The Beauty and the King

turku-piter Porn

by Obsessive_Lesbian

Copyright© 2008 by Obsessive_Lesbian

Erotica Sex Story: Carol King was the lesbian who used to pass as a man. Big Bro procured call girls for her every week. One night, however, he demanded a raise in his commission for obtaining the call girls as her sexual partners. Carol reluctantly made the deal with him before taking Dee as her girlfriend for 72. The prolonged GFE session turned out to be a momentous opportunity for both the girls to accept each other as life partners.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa Consensual Romantic Lesbian BiSexual CrossDressing Oral Sex Petting Sex Toys Squirting Size Big Breasts Slow Prostitution .

Cast of Characters:

Title Characters:

Carol Maxine King AKA Carlos Maxwell King: A gynephilic cross-dresser

Darlene Faye Roosevelt AKA Dee: An alluring and shapely call girl

Minor Characters:

Blonde and redhead: A couple of beautiful lesbians

Jack Steel AKA Big Bro: A piggish bar owner

Viktor Thorpe: A club disc jockey

Sienna Kurtis: A call girl and Darlene's friend

Naomi Jolene Rivers AKA busty barmaid: An enticing barmaid employed at Jack Steel's Bar

Amy: Employed as housemaid by Carol

Bonnie Yáñez: Carol's ex-girlfriend

Jerome Arnold Wilkins: Proprietor of Filly & Dove Studios

Ruth Marlene Wilkins: Jerome's sister and an instructor at Finart Reflections LLC

Carol King stood at the open window of her luxury bedroom. Looking up, she watched the sparse clouds on the horizon. The orange tint of sunlight melded beautifully with the blue sky. Birds were soaring up and diving down, clearly enjoying their flight in the cold sea air. She smiled and turned her grey eyes. People of different races and countries thronged the beach. The majority of them were couples and they sat, chatted, ate, or took casual strolls on the sand. Children played ball with their families. Boys flaunted their stout and muscular bodies in swimming shorts. Girls, dressed in figure-hugging swimsuits, either accompanied the boys or got together for building sand castles.

Carol gazed around and a couple of girls caught her attention. One of them was a blonde who looked extremely seductive in hot pink bikini. Her companion was a beautiful redhead, whose green one-piece swimsuit befitted her voluptuous figure. She stood behind the blonde, hugging her affectionately.

Appraising the hotties, Carol licked her lips and she knew they were lesbians. The blonde held the binoculars to her eyes for birdwatching. She let the redhead fondle her thighs, stomach, and tits. Receiving a shower of pecks on her shoulder and neck, she turned her head to the redhead and smiled dreamily. The next instant, their lips were locked in a passionate kiss.

Carol grinned as the blonde turned around and embraced the redhead before kissing her again. "What a sight," she spoke to herself. "They are too preoccupied in love to elude unwanted attention. Doing something bold is good, but doing something out of ordinary is the real thrill."

She laughed, turned her head to look at the bed, and added, "Yes! They are enjoying the ambiance that the beach is providing them, but I have a special way to pursue my deepest desire."

Fixing her eyes on the golden bed sheet, she recalled the erotic episode that happened last Saturday night.

They met at Jack Steel's bar. Carol could not resist an urge to whistle as she looked at her.

Unlike other call girls, she had put on the light makeup and braided her blonde hair into a graceful long plait. The wide-set brown eyes and full mouth were the charismatic features of her diamond-shaped face. She was dressed in a leopard print mini dress, which accentuated her shapely curves and exposed significant amount of her cleavage.

Jack had already told her about a man named Carlos, and that he would be waiting for her in the far left corner. Hence, she could find her client instantly after entering the bar. Swaying her hips, she walked over to the table where a young chap was sitting. He was lanky, smooth-skinned, and handsome. The elegant black suit with white tie, pencil mustache, thick eyebrows, and a fedora buttressed his good looks. However, his deep-set eyes had a lasting impression on her. Meeting his cold piercing stare, she shivered inwardly.

Carlos leaned back and pointed to the chair at her right. As she sat down, he summoned the busty barmaid and ordered the black spiced rum. The barmaid returned to their table when DJ Viktor began playing a downtempo chill out track. After serving the drink, she turned around and departed.

Looking fixedly at the call girl, Carlos took his glass. A feeling of uneasiness swept through her but she forced a smile and followed his example. He finished his drink in silence, set the glass down, and asked her what her name was. When she told him that her name was Sienna Kurtis, he laughed. She felt irritated, but instantly kept her temper; reproaching a client, for any reason, would surely ruin her business.

