Finding Danielle

turku-piter Porn

by scouries

Copyright© 2006 by scouries

Erotica Sex Story: 18 yo teen finally learns he has a one year older sister who was given up for adoption at birth. This is the story of how he searches to find her...and then brings her back to Miami to live with him and mom.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Consensual Romantic NonConsensual Heterosexual True Story Incest Mother Son Brother Sister Daughter Lactation Pregnancy School .

It was a typical August day in South Florida, 99 degrees Fahrenheit with 99% humidity, the air so hot and wet it seemed to shimmer in liquid layers above the pavement as my Honda powered up the ramp onto I-95, a first, small step in a 1400 mile quest to find my missing sister Danielle.

'Danielle, ' I whispered wistfully to the empty car, an indistinct, still blurry vision of a beautiful twenty year old girl drawing me inexorably northward.

I hadn't even known she was missing twelve months ago, in fact I hadn't even known that I had a sister named Danielle until Mom had let mention a family secret she had kept from me for some eighteen years. I was still angry at her for never letting me know I had a sibling, a baby girl abandoned days after her birth, a child who could have been my childhood companion.

There was only one picture that existed of Dani and Mom, a picture taken just hours after Dani's birth and just minutes before Mom's Doctor and Priest arrived to take the baby away. I had a copy of the picture hanging from the mirror as I drove; a good luck talisman that I hoped would lead me to her.

As I drove northward, each hour growing closer to solving this twenty year old mystery, my mind replayed what had led me to today's action...

Mom and I had arrived in Miami thirteen months ago, in June 1999, I to attend first year at the U, and Mom to start teaching at a girls private high school, 'Miss Ritchie's', English Miami's most exclusive. We were really both fleeing from Dad, a mean drunk whose violence to Mom had finally exploded into recrimination and divorce.

I was born nineteen and a half years ago, on January 2nd 1981, in the small town of Goshen, Indiana, the son of Madeline Scouries and Jimmy Jones, two months after their hastily arranged wedding. Mom was just eighteen when she had me, a young girl who had been seduced by my Dad, a twenty-five year old whose charm and sweet talk masked a mean streak and a propensity for too much alcohol.

I was christened Roderick Scouries Jones and grew up the only child of an unhappy couple in an environment that grew increasingly poisoned as the years passed. Surprisingly in spite of our problems, the family prospered economically, Dad's gift of the gab and selling skills leading eventually to his owning a company that distributed car parts over a six state area.

Mom, who had struggled to get an education in the face of her husband's continued denigration, finally got a degree and taught English at the local high school, and became both an inspiration and a guide for me as I explored the world of knowledge...

... I had just turned eighteen years old when I finally got the courage to act, a boy who had been terrified of his violent father for years. He was yelling when I returned home late that cool February evening and as I walked upstairs to my room, I couldn't help but hear him throw Mom against the wall, her cry of pain the final straw to my tortured brain.

He was stunned when I crashed open their bedroom door, Dad standing naked and holding Mom by the throat, his hand ready to strike. "Get the fuck out you little prick!" he snarled, spittle exploding from his mouth.


Letting Mom go and moving toward me, his fists now clenched and his face red with rage, he screamed, "I kill you, you little Momma's boy."

It really only took one blow, an uppercut that connected with all my force into his soft stomach, a blow that put him on the floor gasping for breath, to make me into a man. I suddenly knew that my fear of him had been stupid; I was already bigger and stronger than my suddenly old father.

"Go, just go," I finally screamed at him, "And if you ever hit Mom again I'll kill you."

He saw immediately something in my eyes and retreated warily, understanding instinctively that I was better avoided that night. After grabbing his clothes and keys he moved to the door, his parting comment, "We'll see about this junior. I'll be back."

Mom was on her knees in the corner, one breast hanging bare from her torn nightie and with blood dripping from the cuts on her nose and lip. Rushing to her, I lifted her and took her in my arms, holding her gently as both of us sobbed quietly.

"I sorry Mom, I'm so sorry," I cried. "I should have done that a long time ago."

"It's my fault honey, I should never let him... it's just he's so strong... he hurt me Roddy..."

