What Happens on Trinibogo...

turku-piter Porn

by Stormbringer

Copyright© 2006 by Stormbringer

Erotica Sex Story: Man slips his wife fertility pills to get her pregnant, but the black islanders of Trinibogo get to her first.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Reluctant Cheating Slut Wife Interracial Black Male Oral Sex Anal Sex Pregnancy Exhibitionism Size .

Copyright© 2005

"Cough." Despite being one of Floyd's closest friends, the doctor always snickered when he cupped Floyd's genitalia. "You don't really want to do this do you?"

"No." Floyd had come in for a physical and was under orders to discuss getting a vasectomy. "And you know what, screw Jess." Floyd looked down at his penis in the doctor's hand. Floyd was a fit, musuclar guy that looked like a movie star, but fate had cursed him with a small penis. It looked like a little thumb dangling over two walnuts. Erect, it strained to reach four inches on a good day. "How'd you like to help me get back at her?"

Screw the bitch is exactly what I'd like to do, thought the doctor. Jessica Frost was one stunning woman. "What did you have in mind? You can get dressed now."

"Write me out a prescription for fertility pills. The strongest you got."

"Unethical, but consider it done. I know how much you've always wanted children."

"I still don't think this is a good idea. The Senator needs me."

Floyd Frost smiled at his wife as they walked through Tyson's Corner, a large mall outside Washington DC. "The Senator was all for the idea my love. He thinks you need a vacation as much as I do."

Jessica was the chief of staff to Senator Spalding of Idaho. The Senator was a strong white house contender and Jessica could well end up as the Chief of Staff to the President or maybe even Secretary of State. The one roadblock to the Senator's rise was that he was slightly bigoted. He'd never been a racist before, but his daughter, a Miss Teen Idaho contestant, had moved to New York to start a modeling career and ended up in lesbian and interracial porn.

Jessica's career was her number one priority. Her husband was number two. Floyd didn't mind all that much. Jessica was making the big bucks, but he was desperate for children. Jessica was so petrified at the thought of children interfering with her rise to power, that she rarely allowed her husband to touch her sexually. When they did have sex, Floyd always had to wear a condom as Jess was allergic to the pill. Her fear of pregnancy also had her freeze up in bed. She wasn't experimentive, never did oral, and basically laid still praying for Floyd to get over quickly which he usually did.

Floyd had tried everything to get his wife to loosen up. He tried getting her drunk and once thought she moaned softly in her stupor, even raised her hips slightly. He tried porn, but that only made Jess comment on the size of the male porn star's dicks. Floyd lied and told her that the men were all one in a thousand super studs hired for their large cocks. The truth was that the men in the movies they watched were all normal men with average penises in the six inch range.

"Did I just see you grin?" asked Floyd as they entered a swimwear store.

"I am looking forward to getting some sun." Jessica's small luxury was to take two weekends during the summer to go to the beach on Maryland's Eastern shore. She loved lying in the sand and suntanning.

Jess started looking through the swimwear. Floyd shook his head as she flipped through some conservative one piece suits. "Why Trinibogo?" she asked. "I've never heard of it. "Why not Saint Martin, Saint Thomas, or Aruba or something?"

"Trinibogo is a fairly new resort. Remember the hurricane that wiped it out some years back? Apparently the island is sparsely inhabited and not overrunning with annoying tourists or Eurotrash. I wasn't aware of it, but the travel agent had just gotten back from there. She seemed rather in awe of the place and looked dreamy eyed the whole time she talked about it. She's planning on going back with friends as soon as she can get away."

"Well honey, it's a wonderful anniversery present." Jessica had now moved on to a rack of bikinis much to Floyd's delight.

"We arrive the night before our anniversery or exactly six weeks."

"What do you mean?"

"Six weeks after my operation," lied Floyd. "Right when we can make love again."

"Oh yeah." Jesica crinkled her nose at the thought and Floyd didn't miss it.

"Meaning no more condoms."

"I'm not so sure about that. How do you know it's 100% guaranteed not to get me pregnant. Plus it's messy." Jess crinkled her nose again.

"Come on Jess. Just for the week we're there. I didn't get fixed so that I had to wear a condom."

"Sshh, keep it down. I'll think about it. Maybe that week I'll let you. I just can't get pregnant. Not now of all times."

