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by starfiend

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Erotica Sex Story: A horny mother suddenly realises that her ninteen year old son is not only attractive, but available.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Consensual Incest Mother Son .

Sally gave a soft, almost inaudible giggle as her son told her she looked very sexy. For most of the afternoon she had been lying in the back garden, sunning herself. Used to sunning herself topless, and even on occasions nude, she had worn her skimpiest bikini, which, although she didn't realise it, didn't hide her pubic hair completely, and only barely covered her nipples, which she did know.

Her son, nineteen year old Gareth, had climbed over the back fence as a shortcut home from work, knowing full well she was there, and deliberately doing it so that he could get a good look at her still extremely stunning figure. He'd gently lusted after his mothers body for as long as he could remember, which basically meant about ten years. Walking slowly towards her, he had noticed that her legs were quite wide apart, and the fabric of her bikini briefs was stretched over her crotch, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her pussy lips were quite clear beneath the over stretched fabric, and the wisps, more than wisps really, of dark pubic hair that curled out from underneath suddenly gave him a raging horn.

"Hi ma," he said as he slowly passed her. "You're looking particularly sexy today."

Sally gave her soft giggle and opened her eyes to look up at her tall son, towering above her.

"Think I'm sexy do you?" she grinned.

"Oh aye,"

"Good. I'm glad." With that she arched her back and reached behind herself to untie the strings of her bikini bra. She took it off and handed it up to him before closing her eyes again, still smiling softly.

Gareth gulped slightly. He'd seen his mother naked many times before, but he'd never been sexually aroused by it before, at least, not in front of her. "Er, I'm going in for a drink," he said, his voice slightly husky with unexpected lust. "Do you want one?"

"Yeah," murmured Sally. "But I'll have a diet coke instead."

The double entendre surprised Gareth. He'd often heard his mother tell dirty jokes before, but she'd never made one quite like that, not in his hearing anyway. "Er, yeah, sure." He hurried off, his erection threatening to burst the fly on his jeans.

Inside, he quickly changed his jeans for looser shorts, and took his top off. He poured them both a glass of coke and took them outside.

Meanwhile, Sally had decided that it was time to strip completely. It was now a little after five in the afternoon, so the sun was no longer at its hottest, and she wouldn't burn her more delicate parts. She slid off her bikini briefs and lay back down again, forgetting for the moment that Gareth was due out with a drink.

Gareth was a little surprised to see his mother completely naked when he came out, after all, he'd only been gone barely a minute. Usually it wouldn't have bothered him, but his raging horn and incipient lust caused him to almost drop the glasses he was holding.

"Holy wow," he breathed, his prick stirring again.

Sally heard him and opened her eyes in surprise. She tensed for a moment, but then gave the minutest of shrugs and relaxed. Although they had often seen each other in the nude, it was rarely much more than a brief glimpse, and never in a situation quite like this, this was rather different. She decided she didn't care though.

"Sit down," she said, patting the grass beside her.

Gareth sat, handing his mother her drink at the same time. She had a very thick pubic bush, he saw, but it wasn't thick enough to hide her pussy lips, which were starting to open, from his avid gaze. For a long moment he just admired her trim figure, but his eyes kept coming back to her breasts and crotch.

"Is it nice?" asked Sally.


"My cunt. Does it look nice?"

"Uh, yes," gasped Gareth startled.

"Good. Keep looking if you really must, just don't make it so bloody obvious."

"Oh. Yeah. Sorry."

Sally didn't reply. Through her half closed eyes she watched her only child staring at her body, quite obviously aroused. She'd noticed the stirring in his crotch, and it had both amused, and to a certain extent, aroused her.

His girlfriend doesn't go down on him enough, she decided. Kelly was a nice girl, but a bit prim and proper, what she needed was a real good fucking. She imagined Gareth going down on Kelly, eating her out, fucking her. Almost without realising it she began to get much more aroused, and soon she was imagining that it was herself Gareth was going down on, not his girlfriend.

Gareth saw his mothers pussy opening wider and wider, saw the glistening pink of her vaginal passage and her erect clitoris springing briefly into view. He realised she was becoming aroused, looking at her nipples he realised that they too were much more pronounced that they had been minutes before.

His own erection became even harder and more pronounced, and Sally couldn't fail to notice it.

Suddenly Sally's lust overcame all her controls and inhibitions. She didn't care. "I want that," she muttered.

"What?" asked Gareth.

"What you have hiding down there," she whispered. "I want you to hide it down here instead." She put one hand onto her belly, her slim forefinger casually snaking down to press against her erect clitoris. Gareth's mouth dropped open and he looked into his mothers eyes. Seeing the lust that was quite openly sparking out of them, he could only nod.