She finished her drink; Carlos picked up the tab, got on his feet, and took her by the arm as she rose. They walked out of the bar, and he led her to his Honda Civic LX Sedan. In approximately twenty minutes, they reached his home.

After entering the bedroom, Carlos took his fedora and jacket off. Sienna noticed that his hair was black, short, and spiky. Then her eyes fell on the bulge in his pants and her lips curved into a smile. He observed her expression, smirked, approached her, and placed his hands on her back. She gasped as he pulled her for a passionate kiss. Keeping his lips locked with hers, he unzipped her dress and yanked it down her body.

Without getting nude himself, Carlos removed her undergarments and led her to bed. She lay down and took him in her arms as he hovered above her. They kissed each other until he resolved to make an erotic tour of her voluptuous body.

He kissed her cheeks, eyes, mouth, and chin. Flicking his tongue on her neck and chest, he nuzzled into her cleavage and licked under her full tits. She closed her eyes and fingered his hair as he grabbed the juicy pair, and went on with sucking her light brown nipples until they stood out. Then he showered her flat stomach with a trail of kisses and lingered at her crotch. She splayed her legs, letting him suck and lick her pussy lips. Caressing and kissing her legs, he went down to her feet. After sucking her toes, he rolled her over. His tongue trekked up her body, elevating her desire. Moving slowly but expertly, he licked each leg and paused at her big ass cheeks. Parting them open, he licked along their insides and teased her chocolate starfish. Sienna gave a start as he spanked her, then kissed the red marks on her booty, and licked up her spine. Lying close-eyed under him, she laughed and felt his wet lips on her left earlobe.

Instantly, Carlos told her to roll over and lie on her back. She obeyed and watched him as he shifted his position, knelt between her legs, and rose up. Keeping his eyes fixed on her, he undid his pants and then the jockstrap. Sienna's eyes fell on his crotch, and then she gasped. There was no sign of the cock between his legs. Instead, he had a hairy pussy. She looked up, gaping at her client's mustached face; Carlos was actually a woman, just like her!

Carol laughed at the stunned look on Sienna's face. She bent down promptly, touched her thighs, and splayed her legs.

Sienna hissed as something wet flicked on her inflamed twat. Then a soft thing captured her clit, holding it in suction. Soon, her cunt walls quivered and stomach muscles contracted for the pleasure that brimmed her vitals. She sighed and closed her eyes delightedly; the cross-dresser was licking and sucking her so well.

Carol released her hood, licked down to her vaganus, moved up, and took her clit again. Sienna emitted a low, guttural moan. She reached down, grabbed her lesbian client's head, and pushed it against her twat.

Carol kept up the good work, pleasuring her to the swift plateau. Sienna yelped and shuddered as she squirted profusely on her face. Feeling the loss of vitality, she lay spread-eagled and let Carol lick her spent pussy.

After a while, Carol embarked on licking her stomach and sucking her tits. Sienna gazed into her eyes, smiled broadly, and took her mouth in a French kiss. Perceiving the contented look on her face, Carol moved to her right and fished out a 7" strap-on from the nightstand.

Sienna stared desirously at the curved and polished dildo. She trembled with anticipation; Carol strapped the harness to her hips and groins, and knelt between her legs.

Sienna bit her lip as Carol's pink shaft parted her pussy lips and glided into her love canal. The glans slid against her G-spot and hit her womb. She moaned and hugged her client lustfully.

Carol pulled her hips back and drove the shaft down Sienna's cunt. Building her pace up, she went on with fucking her. The harness hit her own pussy, bringing her to climax before Sienna could cum once again.

They spent the rest of the night making love. For Carol, hiring call girls as her girlfriends and fucking them in her bedroom was a weekly venture. For Sienna, Carol was an extraordinary client. Inwardly, she admired the cross-dresser for her vim and vigor. Men were not as loving in bed as she was. The way she led her to the heights of lesbian passion was truly amazing.

At the crack of dawn, Carol fell asleep in Sienna's arms; she had snuggled her head against her bust. A sweet slumber ensconced the call girl as well, and she woke in the noon. Carol was already up and dressed in her masculine outfit. With an air of indifference, she pointed to a nightstand. Following her gesture, Sienna looked around; an endorsed check lay there. She sighed, put her mini dress on, took the check, and departed.

