Seducing Your Wife

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by Flash of Stocking

Copyright© 2006 by Flash of Stocking

Sex Story: A story of a wife being seduced in a bar, as her husband watches.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Reluctant Slut Wife Cuckold Interracial Black Male White Female Voyeurism Size Leg Fetish .

Reluctant wives are my favorites, especially the first-timers. They're the ones who really aren't into this lifestyle. Sure, they might get wet fantasizing about fucking different and bigger cock. They might beat off thinking about being taken by a big black stud. But they're really doing it because their husbands have been badgering them about it for years. After years and years of their husbands' pleading and begging, and role playing with their husbands in bed, they finally say "Okay, okay, I'll do it, but just this one time!"

Finding couples who want to play is easier than you might think. I go to hotel bars outside the city, and look for couples where the husband is spending more time than his wife checking out the guys in the bar. I try to find couples who look nervous — the first-timers.

I strike up a conversation with the husband, and buy them drinks. Drinking calms their nerves. It doesn't take long to find out whether the wife is available. I ask the husband if I can dance with his wife. If he says yes then I know I've probably read them right. After the dance, I try to sit next to the wife at the bar. That's when the game really begins!

It makes my dick twitch the first time I touch the wife's thigh, and her whole body tenses. Her hands dart down to cover my hands, stopping them from moving any further up her legs. It's clear that she doesn't want to be doing this. But then I glance at her husband, and he whispers in her ear, reminding her of her promise. She hesitates, and then reluctantly takes her hands away to let my hand continue its roaming.

Once her hands are away, I begin caressing her thighs, just above her knees. My fingers trace lightly over her sensitive inner thighs, and then back to her knee. My movements are slow, and light. After some time, after she's accepted my hands being on her body, I begin to move higher up her legs. Again, my movements are slow and caressing. By this time her husband has repositioned himself, so he can see what I'm doing. This allows the married couple to look into each other's faces, and I'm sure the husband can see in his wife's face the same thing I see -- an anxious, pleading look — the wife silently pleading to her husband to come to her rescue, and stop my assault on her body.

But the husband doesn't stop me. So I move my hand gradually higher. My hand edges under her skirt. My hand slowly continues upward until I feel the tops of her stockings. I linger there, drawing circles with my fingers over the lace. The husband can follow my movements by watching his wife's skirt, the fabric moving in concert with my hand. He's so excited that he's practically panting, and he has to momentarily rise off his stool to adjust himself.

My hand continues to softly caress his wife's legs under her skirt. I can tell she's uncomfortable with what I'm doing, my hand freely roaming over what was once forbidden territory. But she's getting turned on as well -- her face is flushed, and her breathing is heavier. Her nipples are erect and visible through blouse.

I begin drawing wider and wider circles over her legs. As I do, my fingers graze the bare skin over her stocking tops. This sends an electric shock through her body and she visibly tenses. She gets this "deer in the headlights" look. She looks over at her husband, but he makes no move to stop what I'm doing. So I continue my caressing of her legs, now on her bare skin. My actions have caused her skirt to ride high on her legs, and her garters are now visible. I admire the silky lace of her stocking tops.

The wife is sitting with her legs crossed on the stool. While looking into her eyes, I say to her husband, "Don't you think it would be better if your wife uncrossed her legs?" The wife looks alarmed at her husband. The tent in his pants tells me what he's going to say. The husband's mouth is so dry from excitement he's barely able to talk, but he manages to choke out: "Honey, why don't you open your legs, just a bit?"

Upon hearing that I see the wife's face take on a look of resignation, and some disappointment. She was hoping that her husband was going to stop this before it went too far. But now she's knows that her husband really does want to take his fantasy to the limit. She knows her husband really does want to watch her get fuck by another guy.

She uncrosses her legs, but holds them tightly together. I look over to her husband, and silently communicate what I want. "Please, honey," he pleads to his wife. She finally relents, and relaxes her legs, opening them slightly.

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