Looking around him in a bit of a daze, he noticed quite by chance a movement in the upstairs window of their neighbours house. Pretending to look away, he kept his eyes up there and soon saw the faint shadow of someone looking out of the window. It wasn't too hard to guess who it was. The neighbours were a Mr. and Mrs. Terrence, their daughter was about four, and their son about seven. The shadow was too small to be a child, and Mrs Terrence wasn't going to be staring at a naked woman.

"Mr. Terrence is watching us," said Gareth softly.

Sally sat upright. "Fucking shit," said Sally. She didn't normally swear in front of her son, but she was now angry. Standing up she picked up her towel, wrapped it around her waist, picked up her drink and stalked into the house.

Gareth casually gathered up her remaining bits and bobs, including her bikini bottoms, and slowly followed her. Out of sight of any window, their own or next door, he casually raised the hand holding her bikini to his face, and took a gentle sniff. There was only a faint smell of her body, not really enough to get excited about, so instead he just stroked the fabric as he walked in.

About half an hour later, Gareth came out of the lounge where he had been watching television, and found his mother, now in cut-off jeans and a crop top, busily slicing a loaf of bread, obviously in preparation for their tea.

"Hi sexy," she said cheerfully.

"Hi gorgeous," he responded.

They regularly greeted each other like this especially when alone, but until today it had never been anything more than a greeting between a mother and son who were completely at ease with each other. Now, as Gareth stood and looked at his mother, he understood just how sexy and exciting she really was. He put his empty glass down on the top and walked the couple of paces towards her. Putting his hands lightly on the soft skin of her waist, he kissed her on the cheek.

"You really do look stunningly sexy," he told her.

Sally froze, her whole body suddenly alight with desire again. His light touch on her skin was more than enough to have her gasping with lust. She put her hands on his, to prevent him removing them, and pushed herself back against him. She could feel the heat of his body against her own, the hardness of his seemingly huge cock, and felt her panties get suddenly very wet.

She turned in her sons arms, and looked up into his slightly startled, very blue, eyes. Putting her arms around his neck she pulled his face to hers and kissed him, hard.

Gareth froze for a brief moment, but then tentatively began to follow his mothers lead. He began to kiss her, and soon they were kissing passionately, their tongues flicking against each other as they pulled themselves tightly against each other. He still hadn't put on a top, and when Sally started to stroke his chest, flicking her long finger nails against his tiny nipples, he gave a low gasp and moan.

His own hands slid up to her crop top and he slowly began to raise it. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath, and soon her breasts were free to his questing hands. He stroked her firm tits, feeling the nipples get hard and long, pulling at them with his fingers.

Sally loved the feeling of her sons hands on her breasts. Unknown to either her son or her husband, she'd had a number of lovers over the years, but none had felt quite like this, and it excited her even more. Her hands went down to his shorts, and wrapped themselves around the hard rod pressing against the fabric, trying to get free.

Gareth groaned, one hand still on his mothers breasts, but one hand dropped down to her backside, pulling her firmly against him. They hadn't stopped kissing, their mouths and tongues fencing against each other, as he felt her hands fumble with the opening to his shorts. Seconds later he froze as he felt her soft hands on his cock, and felt himself get even harder.

"Wow," whispered Sally as she felt her sons granite hard prick. "That's some monster you've got there." She traced one finger slowly down a throbbing vein, and knew she wanted it. Now.

"I need it," she whispered.

Gareth, not needing any further encouragement, pushed his mother's cut off jeans down her thighs, and slid one finger into the crotch of her sodden panties

Sally gasped, and wrapped one leg around her son's, pulling them even tighter together. After a few moments, each of them slowly fingering the other, Gareth lifted his mother up, and sat her on the edge of the work top. Now they could see what they were doing. Sally took firm hold of his prick and pulled him between her outspread thighs, stroking the tip against her moist cleft, the crotch of her panties pulled way to one side.

Putting his hands on her bum, Gareth looked into his mothers eyes.

"Do it," she whispered.

Gareth pulled firmly, and his prick slid slowly but surely inside his mothers body.

It wasn't the longest prick Sally had ever had inside her, nor the fattest, but it was easily the hardest. She groaned, her mouth dropping open, as the rigid prick stretched her most delightfully.

His mothers pussy didn't appear to be as tight as Kelly's, his girlfriend of almost three years, but it was hotter and wetter.