Floyd smiled and nodded. Tonight he would began slipping the fertility pills into Jess's drinks. The vacation falling on their anniversery was just a lucky coincidence. He'd actually tied the trip to what he had calculated as Jessica's most fertile time period.

What neither husband nor wife knew was that Floyd's penis wasn't capable of getting her pregnant. His ejaculate didn't shoot, It dribbled, barely enough to fill a thimble. This, along with his short length and a low sperm count meant that it would be a miracle for him to conceive at all.

Jessica tried on some swimsuits with Floyd peering over the changing room door giving his opinion which she never listened to, but always asked for. Jessica spun around seeming to like a lame one piece all black suit. The black did look good on her. Jessica had creamy white skin. Her hair was also raven black and black was her best color. She had bright green eyes and full pouty lips. Jessica Frost stood nearly six feet tall with a supermodel's willowy body and a stripper's DD chest. Her proud breasts were just now starting to sag as she approached thirty. Women should not look this good and not show off their bodies, thought Floyd. Jessica wasn't completely conservative. She could look simply magnificent in an all black evening gown at political balls. Floyd looked quite good in his tux for that matter too. Together, they looked like a Hollywood glamour couple. "I think, I'll go with this one," she said.

"Honey, you're going on vacation. You shouldn't be so conservative."

"I wouldn't mind a more even all around tan," she said thoughtfully. Jess tanned fairly well and with her pale skin, the covered areas of her body always stood out when she was nude. She picked up a two piece. This one fit perfectly, but I don't like the color. White doesn't suit me."

Jessica handed Floyd the suit and he returned it to the rack. Nearby a dummy wore a sexy string bikini. "Now that's a swimsuit," said Floyd. The dummy's Barbie-esque figure was amazingly close to Jessica's. "Wow!" He pictured his wife wearing this perfect bikini. It came in black too. The bottoms were held together by strings on the hips. Floyd looked around and no one was near. He reached out and tugged on the strings. The bottoms fell off the dummy revealing it's plain hairless crotch. More strings held the top on. One around the neck and one around the back. Four tugs and he could make his wife naked. "I wish," he mumbled. Unfortunately, the black bikini had bottoms her size, but the maximum top size was only a double C cup. Floyd shrugged and returned to his wife.

"We have our winner."

Floyd peeped over the door and felt disappointed. The two piece was the least she'd ever worn to the beach, but it was sad compared to a real bikini. The bottoms were intended for a mother to cover stretch marks or the bulge under her belly. They stopped just above her navel which was sad because Jess had the sexiest stomach and belly button. The top was more of a sports bra. Oh well, he thought, at least there was some bare skin showing under her breasts.

Jessica took the suit off. "Be a dear and pay for this while I change." She through the suit over the door. Floyd took it and headed for the cashier. He paused as he passed the string bikini display. He looked at the lame suit in his hand and the sexy suits on the models. He smirked and hung her two piece on the rack. The bikini he bought was the black one with a cup size to small.

Jessica was actually horny. She almost looked forward to sex when they landed. They'd switched to a small sea plane in Puerta Rico. Apparently Trinibogo didn't have an airport. Guests came by seaplane or cruise ship.

Her arousal confused her. She'd started feeling it the day she and Floyd went swimsuit shopping. It had grown as the date of their trip had arrived. Jess couldn't recall feeling horny since the first couple of times she and Floyd had gotten together as teenagers. She'd been horny and ready then, but her arousal had faded after experiencing sex a couple times. She knew she was between cycles which increased a woman's arousal and she was nearing the so called female sexual peak, though to her sex was more of a flat line experience. Even so, she was horny enough to initiate sex which she never did. Not that she'd need to, Floyd was chomping at the bit to get in her pants.

The plane flew over Trinibogo. The island was around the size of Key West. Currently, they kept guests at only around 300 until the resort could expand. The plane came down smoothly on the water and stopped perfectly even with the dock. Three enormous black men greeted the dozen plane passengers. Devon, the island's Governor shook each passenger's hand. Jessica shivered as he took her hand in his strong grip.

The guests split onto two buses each driven by muscle bulging black men. One bus headed towards the motel and resort. The other with Floyd and Jess, headed towards the private suites. The private bungalows were little houses right on a secluded beach. The sun was setting when the bus came to a halt.

