at the sink and I walked up behind her and slid my arms around her letting my hands rest on her firm tummy. I kissed her on the neck at the same time and said

"Hi cutey."

She stopped peeling potatoes and kissed the air at me and said, "Hi yourself cutey. Have a good day?"

I rambled about my day as I pressed my growing cock against her cute ass. She stiffened in my arms as she felt it and after a second she said,

"Mark, honey... "

I stopped her when I kissed the little hollow on her neck. I knew most women loved that. She sucked in her breath and said,

"Oh you little shit. That's not fair."

I could see her nipples now hard and I cupped a magnificent breast in each hand. I squeezed them and they felt so nice. They were bigger than any I had ever felt before. Firm and so nice to play with. After seconds of letting me play with her beauties she snapped out of her lethargy and pushed my hands away. She turned and pushed me back away from her. Her eyes were afire. I didn't know if it was anger of lust, or some of each. She just looked at me for a moment and then ran out of the room to her bedroom. I heard the door slam and I started worrying that I had gone too far.

I went to my room with my tail between my legs. Would she tell Dad what I had done? He would kill me... Later I heard Dad come home and when he couldn't find Mom downstairs he opened the door to their bedroom and walked in closing the door behind him. In a minute I heard him come out and walk down the hall toward my bedroom. I thought, Oh shit I'm dead. Instead when he walked in he had this shit eating grin on his face and he handed me a twenty and said, "Son go get a burger." and he almost ran back to their bedroom closing the door behind him. I waited for a while knowing what was up and sure enough I heard my Mom scream, "Oh fuck yes... eat me darling..."

I walked out the front door wondering who I could take out for a burger and then a trip to the lake. Then I knew and headed for her house.

Everyone was asleep when I got home so I crawled into bed and fell asleep thinking about Mom and my older friend Betty, one of my teachers, who had just taught me about anal sex.

At breakfast Mom acted like nothing had happened. She was singing happily as we all got ready for our day. I kissed her goodbye as I left for school and she hugged me real tight like always.

I thought about it all day Friday. I was a little afraid that Mom would be pissed at me if I did anything again so I decided to cool it and made a date for that night with a new girl, Cindy, really cute and stacked, who had just moved into town.

When I got home from school later than usual Mom was there. I just called hello and went straight to my room. I got in the shower and was back in my room getting ready for my date. I pulled on my best jeans, a loose shirt and loafers. I checked my drawer and pulled out a three pack of rubbers hoping to use them that night. I was holding them in my hand when Mom walked in. She smiled at me and then saw what I had in my hand.

"I gather you have a date tonight."

"Yeah Mom, a cute new girl. She just moved here from California."

She looked at me in a funny way and then laughed and said, "Have a good time." and walked out hurriedly. It wasn't like her and I wondered what was going on. I shook it off as Dad came home and soon we all sat down for dinner.

Mom was very quiet. Even Dad mentioned it, She smiled half hardily and said, "I was thinking about this problem I have."

Dad leaned over and kissed her lightly and said, "Hon try to leave the office at the office."

She glanced over at me but said nothing.

I went out the door after dinner, avoiding Mom and drove to my new date. She was decked out in a really short mini, a cut off t-shirt that almost showed the lower swell of her breast it was cut so high. Man she looked hot and I figured that unless she was a tease we were going to have a great time.

I showed her around town, all the different hangouts. I introduced her to a lot of other kids, and the guys looked like they wanted to eat her. Come to think of it so did I. We hit it off great, loved the same music, same sports. by the time we stopped at a drive in for a coke she was sitting in the middle tight against me.

We sipped our cokes and then she leaned over toward the far door and rolled the window down. As she did I had a great view up the bottom of her blouse and her skirt at the same time. She wore no bra and her tits looked big and firm with nice pink nipples. She had on a pair of sheer yellow panties. Soon she sat back up and turned and smiled up at me and kissed me briefly. Then she said,

"I like you Mark, I think we are going to get along fine."

I started the car and pulled out of the drive in and turned toward the lake. After a minute she said, "I was warned about you Mark. A couple of the girls said to watch out for you."

"Oh really " as I turned off the highway onto the dirt road that led to the lake.

Her eyes twinkled brightly and she snuggled up closer to me. I thought I had her figured out as being as horny as I was and I slid my arm around her back and under her cutoff t-shirt and cupped her bare tit in my hand. I rolled it in my hand and pinched her nipple. She let out a soft moan and then said,

"I was afraid you guys were going to be a lot more shy than California boys. I see I was wrong."