"I love you Mom. He'll never touch you again, I promise, I'll kill him if I have to."

Its strange how one small blow can change the world, but Mom and I changed our whole life that night. Within twenty four hours Mom had ordered new locks for the doors, had seen a lawyer and also got a restraining order against Dad.

They were divorced three months later, in May of my senior year of high school, and the settlement provided a lump sum amount to Mom, a settlement that acknowledged the twenty million plus value of Dad's business.

Mom sold the house immediately and we were packed and on the road to Miami a week after I graduated, both of us wanting to get away from the hate filled face that Dad had turned on us when the Judge ordered him to stay away from his ex-wife and give her half of the families assets.

But it was during those last months before my graduation, as we planned our escape, that Mom and I crossed into forbidden sexual territory, with a physical joining that challenged all the conventional societal norms.

It started so innocently, that night when I threw Dad out of the house, when I took my bleeding Mother in my arms. I carried her to her bed and laid her down after removing the blood stained gown from her body. I washed her bloody and bruised body gently as she lay crying and then finally tucked her naked under her sheets.

"Don't leave me Roddy," she pled as I turned to go, "Please stay with me tonight."

"I won't go Mommy," I promised, and after taking off my top and shorts, joined Mom in the bed, my only covering a pair of white boxers. I held her in my arms as her tears fell softly on my shoulder and chest, caressing her lovingly until they finally slowed and then stopped and her breathing deepened into the rhythms of sleep.

As I watched her sleep that night, her breasts rising and falling softly, lust for my Mothers body was born in my heart, my penis arcing upward in desire for this woman who had borne me. A bedside lamp dimly lit the room, providing ample light for me to examine Mom's body when I stealthily lifted the sheet away from her skin.

She's beautiful, I thought to myself, so, so beautiful. She's prettier than any girl I've dated, I realized, as I touched her rich auburn hair that was curling gently around her face. Her breasts were hanging towards me as she lay on her side facing me; perfect orbs that seemed made to fit into my quivering fingers. I lightly brushed a fat nipple as it sat proudly on its pinkish red circle of skin, and watched as it hardened and lengthened at my soft touch.

I gently pushed her hip away from me, and as she slowly fell on her back, her legs spread widely, her bush of dark curls and her pink insides opened to my view. As I ran a finger along the damp slit, I stroked myself, my penis standing tall through the slot in my shorts. I came soon after, my thick sperm splattering on the stomach and legs of my sleeping Mother.

I cleaned her with my underwear, wiping most of my cum from her body, and then tossed the used boxers aside, and then slept, naked, curled tightly next to her perfect body. She awoke before me and was gone from the bed before I woke, so I don't know what she thought when she found me naked next to her, my fat cock nestled against her, her body still sticky from my seed.

We both stayed home from school the next three days, as I was unwilling to leave Mom alone with her injuries and for fear that Dad might show up anytime. And Mom not wanting to go to work with a black eye and cut lip and also wanting to arrange for a lawyer and plan her future.

Now aware of Mom as a sexual being, I couldn't help but watch her as she moved around the house, continually imagining her and I making passionate love. She was also aware of me in a way she never had been before and as we circled each other over those days there seemed to be an emotional magnetism drawing us inevitably together.

The third day, a Friday night, as we sat in the den watching TV, she asked, "Aren't you going out tonight Roddy? You haven't seen your friends for days."

"I want to stay in Mom."

"I'm OK now Rod, you don't have to worry about me, promise," she added. "Besides, I'm sure Donna is wondering where her man is tonight," a wistful, teasing sound in her voice.

"Donna and I are finished Mom," I said, referring to the girl I had been dating for the last four months.

"But Roddy... You and she seemed so good together."

"I don't love her Mom... Can I ask you something Mom?"

"Of course Roddy," she answered, as she put an arm around me and hugged me against her, "Anything."

"It's about,... I don't know... you and Dad... about sex Ma... and love, girls... Oh shit, its probably not the time..." I finished lamely.

"Don't be silly. You and I have got to be honest with each other, we're all we have. Now shoot away," she ordered in her school teacher's authoritative voice.

"Did you ever love Dad? I mean when you guys were young. What happened anyway?"