"What say we call it an early night," said Jess dropping her bag.

"I agree, but how about we go get one drink." Floyd was eager to get his wife into bed, but he had an ulterior motive for getting a drink.

"Why not?"

A small tiki bar served the bungalows. It was on the beach. Guests could get cots or snorkeling equipment from a shed beside it. Another giant black man was bartending. This one was as big and muscular as the others, but had long dread locks down his back. Another couple sat at a table playing dominoes. "Still serving?" called out Floyd.

"Getting ready to close up." The black looked up and his eyes fell on Jessica. "But I'll stay open a while longer. What can I get you?"

"Amstel," said Floyd.

"White Russian," said Jessica.

"Samuel Dong. I'm here most nights."

"I'm Floyd Frost and this is my wife, Jessica."

"How long you here for?"

"All week."

Sam handed Floyd his beer. Unfortunately, Floyd had ordered a bottle and Sam couldn't slip any Xcite into it. The sexy bitch however, got a strong dose in her drink. "You're going to love your stay here." Sam stared directly into Jess's eyes when he talked.

"Seems rather secluded," she replied. The huge black man was making her nervous.

"Oh I think you'll find our island has more to offer then what you get back home, Mrs Frost."

Floyd didn't care for the way the intimidating black man was staring at Jessica. "Lets take our drinks back inside, honey. I'm sure Mr Dong wants to get home."

"All right." The couple carried their drinks back up to their bungalow. "I need to use the restroom."

This was just the oportunity Floyd had been waiting for. He had three fertility pills left. As Jessica disappeared, he slipped them into her white Russian.

Jessica returned and they finished their drinks. She leaned over and kissed Floyd on the lips after finishing. "What was that for?" he asked.

"For this wonderful surprise." She leaned over and kissed him again, slipping her tongue into his mouth this time. Floyd's eyebrows shot up in surprise. He quickly took Jessica in his arms and led her towards the bed.


"Yes," he said, unbuttoning her top.

"Can you were a condom?"

"Jess!" His words came out just like a pouty child might whine.

"We're all nasty from the flight and I want to fall asleep without the mess.

"I didn't bring any."

Jessica reached into her shorts and pulled out a condom. "Tomorrow. On our anniversery we can do it. I promise."

["I think that has to be the hottest bitch ever to grace our island." Devon stared at the screen from the island's command center. The other islander with him agreed. "Looks like she's gotten some Xcite in her. The horny bitch is about to be disappointed. Husband's gotten a dose too."

"Look again, mon."

"Zoom in on his prick. He's erect! That thing is tiny even for a norm. The first of us to get his cock in that pussy is going to be a lucky man."]

Floyd was hard when he woke up the next morning. He pressed his erection into Jessica's backside. She surprised him by pressing back. "No condom?" he asked.

"Alright, but lets shower first. I still feel dirty."

Jessica used the shower first. It was luke warm, but refreshing. She finished, wrapped a towel around her and walked out to the bed. Floyd playfully smacked her ass as he passed her towards the shower. Jessica just shook her head and opened her suitcase. Her swimsuit was still in the store's bag as she reached for it. Floyd's dick stayed mostly hard throughout the shower. In a few mintues he would be sinking his coatless prick into his wife's hot pussy and maybe, she'd get knocked up.

Floyd hurried up and quickly toweled himself dry. He wrapped the towel around his waist and entered the bedroom. The sight before him nearly stunned him.

Floyd's eyes ran up Jessica's long shapely legs The bikini bottoms were low cut and left the sexy area under her flat belly bare. Jessica's long stomach was exposed as were her ribs and a good two inches of breast flesh under the bikini top. The cups only covered the area around the nipples. He had a hard time taking his eyes of her bosom, but when he did, he nearly recoiled at the angry expression on her face. "How dare you?" she growled.

"I have no idea how..."

"Don't bullshit me, Floyd. I'm in politics."

"Sorry. I just thought you could stand to loosen up a little and go crazy."

"I don't believe you did this."

"You look incredible. Hot. Sexy. Black is so your color."

"Asshole! I hope you still don't think you're going to get in my pussy. You'll be lucky if I forgive you by the end of the week."

"But Jess? It's our anniversery."

