turku-piter Porn

by Thesandman

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Incest Sex Story: A boys love for his grandmother surprises them both

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant Incest Son Grand Parent First Oral Sex Masturbation Petting Squirting Spitting Exhibitionism Voyeurism .

I was still in the process of looking for a summer job when word reached my parents that mom's mom, in other words, "Granny" had fallen and hurt her back. I'd finished high school, and though I'd earned a partial scholarship from having played football, it still wasn't near enough to allow me to attend even one of the local universities. My folks were in no financial condition to help much either, so my going was going to entirely depend on me earning and saving up enough money to do so.

When mom suggested to Granny that I should come up there and help her out for a few weeks, I was all for it. I always enjoyed visiting Granny, mainly because she was about the only person that didn't treat me like I was still a kid. If anything, it was almost the opposite, sometimes she forgot in many ways, I still was one.

And the other thing was, I had a very hard time thinking of her as "Granny," even though all my cousin's called her by that name. For me, it was a kind of a compromise, I called her Gran, which she accepted as being that perhaps. Though I was also the only one of her grandkids who did and got away with it. To everyone else it was simply "Granny".

And I think that was the other reason I couldn't call her that either. She just didn't look like any "Granny" I'd ever known or seen. Sure ... she wasn't some young glamour model or anything like that. And yes, she had a few streaks of grey in her shoulder length dark hair. But she was still damn attractive. To be perfectly honest and candid about it, in many ways, she looked younger than my mother did. Maybe it was the fact she still somehow managed to run a small little ranch all by herself that did it. Plenty of exercise for one thing, so she was never one to sit around. She had a few horses which all needed caring for, had a few chickens she raised, though mostly for the eggs and once in a while for butchering for herself. She grew a bit of corn, some hay and alfalfa, but mostly all for her own use, and for feeding the horses she kept there. Still, all in all for a single woman now working it alone, it was a lot of work.

My grandfather had died three years previous, and everyone automatically assumed "Granny" would end up selling the place. I was the only one who wasn't when she didn't. Deciding to work it all by herself, until she simply couldn't do it anymore. Which at the moment, didn't look like it would be anytime soon. The fact she had hurt her back was of concern however. Without help, she couldn't hope to take care of the place. And knowing her, back or no back, she'd do whatever it took to feed and water the animals, even if it killed her. So, needless to say, I was more than anxious to go up and stay with her at the ranch for a while, or for however long I was needed. It would give me a chance to get away from my parents who'd begun pressuring me to take "any job" as they saw it, though to me at the time, just taking a job to have a job wasn't the way to live either. But working for Granny, even if I wouldn't get paid for doing it, was the best job I could think of doing at the time.

Though the bus ride itself was long and boring, I had used the time to catch up on some much needed sleep. Before I knew it, the bus was pulling over, and as I looked up and out the window, I could see Gran waiting for me in her pickup at the top of the mile long dirt road leading back to the ranch. Grabbing my duffle bag, I half flew out of the bus and into her truck. The smile on her face told me she was just as excited to see me as I was in seeing her.

"Give your ole' Gran a kiss," she told me. And I did. Kissing Gran wasn't a hardship either. And as far back as I can remember, we'd always kissed on the lips, never just the cheek. And even kissing her on the lips wasn't one of those pucker up and smooch-noise kind of kisses either. She kissed. Which was something that always made me wonder what she might have been like when she was my age. Gran had soft sensual lips, and when she pressed them against yours, you knew you'd just been kissed by somebody that knew what the fuck they were doing. Which again ... made me wonder about a whole bunch of other things too.

Gran was also wearing what she usually always typically wore. At nearly sixty, if she wasn't already, though she'd never say, she wore a pair of Jeans and still looked damn good in them. In addition to that, she wore a man's shirt, though usually with the shirttail tied in a knot just beneath her breasts. And these too looked a hell of a lot better than on any other woman her age I'd ever seen. She wasn't overly large breasted, though they were certainly on the low end of that scale. And with one or two more buttons usually undone than most might think appropriate, especially for someone her age, she had great looking tits. I never failed to appreciate seeing the gentle swale of her breasts, those soft twin slopes that just sort of dove down inside her blouse. And though whatever bra she was wearing probably provided them with some much needed support, I had admittedly fantasized about Gran's tits even more than Julie Ann Mobley's, and she had the biggest set of tits in school!