"He was twenty four when I met him, dressed in suit and tie, and I found him handsome and funny," she remembered. "I was sixteen then and believed him the answer to my prayers, a way to escape from my Daddy's rules and regulations. But I never really loved him Rod, and we only got married when I got pregnant with you when I was eighteen. I don't even like sex, I never did," she ended sadly.

"What? Never? You mean you don't like being kissed or cuddled or... geeze... I mean, I love it Mom."

"How much sex have you had anyway young man?" she demanded but I could sense a grin behind her words.

"Well Mom," I started smiling, "I'm not a virgin and I do like doing it, in fact I think it's my favorite thing in the world."

"Your Dad didn't like kissing Rod. He was never gentle with me, he just pushed me down and... Oh God, I shouldn't have told you that," she finished, a tear rolling down her cheek.

"I would have kissed you from morning til night Mom, you're so beautiful, you're prettier than any girl I've ever seen."

"Its too bad you weren't in my class when I was in high school," she said laughing, "Now I think you better give me some details of all these girls you've been having sex with. Did your Dad ever explain about safe sex and aids and treating women correctly?"

"Yeah, right Mom." We talked for another hour that night before Mom finally rose and said she was going to bed. "Night Mom," I whispered and then kissed her on her lips, "We'll be OK as long as we stay together."

Our lips lingered for an extra second, and when our tongues lightly met we both pulled back in surprise, both of us feeling the quick sexual jolt that passed between us. I showered before bed and unable to sleep, was thinking of Mom, of the feelings I had for her when I heard soft sobs coming from her room.

"Mom, Mom are you alright?" I asked as I rushed into her room.

"I'm OK Rod, don't worry, its nothing, go to bed."

"Don't cry Mommy, please don't cry. I love you so much," I pled as I slipped next to her on the bed.

"I know you do Roddy, I love you too, don't worry about me..."

"I mean... Mommy what I mean is... Oh shit... it's just that I really love you Mommy... like a man loves a woman," I ended, my naked body now draped against her.

"But Roddy, I'm your Mother... we can't... its not..."

I stopped her protests with my lips, hungrily probing her mouth with my wet tongue, finding and dueling with her now answering mouth. "No Roddy, we can't," escaped from her before I caught her lips again, my hand now finding her firm, ruby tipped breast.

"Touch me," I whispered. "Please Mom," I begged as I directed her reluctant fingers to my rearing hardness. She didn't resist as I guided her hand over its full length, letting her feel my trembling eagerness.

"It's so big," she gasped, "It's much bigger than your Daddy's. I'll never be able to..."

As she continued to protest weakly, I knew she had accepted me, and that she wanted me inside herself as much as I wanted her, that what I had wished for so much was going to happen.

"I love you Mom," I whispered in her ear as I slipped a finger into her already moist channel, that most exquisite of feelings for a man, the feeling only a woman's pussy can provide, when it suctions smoothly onto a finger or cock.

"Oooooooohh... ooooooh Rod," Mom moaned as a second finger filled her, Mom squeezing and fondling my balls as she writhed under my touch.

Finally, with my teeth stretching a fat nipple as my tongue circled it, I entered her, my long cock filling every inch of its Mommy.

"Noooooooo... Noooooooo Roddddddddy... Its too big... Ooooooh GOD," she wailed as her hips started to rise to meet each of my deep strokes.

"Unnh... uunnh... unnnnh... uunnnnnhhhh... Roddd... uuuunnnnnnhhhhhh... uuunnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh," she grunted as she came for the first time in her life, her spewing discharge met by spurt after spurt of my hot seed.

We lay facing each other as we panted recovering, my penis still hard and embedded in Mom as she said, "I never really believed it."

"What Mom?"

"The books, the magazines, what others said. About how good it could be. I don't think I even believed in a 'Woman's Orgasm', I thought it was a myth," she said laughing, drowning me in her kisses as she talked. "Fuck, I wasted almost twenty years with that guy."

"You got me," I said grinning, and then rolled on top of her and let her feel all of me again.