"Leave me alone." Jess dug a wrap around skirt out of her luggage and a blouse. She put both on, but left the blouse unbuttoned. Jessica grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion and stormed out the door.

Floyd climbed the stairs and walked out on the balcony. The beautiful blue waters of the carribean greeted him. They were in paradise and his wife was ruining it. He watched Jessica walk down to the beach. She grabbed a cot near the tiki bar and dragged it closer to the water. The beach wasn't crowded and after awhile, Floyd watched her remove the skirt and later the blouse.

Floyd returned inside and put his own suit on. He figured he'd give her a little cooling off time before trying to join her or at least getting his own cot and enjoying the sun alone.

Floyd returned to the balcony when he was finished. He looked down at Jessica and found she had strolled down to the water. Floyd stumbled back inside and quickly grabbed his digital camera. He snapped a quick dozen shots of Jess wading in the water. She was so beautiful she could have been a model used in an ad to come visit the island. His friends would drool over these pics.

Floyd put the camera down and noticed a black man with very dark skin was strolling down the beach. The man called out to Jessica who turned. Floyd could make out long dreadlocks down the black's back and realized it was Samuel Dong, the bartender from the tiki bar. Sam's body rippled with muscles and he appeared to have a tube wrapped around his waist so that it swung freely between his legs. Floyd brought his camera up and zoomed in on the black man. Sam was as muscular as any man he'd ever seen. As big as any linebacker or heavyweight boxer, Floyd could think of.

Nothing was tied around Sam's waist. The black man was nude! Floyd zoomed in on the islander's crotch and couldn't help snapping a picture. Dong's dong was a long plump monster that reached halfway down the black man's leg. Floyd put the camera down and noticed Jess was staring down, her mouth open in shock, as the islander approached. Sam stopped beside her and chatted for awhile. Floyd couldn't help taking a picture of the two perfect bodies standing together. Jessica made no attempt to cover up her scantily clad body in the presence of the black man. Sam left and strolled over to the tiki bar with his monster cock swinging between his legs. Another black man was behind the bar. He waved at Dong and switched places with him. The other black pulled down his shorts revealing another monster cock. The black man headed down to the water and went for a swim. Dong took his place behind the bar.

Floyd was rather surprised by the sight. Evidently Jess was too, because she had stared at Dong as he walked away and now she appeared to be staring at the other bartender swimming around. Floyd decided it was time to go join her.

"Still mad?" he called approaching her cot.


"Can I join you anyway?"

"Go ahead. It was still a jerk thing to do, but apparently I'm overdressed."

"What do you mean?"

"Look at them." Jessica pointed at a couple. The man was nude and the woman was only wearing bikini bottoms. "Tell you what Floyd. I'll forgive you if you go nude."

"No way, Jess."

"No pussy, Floyd."

"Really? That's what it's going to take?"

"You embarrassed me by making me wear this piece of dental floss in public. Now I need you to feel embarrassed too."

"Ok, but just for awhile." Floyd stood up in front of Jess. He felt his dick stir as he stared at her body lying on the cot. He gulped before pulling his trunks down.

"I brought you two some complimentary drinks," said Sam strolling up. He stood side by side with Floyd who suddenly wished he hadn't pulled off his trunks. Floyd's thumb sized prick was now on display next to a huge black salami nearly ten inches soft. "White Russian for the lady. And a beer for my little buddy here." Floyd took the open bottle of beer.

"Thanks Sam," said Jessica smiling. Her face was eye-level with the black's huge cock.

"Why don't you two allow me to give you one of my patented island tours. I'm only filling in a few hours while my partner takes his break."

"That sounds good," said Jess.

"Great. Why don't you two enjoy yourselves the next few hours before I pick you up. We'll do the scooter tour first and later I leave you two to have dinner and change then I'll show you the island's nightlife.

"That was nice of him," said Jess as Dong walked back to the bar.

"Yep," replied Floyd. He waited for Jessica to bring up the subect of the islander's huge penis, but she didn't. He drained his beer still picturing the giant black cock in his head. Even as he pictured it, he felt his own penis shriveling up with inferiority. Floyd retrieved his shorts and pulled them up to cover his less then impressive penis. Jessica didn't object. Even as Floyd felt all sexual desire disappearing from him, Jessica's appeared to be growing. Her nipples were very erect and she squirmed in her cot as if aroused.