"How's your folks?" she asked as she turned the pickup around and began heading back towards the ranch.

"Oh you know ... same ole' same ole'," I told her.

"Still bugging you about delivering pizza or some such?" she asked.

I laughed, "Yep. Can't understand why they can't accept the fact I don't want to do that, even if I'm trying to earn and save some money to try and finish school. Applied for a few minor construction jobs, but so far ... no luck." Gran smiled at that.

"Well, you're certainly strong enough, remind me a lot of your grandfather," she said. Granddad was indeed a strong bulky man, though he'd been working farms and ranches for years. He'd probably still be doing that too if a drunk driver hadn't plowed right into the front of his car on his way back from the city after picking up a few needed supplies. And that too had been hard on Gran, losing him, and now living off by herself on the ranch ever since. I couldn't even begin to try and imagine what that might be like.

The main lodge as Gran called it was big enough for the Walton Family. Which is why she had most if not all of the top floor pretty much closed up. She'd even moved her own bedroom back downstairs where it fed out onto the back porch where she very often slept during the summer time when it was so hot. The patio connected from there to the kitchen, and then on around to the other side of the house, sort of making it into a horseshoe where that same patio extended and connected on to some other downstairs rooms, which is where I would be sleeping. Basically, our rooms faced one another, separated and connected by that comfy patio which is where we basically spent most of our free time.

Directly out back from there was the pond. It was a naturally fed fairly good sized pond with several species of fish in it. Gran swam in it during the summer time almost daily. And during the winter, as kids, I remember drilling holes in the ice and fishing it right alongside my grandfather. With plenty of tall fur pines, asps and several other spruce trees about, it was about as rustic a place as you'd ever want to see, and I could understand why Gran wasn't ready to give it up. It was truly beautiful.

We'd enjoyed a nice simple dinner together, and were now sitting out on the back porch watching the sun go down. Gran had opened us a couple of beers, handing me one without even question. Though like I said before, she sometimes treated me more like I was a fully grown man rather than just coming into it. Though I did happen to like beer, something my own parents would never have allowed me to have at home.

I had noticed during the course of the evening that Gran did walk about a bit stiffly. It was obvious her back was hurting as she tended to favor herself. Something I wasn't at all used to seeing. And as such, I did most of the carrying of anything and everything there was to carry, rather than letting her do it, though most often she'd start out doing so without asking me to help, or even expecting me to. I knew then I'd have to keep a constant eye on her and do things for her before she did something to even more permanently injure herself.

I noticed as we sat there watching the sun just then disappearing that she was rubbing the back of her neck with her hand. "You know Gran, I've got some really good ointment with me, used it all the time when I was playing ball for all those aches and pains you get. How'd you like me to rub some of that into your back and shoulders for you?" I asked.

"Would you? Oh my Peter, that would feel heavenly I'm sure!" she said "Can't believe how sore this can get trying to hold my back and neck straight all of the time. The doctor told me he was half tempted to put me in a neck brace as it was, if I wasn't careful. So I've been trying to be, but it's still pretty damn sore!"

"No problem, happy to do it," I told her, and then raced back to my room for the ointment. Seeing no point in turning the light on, there was just enough light left that I could still see by, I emptied out the contents of my bag on the bed, spotting the ointment and picking it up. As I did, I glanced out the window of my room back across the patio to where Gran was still sitting. What I saw surprised me a little. She had undone the little knot in the front of her shirt. Taking off her blouse, she now sat there for a moment in nothing more than a white bra and her jeans. As I thought about it, it made perfect sense that she might. I mean after all, I was going to need to rub her back for her anyway, and the shirt would have been a real nuisance trying to do that with it on. But it was then that I watched her suddenly reach back behind herself, though not without wincing a little in order to do so, and unclasp her bra. I stood there, watching as it fell away. I watched then as she turned, hanging up the discarded garment on the back of the chair. Even at this distance I could see the fullness of her breasts, each capped by a rather large dark colored nipple. As she turned back around, she re-gathered up the shirt she'd been wearing and placed it over her chest, covering her boobs, holding it in place at her sides with her arms and sat waiting for me. I went through the side door straight out onto the patio rather than going back through the house the way I had come, now that the door was unlocked from the inside.