A loud ambulance siren wailed past her window. Carol gave a start and looked out. People still sat on the sand or participated in the recreational activities. The redhead and her fair-haired girlfriend were nowhere on the beach. "Perhaps they are gone," she told herself.

Carol turned to the dressing table, placed her hands on her waist, and appraised her reflection in the mirror. Her lips curved into a smile. She had dressed herself in a men's solid blue shirt, pinstripe navy blue pants, and a leather belt. It was nearly impossible for anybody to clock her as a cross-dresser; a pair of control-top pantyhose that bound her small bust, a silicone packer that made a bulge in her pants, the crepe hair gummed into a pencil mustache and thick eyebrows, and the black hair groomed in M pattern receding style utterly masked her femininity.

"Mmm ... you look handsome Mr. King," she spoke to her reflection. "Tonight you'll be taking the same delicacy."

Beaming at the mirror, Carol gave herself the thumbs up and turned around. She walked out of her home, got into her sedan, and headed for the bar.

After twenty minutes, she parked the car beside a large trash can and looked to her left. There was a well-worn neon sign with blinking orange lights. It was emblazoned with the rusty sculpture of a nude girl; her legs were entwined around the stem of a cocktail glass, and one hand grasped its rim. To the immediate left of the girl and glass, weathered wording appeared in white enamel.



Carol cut the engine off, got out of her car, and walked toward the building. Stepping inside, she heard the punk rock guitar-backing track. 'So he's here, ' she inferred and approached the counter.

Naomi, the busty barmaid, greeted her with a broad grin. She was dressed in a cropped peasant top, cherry red garter miniskirt with attached apron, white thigh highs, and black heels.

Staring at her lustfully, Carol whistled. "Wow! You've got me hooked baby," She quipped, keeping the pitch of her voice low.

Naomi laughed and the curly brown hair stirred around her shoulders. "I knew you'd love my dress," she said.

"Cause it is too short to hide your assets," Carol said, grabbing Naomi by her arms. She pulled her close and pecked her on mouth.

The barmaid put her hands on Carol's chest and pushed her playfully. "Oh no Carlos, don't forget," she said. "I can't kiss you back."

"Yeah, I know. Big Bro is here already."

Naomi nodded, and rolled her eyes to right. Carol turned her head. Jack, an elegantly dressed bald man with a porky face, sat near the counter; he was drumming the table to music.

'He looks quite happy, ' she thought, 'but why?'

"He wants to have a word with you," Naomi told her.

"I see," Carol said, and she walked over to Jack's table. Occupying a chair opposite him, she said, "Hey Big Bro! What's up?"

Jack looked at her and grinned. "CARLOS, my boy, I was expectin' ya," he spoke.

"Oh, really! What can I do for you?"

"Lemme ask ya first," he said. "What will ya like to drink?"

"Holy crap, you don't seem like yourself tonight!"

"Hum-why'd ya say this?"

"Cause I've never seen you so welcoming. Ah, don't tell me! You've just fucked the busty barmaid, haven't you?"

Jack laughed.

"Tell her to bring the appletini," Carol said.

"Ha! That's a good one," he said and motioned the barmaid to his table.

Naomi approached them, took the drink order, and returned to the counter. Then she chilled a couple of cocktail glasses with ice, mixed the apple-flavored vodka with apple schnapps and apple cider in a shaker, removed the ice chunks, and strained the concoction out to fill the glasses. After garnishing the rim of each glass with a wedge of apple, she took the drink and walked back to Jack's table. While serving it, she cast a sidelong glance at Carol who looked apparently uninterested in her. Sighing dolefully, she turned around and departed to entertain other patrons.

Jack took a few draughts and said, "Before ya came, I thought ya wouldn't show up 'til this track was over."

Carol grinned. "You can still enjoy listening to punk rock, and dance with your girlfriend if she is here," she said, sipping her drink.

"It's the BUSINESS I'm talkin' about."

"Why? I don't think we should revise the terms of our deal."

"There's somethin' ya'll be pleased to hear."

Carol frowned, "Be specific Big Bro! Don't drop the hints," she said.

"From now on, ya can hire a gal-fer longer sessions."

"Cool! How long will each session last?"

"Three nights," he said.

"Hah! That will be a drag having one girlfriend for 72," she said coldly.

"D'ya want more gals? No problem! Jus' pay more than ya do'n have fun."