Indeed, she was quite horny. The beautiful woman threw herself on her husband when they got back to their bungalow. Her arousal turned into an angry disappointment when Floyd failed to get an erection. She was still angry when Samuel knocked on their door.

They took two scooters on their tour of the island. Floyd and Jessica doubled up on theirs. They passed through the undeveloped side first. The road circled the island. At the center of the island was a mountain. A road lead to a door in the side of the mountain. The whole area was protected by a tall security fence with cameras mounted on it. Sam explained that the place would serve as a hurricane shelter if the island ever got hit again. He didn't explain why so much security as needed.

They next rode past a forested area. Overturned mangroves and other storm damage was still evidence of the destructive power of the hurricane that had hit the island several year earlier. They stopped on the North Beach and Floyd got to be horrified by his third massive black cock. An Islander Sam introduced as Joseph Ngong was leaving the beach with a white female tourist from France. Both were nude.

"Come we can make the sunset," said Samuel taking off on his moped. The trio headed over to the main area of the island. The resort and casino. Some nightclubs and the marina. They watched the sunset over the fishing boats. A cruise ship was leaving the harbor just as the sun went down. "Lovely isn't it," said Sam and the Frosts had to agree.

Sam showed them one of the finer restaraunts for the couple to enjoy their anniversery dinner while he left them alone. The couple received a complimentary bottle of champagne wth their meal. Both were a little tipsy by the meals end.

Sam met them back at their bungalow. He was wearing wite shorts, sandals, and an open Hawaiian shirt showing off his bare chest. The black man whispered something to Jessica that made her frown as she went to change. Floyd felt comfortable with what he was wearing so he and Sam had a drink at the tiki bar while Jess got ready.

Jessica arrived at the tiki bar wearing her wrap around skirt and a camisole top. She seemed nervous. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

"Doing what honey?" asked Floyd.

Jess glanced at Sam who just grinned. "Wearing this," she said.

"You look fantastic."

"Not this. What's undernea..."

"Lets surprise your husband, girl." Sam stood and clapped Floyd on the back. Floyd was a pretty big guy, but the black man made him feel small and inadequate. He decided that he and his wife would have to ditch the islander the rest of their trip. "Now let me introduce you to the hottest nightclub on the island."

Floyd and Jess doubled up on their scooter and followed the black man back towards the main resort. Sam's Hawaiian shirt flapped behind him. "This is it," he said pulling his moped into a parking spot for scooters.

"Shit," complained Jessica. "He wasn't kidding."

Floyd looked up at the building. Ska was blaring out of the front door. Neon lights on a bra and panties lit up above a sign the called the club "The bikini bar".

"Shit!" Jess got off the moped and pulled her camisole off over her head.

Floyd gaped as her big breasts bounced free of the top confined by the undersized black bikini. "Jess! What on earth?"

"Apparently, this club only allows women inside who are wearing bikinis." Jess nodded towards the entrance as a drunk woman in a bikini stepped outside with her husband. Three girls in their late teens also wearing bikinis came laughing down the docks to enter the club.

Floyd was overwhelmed by the eye candy inside the club. At least four dozen women in bikinis filed the place and most looked good. Only a few of them had no business wearing a bikini. Floyd filled with pride that his wife was hotter then most. An equal number of men filled the bar. Most wore open shirts or tee shirts and shorts. Six of the giant black islanders were mingling with the tourists. All had white women on their arms. Sam bought them three drinks as they made their way through the crowd. Sam talked to a muscle bound black bartender who glanced at Jessica with a smug grin on his face. The trio made their way to a table and sat watching the crowd. Floyd thought the club was a great place for people watching especially when all the women wore bikinis.

Sam stood up. "I'm sure you two don't want a third wheel hanging around on your anniversery. If Jessica will give me the honor of one dance, I'll be on my way."

"Honey?" Jessica looked at Floyd. Her expression implied that she would be happy if her husband said no.

"Sure go ahead and have one dance," said Floyd thinking he was getting revenge for her being such a bitch about the bikini earlier. He watched them walk out and start dancing to a Bob Marley song. Jessica tried to keep her distance, but Sam put his hands on her hips and held her closer.

They returned when the song had ended. "Thanks Mr and Mrs Frost. I hope to see you at the tiki bar soon."