"And I'm never letting you go," she promised me, her arms and legs snaking around my body, making me a prisoner of her lust. "Fuck me Roddy; fuck your Mommy deep, as hard as you can," she begged, "Make Mommy come again, pleasssseeeee baby..."

Later, I licked and sucked Mom's clitoris, the first time it had ever felt a tongue touch it, and she licked the stickiness from my fat length as I lapped up our combined juices from her cunt. It seemed like an endless night and then weekend, our sexual gymnastics never ending as we explored every fantasy we had ever entertained...

In the weeks and months that followed, right through the divorce and my graduation and finally our move south to Florida, all our plans and thoughts were based upon finding a way to live together forever.

We got to Miami in late June and within weeks had bought a beautiful house in Coral Gables, close to both the U and Mom's new school, and we soon settled down in the city of sun and palms. And then, in late August, with just a small slip of the tongue, Pandora's Box was opened, and Mom send me off on a quest that I knew I would have to achieve if we were ever to be completely happy again.

It was just a small sentence, spoken as Mom lay under me, the sweat from our coupling bathing us both, "I wish Danielle was here," I heard Mom whisper, almost to herself.

"What? Who?" I asked, not sure I had heard her correctly. "Danielle who? Why?"

"Nothing Rod, nothing," Mom quickly responded, blushing and looking away.

"Mom! What?"

The story came slowly, Mom reluctant to talk at first but as she went on she became more emotional and voluble. "I had another baby Rod," she admitted finally, and then rushed on as I went to interrupt.

"Let me finish Rod. I had a baby eleven months before I had you. A little girl, Danielle. My father and your Dad and our priest, Father Joe, made me give her away, just five hours after she was born. She'd be twenty now."

"But," I finally interjected, "Where is she? Where's my sister? I can't believe it," I said, almost shouting, "I can't fucking believe it."

Mom, crying now, talked on, "I didn't want to give her away Roddy. But they made me, I was only seventeen, they made me sign papers but I didn't want to, I always wanted to find her again..."

"We'll find her Mom," I promised, knowing I'd never rest until I found my only sibling. And so started a year of research, and inquiry, and frustration, a year that had finally culminated in me driving north to Michigan onto the trail of little missing Danielle.

It was also a year that saw the birth of my daughter, a daughter born on May 1st 2000, at the end of Mom's and my first year in the sunshine state. Jacqueline Danielle Scouries is perfect, and I delayed my trip north until she was three months old, finally leaving at the insistence of Mom, who was as eager as I for me to find Danielle...

... It took me twenty-two hours of driving, my only delay quick stops to gas up, piss and grab a burger, before I drove into Mom's hometown, Goshen, Indiana, a small town of 30,000 close to the Indiana-Michigan border, at seven thirty in the morning on a warm August day. It was a town clearly past its prime, the boarded up windows of every third store on its Main Street a testament to the Wal-Marting of America and the death of small town life.

I had been born here, but Dad and Mom had moved to Fort Wayne soon after and then South Bend later, so this tired old city didn't harbor any happy memories for me as I meandered aimlessly down its streets, looking for a hotel where I could grab a nap before seeking out the man I had come all this way to see.

Doctor Grave's office was still where Mom had described it, an upstairs suite in the building next to the Goshen National Bank. He had actually delivered me, Mom had told me, but due to the adoption Danielle had been born in Michigan, just ten miles away in a clinic whose name Mom couldn't remember and by a doctor whose name had disappeared long ago from her sad memories of the day.

Doctor Graves took care of me all my life," Mom explained, "Even during Dani's pregnancy. But when Dad and Father Joe arranged the adoption it was through someone across the border so I was driven up there to a small clinic where I had the baby. I was only there a day and then Dad brought me back home," she finished.

And it was the fact that we were working in two jurisdictions that had made our research so much harder over the year I had looked. There was no birth certificate in either state for a Danielle Scouries and the adoptions agencies in both states had denied ever having handled her case. We had finally come to the conclusion that Danielle had been adopted in one of those off-the-book transactions and knew our only chance to find her was to start in Goshen with Doctor Graves and work from there.

He was semi retired but was pleased to see me when I called later that afternoon, immediately remembering Mom and my birth.

"You were a big one," he started in his folksy manner, and then added chuckling, "Didn't think I was ever going to get you out."