"Found it!" I said holding it up, though I now felt silly in doing so. Gran smiled still waiting for me.

"Thought this might make it easier for you," she said simply without an ounce of embarrassment in her tone of voice.

I put a dab of cream in my hands and immediately began applying that to Gran's neck and shoulders, slowly working my way down her back, though I was careful and easy in doing so, not wanting to further irritate or hurt her when I rubbed in the cream.

"That feels good," she told me as I continued rubbing it in, but now with the way she was sitting, I couldn't get to all of her back either.

"Um ... can you move over to the lounge chair or something so that I can finish putting this on?" I asked.

Gran nodded, and then stood, but it was obviously painful, especially as she tried doing so without using her own arms for support. Automatically, she reached out for my help as I stood there in front of her, and as she did, the blouse she'd been holding against herself came away, falling to the ground. Neither one of us reacted to it however, though my eyes were certainly and suddenly drawn towards her bare breasts, though it certainly hadn't been my intent. But neither did she suddenly make some awkward or embarrassed issue out of it either by trying to cover herself. Half laughing, after accepting my help as I placed my arm around her, accidentally brushing it against one, she looked up into my face.

"Guess by now you've probably seen more than your fair share of tits now anyway, so seeing this old ladies ain't exactly gonna upset you none now will it?"

There were a few things about that particular statement. Number one, I hadn't seen my fair share of women's tits yet. And most of those had only come from a few magazines. I was in fact about the only guy in school who probably hadn't seen Julie Ann Mobley's. And the only real pair of tits, not counting my own mothers that I'd once seen quite by accident, was my best friend's girl friends tits, which I'd gotten to see, only cause he'd dared her to show them to me ... which she did. And that in a nutshell was the sole history of my bare tit observations.

But the reality here was ... Gran had a nice looking pair of boobs!

I spent what was probably an inordinate amount of time softly rubbing the cream into her neck, shoulders and back. As I gingerly worked my hands up and down along her side, I got just a hint of the much softer flesh of her breasts, though she lay with her arms beneath herself effectively blocking me from doing anything more. She didn't seem to mind it however each time the tips of my fingers pressed into them, though I didn't allow them to linger any longer than a moment.

"Thank you," she said suddenly, alerting me to the fact that my back rub was over. I sat back as she did, though realizing as she did so she was waiting for my help. I took her hand in mine helping her to sit up, her own arms extended, giving me another lingering glance at her heavy breasts, though she soon stood. Even then, she didn't make any real effort to cover herself save for asking me to retrieve her blouse for her, which I did. "Well Peter, we have an early day ahead of us tomorrow," she told me. "So best we get some sleep." She had put her blouse back on, but had left it completely open. By now I was sitting down in one of the patio chairs again, and she leaned over giving me another one of her patented kisses on the lips. As she did, I kept my eyes open, saw her magnificent breasts swinging freely away from her ribcage, then back again as we finished the all too brief kiss. Gran then turned and headed over towards her bedroom. I sat only long enough to recover the slight dizziness I was now experiencing, and then stood, hard on and all, and walked in the opposite direction into my room.

I stood in my darkened bedroom looking out the window across the way. I was wide awake, though I figured morning would indeed come very early. It had always helped when I'd jerked myself off prior to going to sleep, and decided to do so now, especially with the bare-titty images I now held inside my head. Stripping off all my clothing I again walked back towards the window, well aware I couldn't be seen as I stood in the darkness stroking myself. It was while doing this that I saw the faintest of lights suddenly come on across the way in Gran's room. It was far too dim to see anything of course, especially at this distance, but I also knew from looking earlier that her window was open. Gran loved the sensation of fresh air coming into her room, and having realized that earlier, I knew then it would give me a clear look into her room if I was gutty enough to cross the short patio in order to peek in.