"You taking off?" asked Floyd.

"I'm going to step outside for a smoke, then probably mingle for awhile. Have fun."

Jessica stared at Sam as he walked away. She turned to her husband. "Ready to head on back?" She put her hand on his knee and winked at him.

Floyd gulped. He tried to concentrate on his penis and could barely sense anything. It still felt shriveled and unresponsive. "Lets stay for a few more." Jess looked disappointed, but Floyd hoped the drinks would get his juices flowing.

Floyd went up to the bar for two more drinks. Both he and Jessica were feeling quite drunk. The champagne from dinner was heady stuff. He paid for the drinks, but when he returned to the table, Jessica was gone.

Jessica was dancing with Sam Dong again. Her back was to the black man and her ass was grinding against his crotch. Sam spun her around. He held her hips and mashed their crotches together while they danced. The song ended, but they didn't stop dancing. Sam slid a hand under Jessica's sarong and whipped it off. He let his flowery shirt fall to the floor and tied the skirt around his neck like a cape. Jessica was now dancing in just her bikini. Sam continued stooping and grinding his crotch into Jessica's. He kissed her hand when the next song ended and disappeared.

Jessica came back to the table and downed half her drink. "Take me back to our room and fuck me, Floyd. I don't care if you wear a rubber."

Floyd's wife was hot and bothered and his dick felt like a limp noodle. Pissed, his fantasy night was about to get ruined, nevertheless Floyd nodded and left the bar with his wife. He prayed his dick would come through for him in the end.

Floyd straddled his moped and pressed the ignition. Nothing happened. He tried kick starting it, but it still wouldn't start. Floyd was bent over checking the spark plug when a voice said, "Having trouble."

Floyd looked up at Sam climbing on his own moped. "She won't start."

"Got gas?"

"I was half full when... wait the meter is reading empty."

"Happens sometimes. Probably someone siphoned off your gas. Well if you'd like, I can give Mrs Frost a ride back on my moped then come back and get you."

"Would you? That would be great."

"Hop on Jessica," said Dong. "You look a little unsteady, better climb on in front of me."

Floyd watched his drunk wife straddle the moped and Sam mount behind her. Big black muscular arms held her in place as they gripped the handle bars. It was a tight fit on the seat and Sam's crotch was pressed against Jess's bikini clad ass. Floyd didn't know where the sarong had disappeared too. Sam winked at Floyd and sped off. Before the moped was out of sight, the transport bus pulled up and Floyd decided to take it rather then wait for Sam to return.

Floyd entered his bungalow just as Sam said, "Let me help you get ready for bed."

"Sam! Stop that."

Floyd looked towards the stairs. Jessica's bikini top dropped down from above. Sam said "Come on Jessica, this is the islands, you don't need to wear that thing." The bedroom door opened and closed.

Floyd suddenly realized, Sam was making a play for his wife. The thought made him nervous. He could end this now, by calling out. He did trust Jessica. She wouldn't cheat on him, not with a black man especially. Floyd decided to watch how far Jessica would go before she called an end to it. Outside the bungalow was a patio with some chairs. He could easily climb up to the balcony and see into his bedroom

Floyd gripped the rails and pulled himself up to the second level. The sight through the sliding glass door stunned him. Jessica was facing him with her eyes shut. She was topless, but Floyd couldn't tell because Sam's huge black hands were cupping her breasts. Jess was leaning back into Sam's bare chest breathing heavily. The black man was tugging on her nipples and Floyd had never seen them look so hard before.

As he watched, one black hand left her breast and slid down her pale white belly. The hand slipped beneath her panties. Jess suddenly arched her back and thrust her hips outward. Her mouth open in a silent moan.

Floyd crept towards the door and pulled it open an inch so he could hear just as Sam spun Jessica around and pushed her back on the bed. "Some parts of the island, you don't even need to wear these," said Sam. He pulled the strings holding Jessica's panties on.

"I'm so drunk," moaned Jessica writhing on the bed as Sam pulled her panties down exposing the curly brown hair on her crotch. "I don't know what I'm doing."

Sam Dong laughed. "You know exactly what you're doing and you ain't that drunk. You been horny since you met me and even hornier once you saw my big black cock this afternoon. I bet you thought of my cock all day."