To my surprise he asked before I could raise the subject, "You're here about your sister aren't you?" Seeing my wordless nod, he went on, "I never felt good about that son. Your poor Momma was forced by her Daddy to give her child away. He was a tough old bugger, your Granddad, but I just couldn't go along without her consent."


"Next thing I know that priest was involved, Father Joe, more trouble than he was worth as far as I'm concerned, anyway he got involved and the next thing I know your Mommas seeing a Doctor in Sturgis, over the border."

"Do you know what his name was Doctor?" I asked, hoping against hope he'd remember.

"Sure son," he answered, "Doctor Bean, still practices over there, never liked the whippersnapper, something crooked about him I'm sure of that. Wouldn't surprise me if money didn't change hands in that transaction," he ended.

We talked for a few minutes more before I was able to escape, elated at the progress I'd made. I called Mom with the news from my room after dinner, and my dreams that night featured a beautiful girl, her features starting to clear as she ran joyously towards her waiting brother.

Sturgis, Michigan was only thirty miles north of Goshen, a smaller and grimmer town than the one I had thought yesterday was pretty bad. Eating breakfast at nine thirty in a small diner on Maple Street I pondered what approach to use with Doctor Bean, unsure of myself after the warnings from Doc Graves.

My waitress, 'Sally' stitched in bright red letters across her breast, was happy to answer the questions of the tall, blond boy who showed such interest in her and flirted happily with me. When I left an hour later I knew that Bean's offices were on Elm, that he was open from 9 to noon and from 1 til 5, that his receptionist was Judy, 'a lovely girl but big', that strangers were welcome 'if you have insurance or money', what he was like 'he thinks he's king shit' she whispered, as well as Sally's phone number and an open invitation to call her.

I hobbled in to the Docs offices around twelve thirty, wanting to catch receptionist Judy alone before I decided on an approach. "We're not open til one," sang out as I gingerly stepped up to her desk.

"Can I wait Ma'am," I asked, "Just fell and twisted my ankle, fraid I may have broke it." She was big as Sally had described, but big in a good way, not fat, and she had a bright smile plastered across her face, a smile I recognized immediately as a reflection of her inner personality.

She was twenty-four, single and lived alone, blond and blue eyed and by the time the doctor and other patients arrived in the office around one I had arranged to have dinner with this pretty girl. I left without seeing the Doctor, getting a hearty laugh from Judy when I explained that her kind words and sweet manner alone had been enough to cure me.

Even though I had ulterior motives, I didn't feel guilty later that night, when after dinner and dancing in a neighboring town, I ended up in Judy's bed. I had warned her over dinner that I was only in town for the week and that I had a wife back in Florida, but also let her know how sexy she was and how badly I wanted her.

"Oh God Rod," she gasped as I penetrated her, her large arms squeezing me against her luxurious body. And no acting was required by me as I reveled in the feel of her, as I kissed her welcoming lips, as I fondled her extraordinary tits or as I emptied spurt after spurt of my seed deep within her.

It had been Wednesday when I met her and I stayed happily with her Thursday and Friday nights, the sex holding me as much as my quest. I had got copies of her keys made Friday, after surreptitiously lifting her spare ring before leaving, keys that were all tagged neatly, Doctors Office, Filing Cabinet, Basement, etc, etc.

In talking with her over the three days I knew exactly where to look for the files I needed, and waited patiently for Saturday which offered me the best chance. "We close at noon Saturday Rod," she had explained, "And the Doctor goes out of town until Monday." Later she had told me, "I'm sorry Rod, but I can't see you Saturday afternoon, I'm busy at my Aunts. But I'll be home for dinner."

So Saturday afternoon it was and within fifteen minutes I had found a slim file titled 'Madeleine Scouries', Moms name, and within read a short recap of Dani's birth and a note to see the files of 'Mr. and Mrs. John Hinn and of Danielle Hinn. At first I couldn't find any of the three files but finally located them in his 'Inactive Files' section, all three in a row.

When I read the first I panicked, seeing dry doctor's notes that described the automobile accident that killed Danielle's adopted parents. I rushed to read hers and was relieved to learn she hadn't been involved but had left Sturgis to go live with her Aunt in Kalamazoo.