I pulled up to my favorite spot overlooking the lake and stopped. I looked down at her beside me and said as I played with her bare tit,

"What did the girls say to you about me?"

"That you would try to fuck me."

I laughed and asked, "And what did you say?"

"I told them I hoped so."

Our lips met and I felt her hand on my hard cock. She was a hot one and quickly she was completely nude and had my cock in her mouth. I came in her mouth, in her talented cunt, I ate her wet pussy full of my cum and she went ballistic each time.

Later she was straddle my lap, my limp cock still in her and she said,

"Hmmm shit Mark. That was great. Do all of your buddies fuck as good as you do?"

I just smiled and said that was something she would have to find out for herself. She smiled and said, "I plan too honey but I hope you call me again soon."

We sat there and talked and she told me about herself. Then she told me about her Mom and surprised me when she said,

"My Mom is as horny as I am Mark. If you ever want to fuck a mother daughter team call me. My Mom loves young studs like you."

The idea got me hard immediately and Cindy noticed it and smiled as she lay back on the seat and opened up for me again.

Everyone was asleep when I got home. I crashed for some much needed sleep myself.

When I awoke the next morning it was late. That's OK it was Saturday. Dad would be working in the yard before he left to play golf all afternoon. I pulled on just some jeans shorts. I sleep nude so that was all I had on when I walked into the kitchen. Mom was there sitting at the table drinking coffee in her silk robe. I wondered if she had anything on under it and caught myself thinking, behave, she is pissed at you already.

I poured me some coffee, refilled her cup and sat down beside her. She looked at me and then looked away. Then without looking back at me said,

"Did you have a good time last night?"


"Well did you? Did you fuck the new girl in town? Was she a good piece of ass?"

I wasn't sure what was going on and I reached over and laid my hand on top of hers and squeezed it and she looked at me. There were tears in her eyes. It killed me to see her like this. I said softly,

"What's wrong Mom? God I'm sorry... is this about what I did with you the other afternoon? I didn't mean to piss you off it's just that I love you and you are the sexiest thing in the world. I'm sorry if I got out of line Mom I thought you were having fun with the game too."

She looked at me long and hard and said so soft I barely heard her, "I was... I loved it. All of it."

She smiled a small embarrassed smile and squeezed my hand. Then she said, "I hate that little bitch you were with last night."

That surprised me, but I didn't have time to say anything before she continued. "I hate her cause she did what I want to do. Oh shit Mark, I must be crazy." and she started crying again softly.

I stood up and pulled her into my arms and held her close as she quietly cried on my shoulder. Now I was trying my best to be loving and tender and sensitive with my Mom. I really love her and hated seeing her cry. But there was another part of me that felt her nice full tits against my chest. Felt her firm loins against my awakening cock. Felt her soft ass under my hand as I rubbed up and down her back going a little lower each time until I cupped the cute cheeks of her ass.

I pulled her harder into me and she offered no resistance. Then I kissed her cheek, then her nose. She raised her lips and opened them as my mouth met hers. Our tongues played and played. I couldn't help myself and I started to slowly hunch my cock against her. She soon began hunching to meet my cock through my jeans and her thin robe and she was gasping for breath she was so hot.

I broke the kiss as we heard a noise at the back door. She looked shocked and pulled away and whispered, "It's your Dad." She looked at my cock standing out hard and said, "Go to your room honey. Quickly."

I ran up the stairs then froze at the top as I heard my Dad say. "Got any more coffee sweetheart."

Mom replied, "I think so handsome."

Was I the only one to notice how husky her voice was? No, my Dad did too and said, "Are you catching a cold hon, Your voice sounds funny and you seem flushed. Maybe I better cancel my golf game this afternoon."

"No Charlie, that's sweet of you but I'll be fine. Mark is here if I need anything."

"If you're sure I better get showered and on my way. The guys are expecting me."

"Go hon."

I moved into my room as he headed my way. He stuck his head in my room and said, "Mark old buddy, your Mom may be coming down with something, can you hang around here while I golf in case she needs something?"

I said, "Sure Dad. Don't worry I will take care of our girl."

He winked and said, "Good man. I'll be home by six. Then you can go chase your girls."

It wasn't long until I heard the front door close and his car pull out of the drive. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I tried to decide what to do. I knew my Mom wanted me as much as I wanted her. After a minute I stood up to go find her. Her bedroom door was open and I looked in. She was standing at the front window looking out. She was so damn desirable. I walked up behind her silently and wrapped her in my arms. She leaned back against me and said,

"Hi baby."