"I know, but prolonging the GFE session sounds a worthless idea to me."

"Yeah, right! If I were ya, I would ne'er say NO to this."

"An affordable proposition is always important, Big Bro! Your offer seems much too dear for my pocketbook."

Jack chuckled, "Ya're talkin' like a moron," he said. "It won't cost ya dear, but fair!"

Carol thought for a while and said, "Ok, shoot!"

"Good! I knew ya would change yer mind. Take a gal fer three nights'n don't rush dismissin' her. In return, I'll get a 10% raise."

"A 10% raise," she exclaimed, "but you've already agreed upon getting a 20% per each transaction."

Jack smirked. "That was ages ago," he said. "If ya make shady dealings'n secure yer associates from any exposure but yer expenses go on risin', what will ya do?"

Carol was about to rejoin him but the bar owner averted his eyes to the doorway. "Aha! Here comes some eye candy," he said excitedly.

Almost impulsively, Carol turned her head and followed his gaze to see who had lightened him up. Her eyes fell on an alluring newcomer and she exclaimed, "Wow!"

That newcomer was a well-endowed girl in her mid-twenties. An open side chunky chain gown boldly accentuated her juicy curves. It snugly covered her tits, stomach, and big booty. The velvet material undulated, partly exposing her silky legs as she walked. The cream heels she wore looked contrasting against her midnight blue dress. Some patrons oohed and aahed at her, and a man bawled, "Heya bitch, wanna fuck'n cum wit me?"

The girl paid them no heed, walked toward the counter, and said something to Naomi. In return, the barmaid motioned her to Jack's table. "So she's askin' about me," he spoke in undertone.

Turning calmly to left, she approached the table and stopped behind an unoccupied chair. Carol appraised her with fascination. The smoothness and warmth reflected on her olive skin; it gave her heart-shaped face a subtle tanned glow. Her deep-set hazel eyes looked smoky, and the delicate rouge made her pouty lips shiny and inviting. The sleek golden brown hair, groomed in gentle layers and graceful curls, cascaded down her back.

Carol's pussy twitched as she ogled at her huge bust, slim waist, and wide hips. For a brief moment, they looked directly at each other. The girl smiled instantly, and Carol could perceive a strange glint in her eyes.

"Big Bro," the girl spoke to Jack. Her voice sounded sweet.

"Yeah, that's me," he replied.

"I'm Dee. We talked on phone a couple of days ago."

Jack smiled broadly. "Ya jus' got here in time," he said. "Welcome to my bar! Take yer seat'n feel at home." As she sat down, he added, "Better soak yer tongue'n we'll talk."

Dee nodded and told him to order a glass of black spiced rum. Carol stared at her and frowned. She had enjoyed the very liquor with Sienna before eating her out. What she liked about the blonde was her enduring servitude and a very high sexual drive. After paying her for an overnight session, she called Jack and asked him whether the call girl could be hired again. Without beating around the bush, he agreed to procure Sienna for her.

Naomi brought the drink for Dee. Carol noticed with pure amusement that the barmaid looked peevish. She turned her eyes to Jack, 'So the sugar daddy will go out with a new girl, ' she reflected.

Naomi spun on the ball of her foot and went back to the counter. Dee took a few draughts of the spiced rum and set her glass down. Carol finished her drink; she smacked her lips and sighed. "Well Big Bro," she said. "I'm expecting a friend. If you don't mind, I'll move to another table."

"Nope! Ya ain't goin' anywhere without settlin' our deal."

"Have you lost your marbles? This was supposed to be a confidential matter."

"The friend ya want to see won't come here. Ya can settle everythin' before her," Jack said, gesticulating at Dee.

"Give me a break! Are you telling me that you never called her to come? You can't cast off your commitment. Abide by the deal we made last time, and don't act like a low-life disrespectful thug. Your reputation is better than that, Big Bro!"

"Who told ya I did that? I called her but she refused some nights ago."


"He is right, Mr. King," Dee said, placing her hand on Carol's.

The soft feel of Dee's hand electrified every nerve in her skin. She shuddered right away, and looked at her.

Dee smiled warmly and said, "Sienna won't come here. She has to consult the gynecologist tonight."

"So this doll's here to fill the gap'n serve ya fer three nights," Jack added.

"I see," Carol replied him without taking her eyes off the call girl, and then she addressed her sharply, "You've just said her name. How did you know I was speaking about her?"