Why I was even thinking of doing such a thing I didn't know. What I thought I even expected to see didn't really cross my mind, though it was honestly my hope that I might again get another last quick peek at Gran's breasts, this time preferably in the light where I could see them more clearly than I had in the rapidly diminishing light outdoors.

Slipping out of my door, I quickly made a mad dash across the patio area reaching the far side of the courtyard in seconds. No one but Gran was there to see me, and only if she'd come to her window to purposely look out. So my being nude didn't really matter, though the feel of being so outside, and with the purpose I had in mind in doing so, leaving me with a very randy arousal.

I easily made the side of her window, though I stood taking a few moments to catch my breath. My heart likewise beating a thousand miles an hour, or so it seemed. Once I had calmed somewhat, only then did I dare to peek in around the side of the window into her room. As I'd imagined she was doing, she was. She was reading. Though what I hadn't imagined was the fact she was naked, lying on top of her bed while doing so. And though she was facing my way, the book was pulled up actually resting upon her upper chest, her full breasts fully exposed, though likewise supporting her book as she held it. But what had really caught my eye of course, though I quickly stepped back once again needing to catch my breath, was the quick sudden, surprised realization I had seen her very exposed pussy. Gran's dark, though obviously well trimmed thatch of pubic hair had drawn my eyes to it like beacon. I had at first glanced there, seeing it, then upwards towards her breast and the book, ensuring in that two second exposure that she wasn't then sitting in such a way that she'd have seen me. The danger however was, she could suddenly decide to lower the book, and then perhaps might. Or she might in turning the page, likewise look up and perhaps spot me then, though I was equally just as confident I would have moved prior to that at the first inclination she was about to.

I decided to risk yet another peek, doing so, looking at her again, pleased to see she hadn't moved, nothing had changed. I gave myself three seconds this time to look at her, taking longer to admire that dark patch between her legs as well as those wonderfully full mature breasts before ducking back away from the window. As I did, I only then realized I had taken my extremely hard prick in hand and was even then fondling myself. When I looked it again, it was just in time to see Gran turn the page in the book she was reading. She managed to do so without either raising, lowering, or adjusting her position in anyway. This at least gave me some measure of security in knowing she most likely wouldn't look up in my direction when the time came for her to do so again. But it was what happened now that surprised me the most. Gran suddenly bent her legs at the knee, though she kept the book in place on her chest, continuing to read it. The next thing I knew, which shocked me to some degree, was the sudden emergence of her hand down between her legs. I thought at first she was merely about to scratch one of those sudden itches we all get. But it quickly became evident that wasn't the case. Instead, I watched as Gran slow stroked her slit, now fully revealed to me as she sat there legs bent, and now widening far more openly than they had been even a moment ago.

"Holy shit! She's ... she's ... masturbating!" I thought to myself.

Only then did I think to look at the title of the book she was reading, realizing as I did it was some sort of sexy mystery novel. Whatever Gran was reading about was obviously exciting to her as I stood there watching her fingers begin to probe even deeper inside herself than they had been. Likewise, though I repeatedly ducked back and forth behind the window every few moments or so, I continued to stroke myself, enjoying the feel of the out of doors lewdness that was adding to my own level of arousal as I watched my own Gran touching herself.

I leaned back around, but this time as I did, I saw Gran lower the book, rolling off to one side as she did, setting it down on the nightstand beside the bed. Though her hand remained between her legs. I ducked back as quickly as I had when first peeking in, giving it a moment before daring to look inside again, though I nearly gave up doing that, wondering if it might be too dangerous at this point to continue doing so. But curiosity, lust, and arousal talked me into at least one last peek. This time when I looked, her head was well down within the pillows, as Gran lay flat on her back. She'd have had to sit up in order to see me, so with her in this new obvious position, I knew without any doubt whatsoever that she couldn't. With one hand still buried between her legs, the obvious movements telling me what she was doing to herself, her freehand had now captured one of her own breasts which she appeared to be teasing and caressing as she lay there. I watched her fingers tweak one of her very firm, hard aroused nipples, pulling on it. I watched as she would at times pinch it, holding it between her fingers and then literally pull on it, lifting it, as well as the heaviness of her breast up and away from her chest. When she did this, she would at times actually slap her cunt with her other hand, though she would likewise sometimes hold the obvious hard knot of her clit between her fingers, and pinch it simultaneously, along with her nipple.