It was easy after that, just one phone call to her Aunt finally gave me all the info I had been seeking for over a year.

"Danielle Hinn please," I asked the old woman who answered on the third ring.

"Oh, I'm sorry, she doesn't live here anymore," answered Miss Hinn.

"Oh hi, are you Dani's Aunt Mary?" I asked and then added, "She always talked about you."

"You know my Dani?"

"Yes in high school but I moved away and haven't talked to her in years. It's too bad I missed her, I'm in Kalamazoo for a few days and had hoped to see her."

"Oh well she's still in town, she goes to Kalamazoo College now. She's going to be a writer," she said proudly. "But she's living with a friend near the campus now. It's a man she's living with though," she warned. Before hanging up on Dani's Aunt I had both her address and telephone number and knew that it would only be days before I met my only sibling.

I spent Saturday night and Sunday with Judy, a last weekend of relaxation before the final step, and I regretted leaving her welcoming body as I drove the fifty miles to Kalamazoo on a sunny Monday morning.

I took my time that morning, in no real rush now that I was so close and after a cursory drive through the city rented a room in a local motel. Later, I drove to the campus, wanting to see the school Dani was attending, trying to get a glimpse of her life before I met her.

Jesus, it's her, I swore to myself, as I saw a beautiful, dark haired girl approaching me on the path, a girl whose incredible likeness to Mom left no doubt as to her parentage. My mouth hanging agape, I stared for the first time upon my sister as she seemed to float towards me, a happy smile on her face.

When she was about ten feet from me she looked up, and caught me, now standing rigidly still, watching her with a weird, almost manic expression on my face. For a second she hesitated, almost as if she had recognized me, but then caught herself and hurried past, and glanced back once to see me still standing transfixed.

When she disappeared into a doorway seconds later I came out of my near coma, and was instantly aware of my cock, rock hard and pulsing in my shorts. What the fuck, I thought, she's your sister, but then seconds later my penis started spurting, and my seed was splashing into my shorts as I hurriedly turned away, both stunned and scared by my physical reaction to her.

Up to that point I had never really thought what I was going to do when I found Danielle. Oh, I had got as far as envisioning a happy reunion with Mom and me, and then somehow the three of us all living happily together under the Florida sun. But instantly, as I felt my sperm spreading stickily down my legs, I knew I wanted more, that Dani couldn't be only a sister to me, I knew that I wanted my sister also as a lover and a mother to my babies.

Ecstatic to have finally found her, and now ravenously hungry for her young body, a body so much like Mom's, and yet different, I returned to my motel, knowing I'd have to make a new plan, a plan that included not only meeting her but also ensured my taking of her ripe young body.

First I went to a Spy Store in the next town, buying telephone and room bugs, and a video camera, all combined with a system of communication so that I could download sound and pictures to my lap-top from outside. I knew her address from her aunt and so quickly cased her building, a small L-shaped three story apartment building with maybe fifty units, a building that seemed to cater to the local Kalamazoo College's students.

The security was laughable; the front door was open due to the August heat, and I easily entered and then found Sis's apartment on the second door. It looked out towards the back so I exited the building and cautiously wandered to the back, but was surprised and happy to see a swimming pool with eight or ten kids my age lounging around.

Two young coeds, eighteen or nineteen, lying poolside in sexy little bikinis, each with a beer in her hand, were separated from the rest so I approached them first.

"Hi girls," I started.

After giving me a quick once over, and noting my age and looks and dress, one replied friendlily, "Hi to you too."

"Do you guys live here?" I asked and then quickly added, "Hi I'm Rod. I'm trying to rent a place around here and before I talk to some landlord I'd like to know how people living here like it."

In the minutes that followed I told them my supposed life story — How I was just arrived from Florida ('Oh no wonder you have such a nice tan, ' one interjected), and was going to start at the college soon, needed a place to stay, didn't know anything about the town etc., etc.

"Where are you staying now?" the blond, Gina, asked.

"I got into town yesterday, I'm staying at the Delta Inn on Main Street," I answered.