"She is my friend," Dee said. "Big Bro talked to her about you, and she agreed to come here; but some ailment kept her from doing so. Hence, she told me to settle things with him."

"Then she must have confided something MORE to you."

Dee's face fell, and she looked at Jack.

"Somethin' more, ya say! Nope," he broke in. "I told her yer name'n the terms of our deal."

"Oh, yeah! I forgot that," Carol said. "It is your first meeting with her, isn't it?"

"Ya're right. I ne'er knew this doll 'til she phoned, told me what her name was'n what time she'll be comin' to my bar."

Carol smirked. 'Perhaps Sienna has told him a bit much about her substitute, ' she deduced, 'or else he has no reason to procure Dee for longer sessions.'

The bar owner speculated on Carol's smug countenance, and said testily, "Let's get back to business, shall we? I reckon ya got the answers to all issues in yer head but don't wanna fool away the whole night. Plainly speakin', ya take gals'n I'll have my 10% raise! Deal or no deal?"

Carol thought of arguing against his proposition but Dee squeezed her hand right away. In return, she gazed at her and perceived an anxious look on her beautiful face. 'That's strange, ' she thought, and "Deal" was the only word she could utter at the moment.

Jack laughed triumphantly. "Bravo, my boy! Ya've made a 1-up," he said. "It ne'er lets ya go empty-handed."

Carol scowled at him. "You are always good at playing games and lining your pockets," she said sharply and stood up. Dee followed her example, leaving her glass half-empty.

"Ya jus' agreed on my offer, haven't ya?"

"Pick up the tab for us," she said, holding Dee by her left wrist and turned to leave the bar.

Carol's grip constricted on Dee's wrist as she led her to the doorway; "Wretched pig," she muttered angrily.

"Ah! Be gentle Mr. King. You're hurting me," Dee chided.

Carol stopped in her tracks, stared at Dee, and let her wrist go.

Dee beamed. "Don't forget! I'm your girlfriend for 72," she said. "We should walk like lovers." Moving her arm, she intertwined it with Carol's.

"Yeah, thanks for reminding me. Let's get out of here," Carol retorted.

"By all means," Dee said salaciously.

As they turned to go out, DJ Viktor began playing the upbeat single Kylie.

"You know, I love this song," Dee said.

"Impressive," Carol said. "I love it too."

"Wow, that's amazing!"

"French Kiss With Kylie was Akcent's best debut album. Their songs always lift your spirits! As you listen to them, you can't hold back an urge to dance."

"Mmm ... yes! It's a pity we can't dance here."

Carol looked into her gleaming eyes. The very first idea that entered her mind was her own desire to dance. She smiled instantly and said, "Why, of course we can!"


"Come on, baby," Carol said and spun around. Dee followed, walking swiftly to the dance floor.

Jack laughed at their speedy gait. "Hey Carlos," he shouted. "Are ya gonna dance'n fuck here all night?"

Ignoring his remark, Carol flung an arm around Dee's waist and pulled her into a tight embrace. Dee gasped and looked into her eyes. They heard the lyrics.

Baby, you're the one that melts my heart

I swear I'm not lying

Dee laughed and hugged her client, whose hand roamed secretly on her bare back; for a brief moment, she felt something hard that pressed against her mons. They danced as the singer intensified his intonation. Patrons yelled enthusiastically, and some couples gathered around to join them on the floor.

The duo swayed and turned rhythmically to the song. Their bodies touched, time and time again, creating a sexual energy between them. The packer hit Carol's pussy, and the heat from Dee's body inflamed her cunt. The singer vocalized,

You drive me crazy

You slowly drive me crazy

Think about you baby

Can't get you out of my mind

I should be lucky

I should be so lucky

I should be lucky to sleep with you tonight.

With Dee's arms snaked around Carol's, the duo exchanged tender hugs. Resisting an urge to kiss each other, they continued dancing. As the song ended, they left the bar; walking hand in hand, they approached the spot where Carol had parked her sedan.

"Wow, so this is your car," Dee spoke in fascination.


"It's beautiful," she said and raised her hand. Caressing Carol's face, she asked lewdly, "Are you going to do me on the backseat now?"

"Do you think it was me who played Kylie for you? Just get in the car and we'll be off in no time!"

Dee grinned as she walked around; she opened the car door and got in. Carol took the driver's seat and the doors shut. They sped off into the night.