With her window completely open, I could hear Gran's occasional moan, and even more so when she began to pant. A reminder to me to remain as quiet as possible if I could hear her so clearly as she lay there playing with herself. She now worked her clit furiously, though she continued to roll the nipple of her right breast with her free hand, obviously adding to the pleasured sensations. My cock now was on the verge of its own release, my hand likewise pumping it almost as furiously, the liquid drool of my precum heightening my own sensitivity. I stopped however, as though frozen in motion, which in a way I was as Gran suddenly cried out, evidence she had reached the peak of her orgasmic bliss. But what she then did in doing so, was suddenly jerk upwards, bad back and all. Her head came up off the pillow faster than I had thought possible, causing me to jerk myself back out from in front of the window as she did.

"Fuck!" I said to myself, now wondering if she had been able to see me, had seen me! Though reason told me her eyes had been closed as she came, thus the likelihood of that being remote. Even so, I dared not look back into the window again. The image of Gran now curiously looking out, wondering if she had in fact seen movement of some sort, sitting there in the expectation of perhaps seeing something more once again. I quietly made my way around the back side of the patio, keeping within the shadowed darkness, careful so as to not do anything stupid like trip over anything. Looking back towards her bedroom, I then saw that the light in her room had been turned off, causing me further worry. But there was no hope for it now. I was half way back to my own room, though I stood for several minutes longer trying to ascertain if she might now be standing in her own window looking out. When another light came on inside the house behind me, I actually jumped. It took a moment however to realize Gran had only then turned the hallway light on, leading back into the kitchen. Knowing if I continued to stand where I was, and if that was indeed where Gran was heading to, she would soon catch me standing outside the kitchen area itself. I then made a beeline back to my own room, reaching it in seconds, slipping quickly back inside. I now stood in my own darkness looking out as the kitchen light came on, though it was actually the light from the refrigerator as she opened it. I watched as Gran removed a pitcher of freshly made orange juice, pouring herself a glass before placing it back inside the fridge. She was still naked, and seeing her as she stood there, once again reminded me of my own unfinished business. Unfortunately however, she soon closed the door, the light once again going off, and then seconds later the light in the hallway also being turned off as she no doubt headed back to her room.

With a cock full of cum still needing to be released, I stepped into my own private bathroom, closing the door behind me before turning on the light. I then stood over the toilet bowl, seconds later watching streamer after streamer squirt from the head of my prick splashing into the water below me where it curdled in little cum balls floating below before flushing it away. As strange as it sounded, I'd have much rather climaxed outside, squirting off into the blackness of the night as it were, imagining other things rather than the white porcelain bowl I had stood looking into as I came.

With five in the morning coming early, I made my way back into the bedroom, once again having turned off the light before opening the door, and then into bed.

Like I said ... morning came far earlier than I would have liked.

I woke to the sound of Gran calling in to me. She stood just outside my likewise open window. "Time to wake up Peter!" she called. "Breakfast is on ... and we've a day ahead of us!" With that, I sat up, watching her heading back across the patio back into the kitchen area without waiting to see if she'd heard me. But I remembered as I ran into the bathroom to pee, Gran only gave you one notice that breakfast was on. If you missed it ... the next meal wasn't until dinner time, no if ands or buts.

I quickly slipped into a pair of cut off jeans, tossed on a tank top and headed across the court into the kitchen. I walked up behind Gran, giving her a morning kiss on the neck even as she just then finished scooping up three good-sized eggs, over easy, just the way I liked them. I sat down taking my seat as she piled the eggs onto my plate right beside a thickly sliced piece of ham steak. There was a tall glass of orange juice, coffee and toast already poured as I began to eat, though I noticed she hadn't made a place setting for herself.

"Aren't you eating?" I asked as I shoveled in a nice mouthful of toast smeared eggs. She grinned.

"Already did ... been up for an hour already, thought I'd let you sleep in today, give you a chance to adjust," she told me. It was just then five o'clock. "Soon as you're finished, I'll have you feed and water the horses while I gather up fresh eggs for the market, and feed the chickens while I'm at it. Later ... I need to drive into town, pick up some new wire for the fences need mending."