"Oh, it's a dump," the other, a brunette named Chris interjected.

"It's just for a while." I replied, shrugging.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with the girls and by five I knew they'd both like to fuck me, and that if I played my cards right might end up with the two of them in my bed that night. I asked them to dinner but they insisted I come eat at their place, which turned out fortunately to be on the third floor and kitty corner to Danielle's, giving me a vantage point for my spying.

Later, as we barbequed burgers on the patio, Gina cursed and then said, as she watched a man by the pool, "There's that asshole again Chris." And then seeing my quizzical look added, "One of the girls on the second floor, Dani something, lives with him, she's okay, she's a student but he's a real loser, Roger something — a truck driver he says, but there's something fishy about him," she added contemptuously.

Chris and Gina proved a perfect tonic for me that night. On top of the beer we smoked a couple of joints and soon we were romping naked in their Queen Size waterbed. Judy had reawakened my sexual hunger, and these two horny coeds, with their firm teen bodies and their happy smiles brought me again and again to orgasm before we finally fell asleep sticky and sated.

They were both working the next morning but offered me a key and told me they'd be happy to have me stay with them until I got a place of my own, and I could see Gina was almost ready to offer me her bed full time. After the girls left I went downstairs and was waiting in my car when Roger came out of the building alone and took off in his van, followed minutes later by my sister, carrying books and riding a bike.

Carrying a bag of clothes and my Spy purchases back to the girls flat, I watched the still quiet back of the building for a few minutes, laughing when I saw Dani's patio door slightly ajar. After rushing downstairs and outside, I cautiously approached the patio, its floor about eight feet off the ground.

Seeing no one, I leapt and was up and over and then inside the apartment in ten seconds, amused at how innocent some people were. It was a typical student flat, with just one bedroom and furnished with a lot of second hand mismatched furniture. The only thing worth anything was a new Laptop Computer sitting on the desk in the corner.

After quickly bugging her phone and both rooms, and installing the hi-tech camera in a light fixture, I started to explore, taking my time trying to find out everything I could about my unknown sister.

She loved lacy, silk underwear, not thongs, but little, high cut French briefs, and when I left I had a red one tied around my cock.

As her Aunt had told me, I knew Danielle wanted to be a writer and I soon found evidence of her work, pages of story attempts spread everywhere, balled up rejects littering the floor.

But it was in the bottom drawer of her desk, behind a lock I easily bypassed, that I found her secret trove, a series of erotic stories that had me stroking myself as I read. Finally, I grabbed them all up, and took them with me when I left, wanting to take my time exploring Danielle's secret unspoken fantasies.

I also found her private diary in a folder on her computer called 'Odd Jobs' and wondered again at the naïve trusting of my sister as I printed out twenty of the most interesting pages. I left with an extra set of Dani's keys and after getting a new set made at the local hardware store and making copies of Sis's stories at a Kinko's on campus, returned the keys and originals back to her place.

I spent a fun afternoon by the pool, sipping beer between swims, Dani's stories continually exciting and surprising me, her sexual hunger leaping off every page. I knew immediately after reading the stories what I was going to do to Dani, the exact circumstances under which she'd feel her brother's big cock for the first time.

I stayed two more nights with Gina and Chris, the girls delighted to be satisfied so often by their new lover, never suspecting it was Dani's face I was seeing each time I buried my shaft in one of their juicy sheathes.

I spent the first day after I planted the bugs listening to sis and her boyfriend on tape, and as I listened to them I became more and more irritated, unable to understand why my intelligent sister was living with this idiot. He was both stupid and a boor, and as I heard him grunting as he fucked her roughly, and heard her cry of frustration when he came prematurely before she could achieve any kind of pleasure, I started to understand her desperate desire to be taken forcefully by a real man, a desire that was so evident in her prose.

Watching the tape, seeing her lying unsatisfied on her back, her fingers pressed into her still distended pussy lips, I smiled, knowing that soon her nubile young body would be writhing under me, thrashing in joy as my long spear impaled her.

I listened to the second nights tapes on Saturday morning and was relieved to hear Roger tell Dani he had to leave on Saturday for a delivery job that would take him first to St. Louis and then Chicago before returning home Tuesday. I grimaced while hearing him fuck my sister doggie style but knew this would be the last time he ever saw her.