"You OK Mom?"


"What can I do?"

"Honey, if you do what I want you to, then I really have a problem."

"Mom, I can't help it I want you so bad. I want to do everything with you. Over and over and over..."

My cock was hard again and lay along the crack of her darling ass. She pushed back into it gently. I cupped her full breasts again and she only sighed. I kissed her ear and whispered,

"I want to fuck you my sweet lady."

She gasped and pushed back harder into me. I unbuttoned her robe and slipped my hands inside onto her bare tits. They more than filled my hands. I whispered. "I want to eat your pussy and fuck your mouth and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you."

She groaned something like, "hmm yesssss my baby."

I pulled her robe off of her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I ran one hand down to her love nest and found her wet slit. She shifted one leg to give me more room as I played with her cunt and her erect clit. She was fucking my hand in response. Then I felt her hand between us as it wrapped around my cock. I heard her softly say,

"I want this so bad my darling."

She expertly unsnapped and unzipped my shorts and she pushed them to the floor. She caught my hard cock and led me to her bed. She sat on the edge and pulled my body against her. Then I felt her hot wet mouth slide over the head of my cock. She sucked me and bobbed her head up and down on my cock. I was in nirvana. Soon she pulled her head up and slid back on the bed laying on her back. She looked up and said in a whisper.

"Fuck me please baby."

She was as tight as any of the teen pussies I had enjoyed but she was a hell of a lot better. Some of the things she did drove me insane. Her cunt was well trained and she squeezed my cock and milked it somehow like I had never dreamed of. I felt her stiffen and buck like a bronco as she came. I never slowed and soon again she came and then it was as if she came continuously as I fucked her as hard and deep as I could. Then I lost it and flooded her sweet wonderful unbelievable cunt.

We fell in a heap and lay there panting trying to get our breathe. After a bit she said, "Shit Mark, no fucking wonder all the girls let you fuck them. That was great honey."

I kissed her lips and pinched a nipple gently. To my amazement she kissed me hard and her hand found my limp cock. She stroked it lovingly and said, "I want it again baby. God I want to cum more with you."

I knew it was going to be a little while so I slid down and sucked on her nipples, then south more to her sensitive tummy at the edge of her pubic hair, then I found my target as my mouth found her labia, her swollen clit, her juicy cunt. She groaned loudly and pulled my head into her pussy as she fucked against my face. I shoved a finger up her tight ass hole and she screamed and came the first of many. I knew I wasn't going to stop until she pushed me away. She came and came and came as I ate her and finger fucked her asshole. I kept at her and she screamed like a banshee and passed out.

Truthfully it scared the shit out of me and I moved up to her head and called,

"Mom... Mom... Oh shit I've killed her."

Then her eyes opened and she grinned big as she said, "I'm not quite dead lover but you damn near fucked me to death with your mouth. Oh baby that was wonderful."

I lay beside her relieved that she wasn't dead. How do you explain that you fucked your Mom to death. Would that be justifiable homicide?

I glanced at the clock, It read 2:00 p.m. Four of five more hours until my Dad would be home. I sat up and looked down at my gorgeous, if well fucked, mother spread open on the bed. He lips were red and swollen, her eyes were a little puffy, her nipples were red and looked like they had been sucked and chewed on. Her pussy was wet and matted with my cum. Her labia was still swollen and open like a flower. My eyes returned to hers and I said, "You are so beautiful."

She touched my cheek with her hand and said,

"Baby, we have a problem."

"What problem, it was so great Mom. All those teen pussies are toys compared to you. You are just as tight, you taste better, you fuck better. You suck cock better. I just want to fuck you forever."

"I feel the same way honey. You are some great lover. I adored your cock and your tongue. That's the problem. I really do love your Dad, and he is a great lover too. I'm not sure how to deal with both of you."

I ran my hand up the smooth skin of her inner thigh. She shivered and I said, "Have you ever cheated on Dad before."

She looked in my eyes as if looking for disapproval and finding none said, "A few times."

"How did you handle those?"

She realized I was trying to solve our problem not be critical and she replied. "Well honey they were, and still are, different. They have been like once a month kind of things for a little extra fun. They have never interfered because I worked them in around your father's schedule."

I caught her message and said, "You've done this a long time?"

She just nodded.

"Still are?"

"Yes baby, still."


She hesitated, not wanting to reveal names. But after a pause she said, "OK my love, I will hide nothing from you. I hope you can deal with it. The latest is Bob Bradley."

