Truth Or Dare?

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by dragontattoo

Copyright© 2007 by dragontattoo

Erotica Sex Story: A father overhears his daughters talking about truth or dare.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Fa/Fa Consensual Incest Father Daughter .

Our dad, being Dad, knew exactly when we girls were trying to hide something from him.

"And what exactly have you two girls been doing at these slumber parties that have you all red in the faces?" Dad asked us.

"Not a thing," I told him straight- faced.

"Nope, nothing," Tonya added her face getting even redder. Red enough to match her red hair

"Now, I know better than that." Dad scolded.

It had all started out innocently enough. Tonya and I were in our living room talking about the slumber party that we had attended the night before. Our father had been sitting on the couch reading the newspaper, while we girls were sprawled out on our stomachs whispering to each other. Evidently, Dad has ears of hawk, because he perked right up, when the phrase 'truth or dare' entered our conversation. That's when he had said that he didn't think that the new generation still played that game. I giggled and Tonya's face turned bright red.

"I bet I can find out." Dad said confidently folded the newspaper up, placed it on the end table.

"What?" I asked in disbelief. I wasn't ashamed of what I had done at those parties, but I wasn't sure how Tonya would react to having Dad find out about her exploits.

"We're going to play a game of Truth or Dare ourselves. I think I still remember how this games goes. Moppet. You're first. Truth or Dare?" he asked.

"Ah, truth, I guess," I replied after a moment. I wasn't too concerned about what he might ask me. But the dares on the other hand... A shiver of excitement ran through me at doing those in front of my father.

"Okay, Moppet. During your last game of Truth or Dare, did you let a young man touch you?" my dad asked devilishly, using his pet name for me.

"Yes," I replied honestly.

"Really? Where?" he asked, intrigued.

"You had your one question," I reminded him, turning to my sister, "Tonya, truth or dare?"

"Dare," my sister replied. I tried to judge how she felt about playing with Dad. As far as I could tell, she seemed hesitant but not scared.

"Okay, you get the ice." I told her. My sister groaned but did as she was told. I knew from the first time that I had played Truth or Dare with her that the kinky little bitch loves to have ice placed on her nipples.

When she came back from the kitchen, I could see the damp outline of the ice inside her left bra cup. It was directly over her nipple. My dad's mouth gasped open as he took in the sight of her damp spot.

"Moppet!" he scolded. "You are being so mean."

I just shrugged my shoulders. I wasn't going to be the one to tell my sister's secrets.

"No, Daddy. She isn't," Tonya shivered. "I love ice."

"And where else do you like ice?" he asked curiously.

"You aren't playing fair, Daddy. You've gotta ask truth or dare. And it's my turn." My sister scolded.

"Fine, I'll wait my turn."

"Moppet, truth or dare?" she asked looking over at me.

"Truth," I replied, not sure what she would ask but figuring that she wouldn't ask anything too revealing in front of our father.

"Okay. Have you ever watched a man masturbate?" she asked her cheeks red once again.

"Yes," I replied, thinking of the time I accidentally caught dad jerking off a few months ago. I had come home early from work to find him in front of the TV watching a porn movie. Dad's face became a bit flushed. It seems my sister might have gotten her tendency for blushing from our red headed father. I wondered if he was remembering the same incident that I was.

"My turn. Tonya, truth or dare?" he growled as he shifted uncomfortably on the couch. I looked at his crotch and could see the beginning of an erection against his jeans.

"Dare," my sister whispered.

"Fine. Go get the ice and bring it back here, I want to watch you put ice down your sister's bra. Same exact spot, do you understand?" my dad asked her firmly.

"Yes, Daddy," my sister said eagerly. I groaned inwardly. My dad had found my sister's special kink. She was submissive. She loved being told what to do. Whenever we played truth or dare, she never once took the truth option.

When my sister came back from the kitchen, I braced myself for the cold ice. Unlike my sister, I didn't get off on having ice placed on my nipples. I saw that she had the smallest piece of ice that she could find, and I sighed in relief. My sister knew me well, and didn't want to cause me any pain. With my sensitive nipples, a large piece would have been pure agony for me.

"Why such a small piece, Tonya?" my dad asked as she slipped the ice into my full figured bra.

"You didn't specify what size to use, Daddy." she reminded him. I gritted my teeth as the ice touched my nipple and started to melt.

"Alright, Dad. It's your turn. Truth or dare?" I asked as I waited for the ice to melt in my bra.

"Truth." my dad said firmly, and kicked his legs up on the coffee table.

"What was the most daring place you ever made love?" I asked as I shifted, trying to get the ice melt more quickly.

"In the loft of a barn while the girl's father was working on the tractor below us."

"Why you exhibitionist," I scolded.