For both of them this was a fuck made in heaven. Gareth started slowly, his prick sliding as deep inside her as it would reach, and then sliding out again almost to the tip. This was the most exciting thing either of them had ever done, and soon they were both slamming away at each other, fucking each other like there was no tomorrow.

Sally was creaming herself almost from the start, her body in almost constant orgasm. Gareth took a little longer, but within a minute he too could feel his orgasm beginning to rise up within him.

"Oh god," he gasped. "Oh god, oh god," as his cries got faster and faster, Sally knew her son was about to come.

"Give it to me," she gasped. "Oh god give it to meeeeee,"

She cried out as she felt Gareth's huge cock swell and get even harder, then it bucked inside her, triggering another orgasm of her own, just as she felt his ejaculations fill her, seemingly to bursting point.

After a long moment during which they just hugged each other, Gareth's cock still buried deep inside his mother's pussy, they separated.

Gareth looked at his mother's pussy, his sperm slowly dribbling out of it, while Sally looked at her son's cock, still erect, but no longer quite as hard, and slicked with her own juices.

She slid off the work top and grabbed his hand. "Come on."

Stepping out of their shorts, for both were now around their ankles, Sally dragged her son up to her bedroom. Pushing him onto the bed, she straddled him, her eyes gleaming with lust and desire, but also with amusement and laughter. She took hold of his prick and began to stroke it lightly, looking Gareth in the eyes.

"Until today," she said softly, "I'd never even considered this as an option, yet under the circumstances I should have done. I've always had an extremely healthy sex drive, more than your dear father can cope with sometimes," she decided not to tell him about her lovers, "so when he goes away on his regular trips, I have to use my fingers a hell of a lot, yet here, right in this house, is the answer to all my prayers." She grinned at him. "Will you answer my prayers when I need them answered?"

"God yes."

Sally stood up and stripped off her top and panties, before kneeling down beside him to take hold of his now fully erect prick again. "Good," she whispered. She straddled him again, but this time slid his prick into her gasping pussy.

They both gave a low groan that quickly turned into a sustained cry of lust, arousal and delight as Sally rocked her hips, feeling her sons prick move inside her.

Gareth could only look at his mother in amazement as her lithe body worked its magic on him. She ground her crotch against his, then lifted it a little, then she was bouncing on him, his prick pulling out then being pushed back in again, then she rotated her hips so that his in and out movements were almost non existent, but other movements took over. He put his hands lightly on her waist, and Sally gave a great groan and flopped forward, her hands coming down beside his head. At first she supported herself while her hips continued their amazing gyrations, allowing Gareth to lift her breasts and lick her nipples. This caused Sally such great delight, that she almost had an orgasm on the spot, but her trembling arms wouldn't hold her for long, and she collapsed on top of him.

They kissed passionately, their tongues moving in counterpoint to their hips. They'd been fucking for nearly ten minutes, both of them regularly on the brink of orgasm, when Gareth finally came, filling his mothers body once more with copious amounts of his sticky spunk.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he groaned. And again as a second, then a third, and finally a fourth ejaculation sent yet more sperm into his mothers waiting body.

When he'd finished, Sally wasted no time in pulling him over and on top of her. She was now underneath him, her legs wrapped around him, as he began to thrust once more."

"Slow down" she whispered. Over a period of about ten or fifteen minutes, Sally 'taught' her son what she wanted, what she needed, how she liked her sex, and soon she was gasping in a long, long orgasm, the like of which even Derek, her husband, could rarely give her now. Gareth's orgasm, when it arrived, was short and to the point. It was his third in barely half an hour, so Sally was delighted, even through her own orgasm she was aware of her son, when she felt him fill her yet again with even more of his spunk.

This time though, Gareth's strength was exhausted, and his prick shrank almost at once. Clenching her pussy, Sally gripped it so that it wouldn't just flop free of her, for one thing he'd put so much sperm into her she was almost convinced it would squirt out under pressure if she let him go, for another, she knew that within five minutes he would be able to start again. He was only nineteen so should recover fairly quickly she mused. In any case, she actually liked having a man on top of her like this. Whether her husband or one of her lovers, or, now, her son.

Despite the fact that she was nearly forty two, Sally had a sex drive that a girl twenty years her junior would have been proud of, or amazed at. She could make love for hours at a time, and with short breaks, for days at a time. She was permanently a little horny, and generally masturbated at least twice a day, though when absolutely necessary she could forget completely about sex for a full ten or twelve hour shift if she had to, but it was difficult.

She knew that Gareth was gently snoozing, and laughed softly. She wouldn't let him sleep for long, she was too wound up, and wanted him to make love to her for the rest of the night, and she was equally sure he would have absolutely no objections.

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