Bob Bradley is my Dad's business partner. My Mom's best friend's husband. Helen Bradley and my Mom had known each other for years. Helen was in and out of our house like she lived here. Helen was a real fox. She and Mom could have been twins, at least in their bodies. Mom was fucking her husband. She could see I was surprised. I sat there reeling as I absorbed it all. Then I smiled.

She let out a breath of air in relief, "Can you deal with it? Please don't be angry. It just sort of sneaked up on both of us. Your Dad was on a trip, you were at camp, Helen was at her mothers. Bob and I had dinner and wine and we got pretty loose and it just happened. It was fun, good sex and no one wanted any more than that. We get together when it is convenient and no one gets hurt. After I am with Bob, your Dad gets more and better sex than ever. So does Helen."

"I can deal with it Mom. In fact I think it is kind of cool. There is one thing..."

"What honey?"

"I want to watch you with him?"

"You're kidding?"

"Nope, could I? Man that would be so hot. Then after he left can you imagine what I would do to you?"

She grinned and then said, "I always wanted to do that."

Her hand wrapped around my hard cock and she swallowed it. Deep throat city. I was fighting to keep from cumming immediately and then she started humming as her finger found my ass hole. I let go and she didn't miss a drop. When she had finished she looked up and grinned, saying,

"We are going to have so much fun..."

"When are you going to see Bob again?"

"Nothing is that set honey. Your Dad is going out of town next week. I'm sure Bob would be happy to come over anytime."

"I bet he would."

We both giggled and decided we better get showered and decent before Dad got home.

It was a weird night. Sitting around thinking over all the new things. I had fucked my Mom, I learned Mom fucked around quite a bit and currently was having an affair with my Dad's business partner, her best friends husband. And I was going to hide and watch them go at it soon.

When it was time we all went up to bed and I heard my Mom groaning as she fucked my Dad silly.

I had been so involved that I had forgotten spring break started the next day. I realized I would be home with all kinds of time. I guess Mom forgot it too cause she came in and woke me early the next morning to go to school. She had on her robe and Dad was in the shower. I rolled over and looked up at her and slid my hand up under her robe onto her sweet pussy. She smiled and leaned down and kissed me and spread her legs for my hand. Breaking the kiss I said as I toyed with her clit and she closed her eyes and loved it.

"Mom, I'm out of school for the next two weeks."

She looked at me and her eyes opened excitedly, "Oh honey. Maybe I can call in and take vacation with you."

"Could you?"

I was rubbing her clit rapidly and she said, "Honey, oh shit, gonna cum..." and she did. I listened for the shower and it continued as my Mom slowly recovered. She stood up and said, "I will get your Dad off to work and then I will call in and sign out for the two weeks. We are going to have fun. You are such a fun nasty boy."

Thirty minutes later she woke me again as she crawled into my bed, as nude as I was. "We have two whole weeks baby. I wonder what all we can do in that time."

Well it turned out to be a lot.

It was Tuesday morning and we were in my bed fucking again. We had spent all day the previous day in bed fucking and talking. Mom told me stories of her sex life from high school until the present. I was impressed and proud of my sexy Mom.

Later over lunch Mom said, "Honey your Dad is leaving tomorrow, gone Wednesday Thursday and Friday, He will be back late Friday. Would you like for me to call Bob and have him over tomorrow night."

I guess my smile said it all and she laughed,

"Of course you would."

She picked up the phone and dialed his personal number. He answered and I heard her say,

"Hi, ready to play?"

"Yes my sweety is going to be gone for a couple of days. Can you come over tomorrow night. I will make sure Mark is busy." and she winked at me.

"That will work, have dinner with Helen than get your butt over here. I will be waiting. It's been a while since Charlie has been out of town."

She hung up and looked at me for a long time. "Are you sure you can handle this. Watching Bob fuck me?"

I just grinned and nodded. I was getting hard again when the phone rang. I heard Mom say,

"Hi Helen"

"Yeah I'm taking a few days off to be with my son during spring break. He is growing up so fast."

"Why thank you Helen, I think he is pretty cute too. But that is causing me some problems too."

"Lunch, I tell you what, why don't you have lunch with Mark and me. Come over say at 11:30, I'll have something interesting for the three of us. And Helen while you are here I need to talk to you about something very personal. I have been having these really strange urges lately. I need to talk about it with someone I can trust... I need your pledge of secrecy and your advice dear."

After she hung up I looked at her wondering why. It was like she read my mind and she said, "Honey we can't fuck all the time. Helen is fun and to tell you the truth I find it fun to be with her when I know I will be fucking her husband again soon."