Carol pulled up the car as she reached her destination. "We're home," she declared.

Dee got out first. Staring at the luxury house, she clasped her hands together with glee. Carol moved closer and put an arm round her. They entered the building, walked past the living room, and climbed the stairs.

"Baby, I knew you'd love my home," Carol said.

"Mmm ... yes! Everything looks so fancy and furnished."

"Amy is an efficient housemaid and a good girl. She knows her stuff."

"Does she live here?"

"Never mind, she won't disturb us!"

Dee laughed. "Big Bro told me your house is located on the seaside," she said.

"That's right! I love the beach and the ambience that it provides. You'd always watch people coming from far and near, and having lots of fun in the salty sea air."

"Hum-I'm with you!"

They went directly to a polished oak door. Carol opened it and motioned Dee to enter. Following her, she closed the door and said, "This is my bedroom."

Dee looked around. A couple of wall lights dimly illuminated the room. An elegant queen-size bed stood with nightstands; a mirror and some paintings hung over its headboard. To the right, a venetian blind covered the only sliding window.

"It's ... it's very romantic and cozy," she said.

"Let me show you the beach."


They walked over to the window. Carol lifted the blind slats before opening it. Standing beside her, Dee watched the rising and falling tides. She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes as a cold draught from the sea caressed her face.

Carol stared at her in awe; Dee looked like a celestial creature in the dim light as the air currents stirred her tresses. Capitulating to an urge, she slipped behind her and began fondling her bare skin.

Carol's fingers delicately tickled her hips and waist. Brushing the golden brown hair across her back, she unknotted the halter ties and lustfully kissed her between the shoulder blades.

Dee trembled and laughed dreamily as she felt a love bite on her earlobe. Carol cast her halter straps aside and grabbed her by the arms; she made her spin, and pushed her against the wall. The top of Dee's dress cascaded from her tits, revealing them to Carol's ravenous eyes.

Carol grabbed her juicy melons and squeezed them playfully. Without further ado, she nuzzled into her cleavage and tweaked her dark olive nipples. Then she blew on her neck and kissed her cheek lightly.

Dee closed her eyes again; Carol's wet lips pressed against her half-open mouth. She moaned and embraced the cross-dresser lovingly.

The amorous bliss overwhelmed them with heat and hunger. Carol gave her an ardent French kiss, and continued pulling her tits. In return, Dee clutched her shirt and wrenched it.

After a while, they broke their kiss. Dee's tits jut out as she moved her head and strained her torso. Licking her own lips, Carol bent forward and opened them to take one nipple.

"Aah ... mmm ... mmm..." Dee moaned, feeling the pressure on her sensitive areola. Carol's lips glided over her supple flesh. She sucked it hard, and held a mouthful before releasing it slowly. Then she paid her attention to its counterpart. Drawing in her cheeks, she went on with sucking her boob until it slipped out.

Dee raised her arms up above her head and let Carol suck her tits passionately. She sighed as Carol's tongue twirled on her erogenous nubs and tickled them to hardness.

Carol kissed her melons all over and resumed sucking her nipples. While doing so, she groped with her dress and peeled it down her hips.

Dee opened her eyes as Carol whispered, "I want to taste your pussy."

'Please do, ' she implored inwardly. Standing still, she let Carol kneel down and touch her crotch. Instantly, she heard her voice, "Hum-I like those girls who wear no undies to hide their assets. Now raise your leg, baby!"

Stepping from the velvet material that had fallen at her feet, Dee obeyed and set her right foot on the nightstand. She felt Carol's hands on her stomach and left thigh, and then a kiss on her bald pussy.

Carol kept her mouth glued to Dee's twat. Then she opened it, licked her swollen pussy lips deliberately, and moved up to capture her hood.

Dee convulsed as the pleasure hit her senses; Carol's lips were closed on her engorged clit. She knew her client was sucking it with relish.

Carol shook her head while holding the ultra sensitive morsel in her mouth; it throbbed against her lips and tongue. Sucking it hard, she clawed at her thighs.

"Aah ... aah ... mmm ... right there ... yess ... yess ... right there..." Dee chanted, spurring her on to keep up the good work.

Carol released her clit in a smacker. She took it again, and squeezed her soft ass cheeks. Dee yelped receiving a spank, and then she convulsed; the titillating feel of Carol's fingers on her butt crack was extremely delightful.