"Okay, Daddy. Truth or dare?" Tonya asked him softly. She was getting a bit more comfortable about playing with Dad.

"Truth," Dad said after a moment.

"When was the last time you made love?" she asked her face warm once more. I waited to see if Dad would answer. I wondered if he even would or if this would be the end of the game.

"That's a personal question, Tonya," Dad replied after a moment.

"No more personal than the ones that you want to ask us, Dad," I interjected. Knowing my sister, I knew she would back off at the slightest hint of displeasure from Dad.

"That's true." Dad agreed. Rubbing the back of his neck, he answered. "Almost a year."

"That long?" Tonya whispered in disbelief. I could understand her reaction though. The thought of our handsome dad being turned away was difficult to accept. "I'm sorry, Daddy. I didn't mean to hit a nerve."

"It's okay, sweetie. I've learned to live with it," Dad assured her. "Now, enough of that. It's my turn right? Moppet, truth or dare?"

"Dare, I guess," I replied.

"I want you to take off your bra," he ordered hesitantly. Maybe he thought I would protest this dare.

"My bra?" I asked. But I was not at all surprised. When I play this game, it is usually my first dare because of my obvious assets. With practiced ease, I unsnapped my bra, and with a couple of quick movements, took the bra off under my t-shirt. Pulling it out from underneath, I tossed it to my father. As I eased my shirt back down, I realized that the damp spot on my shirt was clearly showing my light brown nipple. Shrugging my shoulders, I sat back and waited for the game to continue.

I noticed my father was fingering my bra and trying to make out the printing on the worn tag. I knew what he was looking for.

"All you had to do was ask," I told him. "I'm a 36 D."

"But what fun is that?" My dad replied with a grin. I laughed.

"Alright, Dad. Truth or dare?" I asked him

"Truth," he replied.

"I see a trend here, Dad. Don't you ever accept dares?" I asked with a laugh.

"Maybe next time. I don't trust you. Somehow, Moppet, I think you are the one that comes up with the naughtiest things to try on your victims."

"You could be right. So Dad, what you like better, well endowed women like me or small breasted women like Tonya?"

"Size doesn't matter to me, Moppet. I love all sizes of breasts." Dad replied, shifting on the couch.

"My turn, Moppet. Truth or dare?" Tonya asked. I noticed that she had an evil look in her eyes. But which form of torture was she thinking of? A naughty dare or a revealing truth?

"Truth," I finally said

"Okay, sis. Which do you enjoy more having squeezed your butt or boobs?" she asked me, daring me with my eyes to answer her.

"My breasts," I told her tartly. When would she learn, I wondered? I didn't have a single hangup about my body or talking about it.

"It's my turn, right? Moppet, when was the first time you had you're breasts felt up? And by who?" Dad asked, curiosity written all over his face.

"I was fifteen. Mark nearly came in his pants too," I replied, referring to the boy who lived across the street from us.

"I bet he did." My dad laughed softly after a moment. I noticed that Dad was squirming on the couch. Was he imagining that he was the one caressing my tits?

"Sis, ready for another dare?" I asked her.

"Yes," she answered.

"Alright I noticed that you seem a bit squirmy over there. Take your shorts off," I ordered. Glancing over at Dad to check his reaction to my dare, I noticed there was no displeasure in his eyes, only keen interest.

"Done," my sister said triumphantly, handing her shorts to me. "Daddy, truth or dare?"

"Truth," he replied, his eyes fastened on my sister's little white panties.

"Who was the first person that you ever made love to?"

"My high school sweetheart." Dad replied, still staring at my sister.

"Earth to Dad, it's your turn," I prodded after a few moments of silence on his part.

"My turn? Oh yeah," Dad said his voice a bit husky. "Truth or dare, Moppet?"


"Well, I can't have your sister sitting over there by herself. Off with the shorts, please," he instructed as he placed a pillow on his lap. Evidently seeing his daughters sans shorts was exciting to him. Standing up, I took off my shorts.

"Your turn, Dad. Truth or dare?"

"Dare, I guess. Lord, only knows what other questions that sharp mind of yours would come up with," Dad sighed.

"Fine. I want you to strip down to your boxers," I said sweetly. I knew this would be a challenge for my dad, a man that had always abided by the rules. "Come on, Dad. You won't be showing anymore than you would be if you were in your swimsuit."

Dad slowly stood. Then he proceeded to take off his clothes. I could tell the nervousness was back as he paused at the button of his jeans. After a moment of what I was sure was an internal debate with himself he unbuttoned his jeans and took them off. I did notice that when he sat back down he didn't cover his groin again with the pillow again.

"Truth or dare, Sis?" Tonya asked breaking into my thoughts.

"Truth," I answered absently.

"I want you to tell Daddy about the dare that Connie made me do to Ethan." My eyes widened in surprise. Now this was a new twist! I never would have dreamed that she would ask me to tell Dad one of her secrets.