I grinned and liked that idea myself. Then I asked, "What is it that you want to talk to Helen about?"

"You will find out soon enough. When I send you to the store I want you to come back and listen but don't let Helen know you are back." Then she got this funny look on her face and she said, "Honey what do you think of Helen?"

"Oh I don't know, she has a great body, real cute. Never thought too much about her. Why?"

"I guess I'm kinkier than I thought Mark, I was wondering what it would be like to watch you with Helen. Since you are going to watch me with her husband."

"Me, you mean like sex with Helen? Hell, I don't think I would mind that at all. Are you telling me she is available?"

"Honey, we are all available at the right time and place and guy. From what she has told me, and from what her husband tells me she is very hot for guys. Oh and she said she thinks you are a stud."

Mom got up then and started to get things ready for Helen. When she had lunch started we showered and she slipped on a thin dress that showed off her charms nicely. As directed I put on a pair of old cut off jeans with nothing else. I looked in the mirror and my cock was clearly outlined through the soft material. The crown of my cock was obvious.

When Helen arrived I loved the way she looked me over. Then she blushed as she looked at my cock through the jeans. She turned to Mom and sputtered and then said, "What was it you wanted to talk to me about hon?"

Mom said to me, "Mark honey, I need some salad dressing from the store. Would you go get some please." and she winked at me.

"Sure Mom, I'll be back in a little while."

She stood up and gave me a full body hug and a kiss on the lips and then I was out the door. I went around to the front and slipped in and moved so I could hear what Mom was about to say.

Helen said, "OK give Carol."

I could see Mom and Helen from the side view and I watched and listened intently.

"Helen, what I have to say may shock you. I think we may be a lot alike. I adore sex and I think you may too, am I right."

"You are honey. I do love it, so?"

"I mean, I have strayed a few times and I assume you have too, Right?"

I could see the smile on Helen's face and she said, "I've heard rumors that you like to sample other guys from time to time. Me too hon. I'm glad to know it's not just a rumor with you. Maybe we can compare notes sometime."

"That sounds interesting Helen but my problem is beyond that."

"You aren't pregnant are you?"

"No, nothing like that. It's my hunk of a son. The kid you said was a stud. Mark is my problem."

"He is a young stud, kids like him are tempting."

"Helen I saw the way you looked at his cock outlined through his jeans."

Helen blushed and then laughed, "Busted, OK I couldn't help notice."

"I know, I can't either and that's my problem."

"God Carol, you're lusting after your own son. I guess I can't blame you. If I had that around the house all the time I think I would too."

"Shit Helen, just talking about it is turning me on again."

"Yeah me too baby. Tell me is he a virgin still?"

"Not even close. The girls are all over him. He gets laid more than Charles and Bob do put together." They both laughed at that and then Helen said,

"How do you know about Mark?"

"He tells me."

"Oh no, that is sexy Carol. That would drive me crazy, crazy hot."

"I know, it does."

"So what are you going to do?"

"I've already done it. That's what I needed to tell you. Tell someone I could trust to not repeat it. I fucked my son."

I watched closely as Helen sat there silent for a while. I noticed she was flushed. Then she said softly, "You fucked Mark. Oh god baby. You really did it? I have fantasized about stuff like that. About incest. How was he?"

"Unbelievably good. The little bastard makes me cum twice as much as Charlie, or any other guy lately. He eats me until I have to shove him away. And he is always ready. Honey I took off work to be with him so we could fuck for the next two weeks. Helen he is the best I have ever had at everything."

Helen sat there stunned. Her nipples showed clearly through her dress as they stood up so hard and erect. Then Mom said, "Have you ever fucked a young guy like Mark?"

Helen flushed brighter as she said, "Just once. Several years ago. It was our paper boy. He came to collect one morning when I was home alone and horny. Boy did he collect. He was good but nothing to compare with Mark from what I hear you say."

"Helen, you are my best friend right?"

"Now you know my darkest secret... almost."

"Almost, what else is there Carol, what else have you done?"

"It's not what I have done Helen. It's what I want you to do."

Helen looked into Mom's eyes like she was trying to read her mind. Then Mom said,

"I want you to fuck Mark too."

I almost shit as I heard Mom say that. I already had a hard on and now it hurt it was so hard.

"Me... god Carol... why?"

"Because you will love it, I want to see it and I know Mark wants you."

"Mark wants to fuck me? I am flattered. Damn Carol you have me so damn hot with your stories. It's a good thing your young stud isn't here right now. I would be tempted."

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