"Admit it. Come on slut or you ain't going to see my cock right now. I'll take it away. I seen your hubby today. He's hung like a little boy. Your horny pussy is craving a man sized cock. You've only seen my black cock soft baby, well you ain't seen nothing yet and you won't unless you admit it."

Jess scrunched her face up trying to fight the truth. "It's true, damn you. You've made me horny. I want to see your big black cock again."

"You going to do more then see it, slut. You want it in your pussy?"

"Yes... no, It's too big. It won't fit."

"You going to let me try?"

"Ok, but go easy."

"Sure thing, baby. I know nothings been near that pussy even close to this big." Sam yanked his shorts down and his monster black cock sprang up. It was hard already and seemed happy to be freed. The huge cock looked to be between twelve and thirteen inches long. Floyd''s feeling of inferiority at the sight was molified by his knowledge that Jessica would not be able to take something as thick as her wrist into her pussy.

"I can't believe this is happening," moaned Jessica. She stared down her body and watched as Sam lined his giant black cock up with her pussy. He was kneeling between her legs now. Sam inched forwards until his cockhead pressed against her pussy lips.

Floyd watched transfixed as Jess began lifting her hips up towards Sam's shaft. The black man was teasing her with his cockhead by rubbing it along her slit. Semen shot up into Jessica's pubes and Floyd exhaled in relief. Little jets of semen shot out each time Sam raised his cockhead and Floyd realized that the huge black cock was producing precum in these large amounts. The black man was lubricating Floyd's wife up good, but judging from the way Sam's cockhead was glistening with juice, she didn't need the help.

"Ugh!" Jessica grimaced.

Sam had pushed forward and his cockhead had forced Jessica's pussy lips apart. They stretched wide enough for Sam to push his cockhead through the opening.

"Jesus, that's big."

"And your fucking tight. Hubby's little prick never opened this thing up."

"I guess not," gasped Jess. She was breathing heavily now.

"This tight puss is hugging my cock." Sam worked the end of his cock around a little. He forced his cock in deeper and deeper. Jessica began raising her hips up into his thrusts. "That's it baby, starting to like having your pussy stuffed."

"I love it. I've never felt so full. I feel strange. Give me more."

"Gladly." Sam slammed his cock in hard. This deep her pussy felt even tighter as he pushed deeper then her husband ever had.

"Ugh! Ah Aaahhh!" Jessica's body exploded with pleasure. "W-what was that?" Her entire body felt alive and tingly.

"You just came baby."

Floyd felt sick to his stomach as he watched his wife submitting to Sam's monster cock.

"I've never had an orgasm before." Jessica seemed to be in shock.

"You never been stuffed by a man sized cock before. Baby, we is just getting started."

Jessica did cum again. And again. She wrapped her legs around Sam's back trying to pull him deeper. There was a stab of pain as his cockhead slammed her cervix. His cock squirted a coating of fluid on her cervix. "Oh no. Don't cum in me." Jess suddenly remembered she was unprotected and right around her fertile period.

Sam grunted and pressed his cock hard against her cervix. His precum had softened it and his cockhead slowly pushed through. "Too late, baby."

"My gawd... I think it's in my womb. Take it out. You'll make me pregnant."

"I told you it's too late. Why did you let me in if you didn't want of load of black sperm?"

"I didn't think it would fit. I still don't be... aahh" Jess moaned as Sam buried his cock up to the balls in her pussy. "... lieve it. You got to pull out."

"Too late." Sam pulled back, but the ridge of his cock caught inside her cervix. "It aint coming out until it blows." It was stuck.

"No," moaned Jess. She suddenly realized that her legs were squeezing Sam's hips. She had unconsciously tried to hold him inside when he started pulling out.

"You'll just have to cross your fingers, baby." Sam started fucking her. He was only able to withdraw a few inches or so. His hips bucked faster and faster.

Floyd watched the black man's ass cheeks flex. He tried to open the door further and put a stop to this. His hand wouldn't budge. It was as if waves of masculinity were pouring out through the crack in the door. Jessica started screaming now. She was having one long continuous orgasm. Sam's hands were squeezing her tits as she arched her back.

"Here it cums, baby."

'Oh no, ' she thought, but her voice betrayed her. "Fill my pussy. Give me your sperm, stud."