I told the girls after dinner that I had to leave, and that I was sorry but that I had been lying to them. "I'm with the FBI," I started, wanting to leave them with an exciting story, a story that would go perfectly with the wild sex we had enjoyed.

"What?" they both squealed in unison.

"Roger," I simply said, pointing towards Dani's apartment.

"Its drugs, isn't it?" asked Gina eagerly, almost pleading to be proved right about the neighbor she didn't like.

"Of course," I answered, "But you girls have to be quiet about it for a little longer. I'm taking the girl tonight or tomorrow morning," I explained, "Her boyfriends on a drug run right now, we need her in the witness protection program before he returns."

"The Witness Program," Chris whispered in awe, and then added "But what about him?"

I could see the two were both almost pissing their pants they were so excited. "We'll be back for him within a week or two, once we have Dani's testimony in front of the Grand Jury," I answered, and then added in a cop's voice, "But be careful, he's very dangerous."

"I knew it, I just knew something was wrong with that guy," Gina finally said, a smile of vindication spread across her face.

I left their apartment around midnight, when I finally heard Danielle's breathing fall into the regular cadence of sleep through my planted bugs, leaving both girls excited and happy to have been a part of an FBI sting operation, a story I knew they would repeat often and proudly in the years to come.

Dani's apartment was dark when I used the stolen key to let myself in, with just enough ambient light to let me see my way through her living room and into her bedroom. She was lying on top of the sheets on this warm August night, with just a light breeze from the open window gently moving the air across her ample curves.

A pair of panties was all she wore, and I wondered momentarily if they were the red silk ones she seemed to favor. I had left my sandals at the door and it took but a second to pull my tank top over my head and drop my shorts to my ankles, freeing my already raging penis.

It took her a second to react when I covered her, but once awake and aware she became ferocious and savage, doing everything in her power to throw me off. Somehow I had known she wouldn't scream or yell, something in her prose had made me believe she would fight silently.

I was too big and too strong of course and slowly wore her down, finally capturing her two wrists in one hand and forcing them over her head. I held her jaw steady with the other as my lips found hers, her spit of protest forced back into her mouth. With my heavy thighs between hers, forcing her wide, I moved my hand from her jaw to her breast, hurting her just a bit as I squeezed and then bit on her nipple, now impossibly long.

"YOU PRICK, YOU BASTARD," She moaned as I entered her, splitting her deeply with one long deep thrust, even as her body continued to writhe under me.

"I love you Dani," I whispered, as I rhythmically pistoned into her already sopping centre, each of my hard strokes bringing an involuntary grunt from my fully filled sister.

"Fuck you," was her only response, as her suddenly free hands started to land blows on my face and head and it took me painful seconds before I had her arms stretched wide, again held down by mine. As I continued to fuck my sister, slowly and steadily working her hot insides, her shoulder and head continued to thrash, trying to throw me off but at the same time her legs locked together like steel bars around my back, not allowing my hips to escape.

My sperm flooded her as her body gushed forth its orgasm, her only sound a forlorn, primitive wail that signaled her total sexual surrender.

"Get out now, you bastard," she finally said, my weight still holding her down, my prick softening slowly within her. "Just get out," she said again, "You've raped me, now get out."

"No, I'm not finished Dani," I whispered, "Now turn on your light, I want to see you."

"You fucking idiot," she hissed. "You don't want me to see you, you don't want me to be able to recognize you," she finished just before I jumped off the bed and switched on the bedside lamp.

"You!" she exclaimed, recognizing me immediately from the meeting on the path. "Why me? What do you want?" she demanded, as her eyes involuntarily moved greedily over my body.

"I've come for you Dani; I've the man you've being looking for all your life."

"Fuck you! Just get out," she insisted, a desperate plea in her small voice.

I lifted and turned her easily; forcing her head down as I lifted her hips and as my hands cupped, then squeezed her full breasts, I pushed my fat length easily into her distended gash.

"NOOOOOOO!" she moaned as her body started to betray her, as her cunt strove to clench me, to hold me.

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