After giving Dee a few spanks, Carol let her clit go and licked her dripping pussy. 'Yes she's ready but I'll fuck her without exposing my crotch tonight, ' she thought, tasting the moisture that seeped out of her cunt. Resolving to act upon the idea, she moved a hand between Dee's thighs and located her asshole.

Dee uttered a throaty moan; something hard probed her slick entrance. She reached down, grabbed Carol's head, and pushed it against her pussy.

Carol coated her finger with Dee's juices, penetrated her asshole, lubed her rectum, and felt the spasmodic contraction of o ring around her major knuckle. At the same time, she continued sucking her clit.

Dee squealed; Carol's mouth and hand were setting her ablaze. The passionate sucking and fucking actions electrified every nerve in her cunt. She reached her plateau in no time. Copious amounts of creamy juices flooded her love canal and she cummed, shuddering all over to the utmost lust.

Carol felt the wetness on her chin, and she pressed her lips against Dee's pussy. Sucking her cum avidly, she drank it; some love juice dribbled from the corners of her mouth.

Dee moved her leg down to keep her balance. Carol clutched her thighs and licked her cum off them. "Boy, I love her taste," she judged.

'Sienna was right, ' Dee inferred. 'Carlos is a lot better than the guys I've entertained. No one has ever pleasured me that much!'

Carol looked up suddenly. "Baby, let me eat your cunt again. You know I'm still hungry," she told her.

"Wow," Dee spoke in undertone. Following Carol's gesture, she walked toward the bed and sat on its edge.

"VERY GOOD," Carol made a hearty comment. She rose, approached her, and added, "Lie down!"

Dee lay on her back. Carol knelt before her and splayed her toned legs.

Dee sighed as she felt Carol's mouth and tongue on her quivering pussy lips. Grabbing her own tits, she closed her eyes. The pleasure soon built up, driving her into ecstasy. "Ooh yes ... yes ... do me on your bed, Carlos! I'm yours," she murmured.

Carol woke up after about 1 p.m. She blinked mindlessly at Dee's bare back and messy hair. Coming to her senses in a while, she smiled faintly and recalled the overnight necking session they went through. She pleasured Dee without removing her own clothes or using the strap-on. The call girl had smooth skin and supple flesh; she enjoyed kissing her from head to toe, sucking her nipples, licking her asshole, and eating her cunt.

Carol reached her symmetrical ass cheeks and caressed them tenderly. Dee showed no reaction to her touch; she lay fast asleep.

"Perhaps she's still exhausted for cumming so much," she remarked and got out of bed. Standing before the dressing table, she looked heedlessly at her reflection in the mirror; her eyes flew open as she noticed the unbuttoned shirt, unzipped pants, and partly revealed undergarments.

Carol touched her crotch and felt the bulge in her jockstrap. Frowning instantly, she clutched the opening of her shirt. There were delicate lipstick marks on her cheeks, forehead, and neck. She looked again at the sleeping beauty and speculated, 'Why, I didn't plan doing this! Does she know I am not a man?'

On the second thought, Carol shook her head and grinned. She walked round the bed, opened the wardrobe, chose a dark purple shirt and black pants, and rushed to the bathroom.

After taking a shower bath, she got dressed and came out. Dee was already up; she rolled on her back, batted her eyelashes, and smiled. "Good morning," she greeted her.

"You'd better say good afternoon," Carol said curtly.

Dee gasped and sat up promptly. "Gosh, we've missed the morning," she said.

"It doesn't matter," Carol rejoined. "After cumming all night long, the first thing that rejuvenates you is the deep slumber."

Dee laughed. "Ooh, yes! I can feel that," she said lasciviously, and moved a hand between her thighs.

Carol smirked. "Not so fast, baby! Just take a bath and get dressed," she said.

"Aw," Dee exclaimed.

"You are still my girlfriend, SILLY. Today we'll go out and have fun."

"Ah, ok. That's a good idea," she said and looked to her left. The gown and heels lay willy-nilly on the floor. "How sweet of you! I really forgot my dress," she added.

"You won't be wearing it for a couple of days."

Dee stared at her. "WHAT," she spoke out. "Do you mean I should go out nude with you?"

For a brief moment, Dee's question rendered her speechless. Her voice quavered as she said, "Bo-Bonnie!"

Hearing the name, Dee frowned. She asked her right away, "Bonnie! Who's she?"

Carol pursed her lips and spun around. Approaching the wardrobe, she opened it again and fished out a black polka dot swing dress. "I want you to put this on," she said, and threw the material at her.