"The last time that we played Truth or Dare with Connie, her older brother joined in. One of the dares that Connie gave her was to touch Ethan's cock." I explained, watching for Dad's reaction. He swallowed a couple of times before finally nodding. I could tell that this game was really starting to get to him.

"Truth or dare, Tonya?" Dad asked her.

"Dare, Daddy."

"Good. I want you to take your shirt off and put a piece of ice on each of your nipples," he growled.

"Yes, Daddy," she said happily. She whipped the shirt over her head and reached into the ice tray for two pieces of ice. I winced as I watched her shove them down her bra.

"Truth or dare, Dad?" I asked, hoping this time he would take a truth. There was a question I wanted to ask him.

"Truth. I don't want to end up naked," he joked.

"When you masturbate, who do you think about? A famous actress or us?" I knew my question was rather daring but I wanted to see if Dad would admit that he was attracted to us. For a moment he just stared at me.

"That's quite the question. Maybe I would have been better off with the dare."

"Answer it, please, Daddy." Tonya begged.

"Lord, help me." Dad groaned, "I've thought about you both while I've jerked off."

"Truth or dare, Daddy?" Tonya asked him

"Hey is this 'Pick on Dad' night?" Dad joked. I knew my father well. The more nervous or excited he got the more he joked around. Now the only question was, was he nervous or excited?

"It's her choice, Dad," I reminded him.

"Truth." he groaned.

"Do you want to fool around with us?" she whispered so softly that I had to strain to hear her.

"What!" he gasped, obviously shocked at the idea.

"I would let you," Tonya added. Dad laid his head back on the back of the couch, fighting with himself. Finally he looked directly at us.

"Yes." he whispered then he straightened. When he looked at me, I realized that I was going to get to see another side of my dad. He must have decided to quit worrying about the fact that we were his daughters.

"Alright, Moppet. It's time to get serious. Truth or dare?" he asked as he leaned forward on the couch.

"Dare," I replied.

"I want to touch your breasts. Can I?" he asked, desire and hesitation showing in his blue eyes.

"Yes," I told him. Even though he was our father, I had often wondered what it would feel like. He got up off the couch and crouched down next to me.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Go ahead," I assured him. He gently squeezed my breast with his calloused hands, lifting them, testing their weight. I noticed that even my dad's large hands, could not contain my breasts. I gasped in pleasure at his touch.

"They're beautiful. Thank you." Dad said as he sat back down.

"Okay, sis. Truth or dare?" I asked.

"Dare," came her standard response.

"I want you to go to Dad and touch him where ever he tells you to."

My sister crawled across the floor to where Dad was sitting, his legs spread apart. He was no longer hiding the fact that his two teen-aged daughters had gotten him hard.

"Here," he ordered my sister, taking her hand and placing it on his hard cock. That was my father. Straight and to the point once he decided on something. With a quick nod, my sister began rubbing him through the cloth of his boxers. He stopped her for a moment and pushed his boxers down, freeing his erection. In my eighteen years, it was one of the largest I have ever seen. It stood tall and proud, precum covering the moist tip. My sister never hesitated. She took his aching prick in her soft hands and slowly rubbed up and down the shaft as my father instructed her on how to hold him and rub him.

I noticed that my sister was staring at his throbbing cock, like it was the last piece of pie and she was starving. But I knew from experience that she wouldn't do any further until my father ordered her. I watched in envy as she continued to stroke him. I wanted to be the one doing that.

"It's your turn, Tonya. Why not ask Moppet. She might want to join in," Dad pointed out. She nodded her head in agreement.

"Truth or dare?" she asked me.

"Dare, I guess," I replied.

"Good. Get your ass over her, Moppet. I want you to feel your sister up," he told me. Standing up, I walked over to Dad. I refused to crawl over like my sister had. I was not the submissive type. Sitting down next to my sister, I ran my hands over her bottom and back. When she sighed softly, I knew that she was enjoying my touch. It wasn't the first time that I had touched my sister. I knew what she enjoyed and didn't mind doing it.

"That's it, Moppet, I want you to play with your sister's tits. You obviously know what gets her all hot and bothered. So do it," he groaned. He leaned his head back as my sister continued to stroke his cock.

Leaning over my sister, I pressed the ice that she had put in her bra against her nipples Using my fingers, I rubbed the ice back and forth across her nipples, soliciting a moan from my sister. After a few moments of that, I reached into her damp bra, and pulled the ice out of her bra.

"Open," I ordered her, and shoved the ice into her unprotesting mouth. Then dipping my hands back into her bra, I played with her small breasts and hard nipples. Looking back up at Dad, I realized that he was now watching me caress her. "Truth or dare?" Dad asked me.

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