Sam grunted and buried his cock. Jessica's body went wild as a massive load of sperm filled her womb. Her pussy quivered as his cock continuously jerked shooting more semen inside her. One wad of cum from Sam was greater then her entire marriage's worth of sperm from Floyd.

Floyd's stomach sank as he realized Sam had become the first man to ejaculate inside Jessica's unsoiled pussy. He could only pray that the black man's sperm didn't find a home. He held out hope that Sam's sperm was weak as none had leaked out of Jess yet.

"Bad news, baby," growled Sam working his cock around. "It's still hard. We gonna hafta do this again."

"What!" Jessica was astounded that the black man was apparently ready to go again. His cock was still pumping little jets of sperm out. "Ugh," she cried as Sam fell on her. He rolled her over so that she was on top of him.

"Your turn to work that pussy. Lets see what a white American slut can do with some Trinibogon cock."

Despite being exhausted, Jessica pushed up off fhis chest and began riding Sam's prick. His cock sure didn't feel like it had softened one bit and it was still stuck in her cum-filled womb. She ground her pussy hard into his crotch loving every inch of his huge black shaft. Jess started bucking again and was startled when her pussy began orgasming again. It was almost too good.

Sam's cock outlasted her strength and he had to help by cupping her ass cheeks and bucking his hips. Jessica had her biggest orgasm of the night as Sam flooded her womb once again with his hot black sperm. She collapsed like a rag doll on top of him completely exhausted.

Sam rolled her limp body over so that he was on top. He waited until his cock quit squirting and softened slightly before removing it. Nearly a soda can's worth of semen poured out of her pussy and that wasn't all of it. More sperm got trapped in her womb as her cervix closed back up. She'd leak semen for days.

"Get rid of hubby tomorrow so I can fuck you again," said Sam as he dressed.

"No," gasped Jess. "I can't do this again. It's a one time thing."

"It's already been a two time thing, whore. Your hooked on this big black cock and will beg me to fuck you again."


"I think so. If you want this again..." Sam shook his cock at her before tucking it away into his shorts. "go topless on the beach tomorrow." Sam shook his head making his dreadlocks shake. He turned and left.

Floyd watched Jessica stumble to her feet. She retrieved a towel and struggled to clean the sperm off the bed. More sperm dripped to the floor as she walked around. He turned and climbed back down the balcony just as the noise of Sam's moped faded in the distance. Floyd wandered down to the beach and sat silently in the moonlight for several hours. He prayed Jessica hadn't gotten pregnant and decided to forgive her if this was truly a one time thing.

It was afternoon by the time the couple got moving the next day. Jessica put her bikini on. This time she didn't bother putting anything over it. She no longer seemed ashamed of her magnificent body.

Sam was working the tiki bar. He waved at them, but Jess ignored him which was all right with Floyd. They found two cots and sunned themselves for an hour. Jessica rolled over on her stomach and untied her bikini top. She promptly fell asleep.

Floyd wasn't one for sitting still in the sun. He didn't really want to talk to Sam, but he wanted to try snorkeling. He walked up to the big black man. "Allo Floyd. Sorry mon, but I was low on gas last night and couldn't pick you up."

"I made it back. Can I get a mask and snorkle please?"

"Sure ting, mon. Need any drinks?"

"Not right now, thanks." Floyd took his gear back to his wife and froze in his tracks. Jessica had rolled over and hadn't bothered putting her bikini top back on. "Jess!"

"Sorry, honey, but most of the women here go topless. Besides, this way I don't have those dumb looking white strips on my body."

Floyd was horrified as he waded out into the water. He snorkled out to a small reef. It was filled with colorful fish. He was in paradise, but he couldn't focus on it. Floyd lifted his head up and looked back over the water. He watched his topless wife stand up and stroll over to the tiki bar. She talked to Sam for several minutes before coming back with a drink in her hands.

Floyd felt the sinking feeling in his stomach return. He swam back to shore and waded out of the water. Jessica was undoing her bottoms and she didn't look happy about it. She threw them over the top of her cot beside her top. She glanced towards the tiki bar just as Floyd walked up. He could see her slit beween her legs. Her labia glistened and her clit was engorged. Her nipples had popped out also. Jessica was clearly quite aroused. "Oh, hi honey," she said as Floyd walked up.

"Jess. Decided to go native, I see" he replied without grinning.

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