Dee caught it and said, "Erm ... ok."

The Amotropica Zoo was crowded as usual. People moved back and forth, chatting and laughing together. Children roamed around the vast green grounds with their parents. They rushed to the Interactive Fountain, frolicked in the refreshing water jets, bought animal-themed toys from the gift shops, and pointed joyously at the whistling ducks.

Dee hiked on the walking trails with Carol; she enjoyed the tropical setting of the zoo. The shrill cries of Bali Mynas, rhythmic chirping sounds of Black-naped Orioles, Sun Parakeets perching high in the trees, shelducks swimming in the ponds, and white-tailed deer foraging on the grass delighted them. Moreover, they observed various animals and birds confined within enclosures; there were bears, panthers, alligators, New Guinea Dingoes, kangaroos, howlers, tortoises, and eagles.

At three forty five, the duo stepped inside the Café Amotropica; it offered a good menu to revitalize the visitors who felt a bit tired. Hence, they ate hot dogs and drank cold coffee before leaving the zoo.

Carol spent some time driving around the city, and finally pulled up her sedan in a parking lot. She led Dee toward a white building, cast a sidelong glance at her, and asked, "Have you been here before?"

Dee looked up and exclaimed, "Wow! You like gambling, don't you?"

Carol smiled as she gazed at a large neon sign, featuring the blue sculpture of five aces. The cards lay unpacked, just above the red wording.



"Yes! I come here to play for stakes and often win a good amount of money," she answered.

"Mmm ... nice! Have you ever won something for the rest of your life?"

Carol laughed. "You know it never happens in gambling," she said.

"Yeah, it never happens when you just gamble."

Carol pushed the glass door open. They walked into the vestibule, entered the Big Hall, and stopped for a while to look around. The interior was well lit, elaborately furnished, and already crowded. People wisecracked with one another as they played poker, blackjack, and craps. The girls accompanied men who were enthusiastically placing bets at the roulette tables. Croupiers spun the wheels and balls in opposite directions. The winners cheered, got their prizes, and reveled with girls; conversely, the losers just scowled at them.

Carol grabbed Dee's hand and resumed walking. "We're gonna play against the house," she said, approaching the cashier cage.

"Don't you like to wager with other gamblers?"

"Yeah, but our evening may be spoiled if I beat a live opponent."

"Erm ... I don't get you."

"Some people are quite crazy. After losing their money in gambling, they threaten the winners and challenge them to fight. It's a common scenario here, and I don't want any trouble because I am dating you."

Dee raised her eyebrows. "Well, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness," she said.

Carol grinned. "The security measures are tight here," she added. "You have to play fair because no one can evade the hidden cameras."

Dee said nothing. To her amazement, Carol exchanged $100 for a bunch of token coins. Then they walked toward the carousel and occupied a couple of stools, which stood before the video slot machines.

Carol inserted a coin, and hit the red button as it blinked on the screen. Some dialogue boxes zoomed in, displaying various pictures and a pay table. "Aha," she said. "I can see Jessica Rabbit, Princess Jasmine, and Cinderella."

"So you will choose the princess, won't you?"

"No! I'll bet on Jessica."

"Humm ... suit yourself!"

Jessica batted her eyelashes as Carol touched her. Instantly, her pic magnified and five red arrows popped around her. Carol selected a lemon and a bell. All the pics zoomed out and simulated reels appeared with a confirmation dialogue box. She hit YES, and the reels got activated for a half-minute spin. One after the other, they slowed down and stopped. She stared at the screen and declared, "Ah! I lost the bet."

"You have to try again," Dee said.

"Yeah, I will," she said and resumed making different combinations with Jessica. However, she lost six consecutive games and spoke irritably, "Argh! What the fuck is going on?"

"Erm ... I'd rather bet on Jasmine if I were you," Dee remarked.

Carol stared at her and rejoined, "Do you think she'll be lucky for me?"

Dee shrugged her shoulders. "You can still use coins and keep on betting," she said.

Carol reset the machine and inserted a bronze coin. When Jasmine appeared on the screen, she selected her with a throbbing heart and a sparkling diamond. Activating the reels, she waited until they decelerated and stopped. The duo gaped right away at the enabled payline; with the appearance of three cakes and two hearts in a row, the machine announced four bonuses.

"Woohoo! I WON," Carol yelled.

Dee laughed.

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