"Want me to do that for you?" I asked, once again reminded of her back.

"No. Thanks anyway. I'll need you to bring back some fresh bales of hay from the barn while I'm gone, then after I get back, we'll get that section of fence mended so we can move the horses into the new pasture. With luck, we'll be able to finish all that long before suppertime. So ... eat up, clear your own dishes, and wash them," she told me with an added smile. "Then meet me outside next to the hen house."

I wolfed everything down, though I was famished. Thirty minutes later I was standing beside her as she handed me a basket full of eggs. The sun was just then coming up. "Gonna be another hot one too," she reminded me as we stood there looking at it, as it just then crested the horizon. "Let's see to the horses," she told me then. "And then after that, I'll have you haul back some of that fresh hay while I head into town."

"You sure you don't want me to get that wire for you?" I asked once again, thinking about her back, though I also took a moment to think about other things too as she again stood there in front of me with that same old familiar looking men's shirt tied in a knot just beneath her breasts.

"No, don't worry about it. Jim will toss it into the back of the pickup for me, and you can take it out when I come back."

As Gran headed off into town a short while after that, I started up the old tractor, attached the hay cart to it, and then headed off towards the old barn. As kids, my cousins and I had always called it that, which it really wasn't. What it was ... was a three-sided very large tinned building that was now kept from collapsing entirely by the additional support of old useless hay bales as walls. One end was entirely open, always had been. That was where all the newer, fresher bales of hay were stored. In the back, as kids, we had made a small maze out of the old stuff and played there as kids whenever we'd come for a visit. Gran and Gramps had left it for us to play in, and never got around to doing otherwise even long after we'd all grown up. I smiled as I jumped down off the tractor, making my way back into the furthest end, switching on the one and only light bulb that even existed. Wondering as I did if it had even once been changed out. It still looked like the same one that had been there for years. I likewise smiled remembering, we'd used this hay maze for a lot more than just climbing around and through in. I remembered playing doctor in here, the same as most kids did early on perhaps, and getting caught by Gran doing it, though she never made a big deal of it either. Something that I, along with my two somewhat older and should have known better than to do female cousins, were forever and always grateful for, in not telling on us.

But it wasn't the ONLY memory I had of being back here either. And I stood there wondering, though I decided to see to the hay first before coming back and putting the tractor away. After I had finished my only real chore before Gran returned and we got to work on mending the fences. I returned with the sun well up now just before noon. I wasn't entirely sure where it was. And though things seemed vaguely familiar, it had been a few years, so it took me a while of searching. But sure enough, I found it. My very secret stash. But more importantly, a particular photo, one I had treasured for years, yet felt guilty even now, about having stolen it so long ago.

I had cut out a small section of hay, and then hollowed out an even wider section behind that. Effectively creating a safe place to stash things secretly, able to replace the cut out section of hay and have it look totally undisturbed. Not too surprisingly, though I had forgotten, I first retrieved a couple of dog-eared weather worn Sears and Roebuck catalogs. I laughed out loud as I stood there holding them in my hand. As a kid, I had spent many hours thumbing through them. I had spent several hours looking at all the women in their Sears and Roebuck underwear, complete with pointed bras and Granny style panties. Though thinking back, I had never in fact seen either my mother, or Gran ever wearing such. Amazing what as kids we could look at and still get excited over, which back then I had. But it wasn't that which had eventually fueled the fires of my fantasies. But something else entirely. And even this I had secreted away again, being even more careful in doing so, should this carefully carved out section of hay ever be discovered. I had additionally built another false wall. Now pulling that out, where I soon revealed the one true treasure I had kept there.

To my delight and surprise, it was as nearly pristine as the day I had found it, and then admittedly stolen it. It was a picture of Gran, back when she was a few years older perhaps than I was now. But what was amazing about it, was that she was nude, sitting on a beach somewhere. The fact someone had taken it of her, and that she'd let them was interesting enough, though I never knew who, and couldn't imagine my grandfather ever doing so. So most likely, it had been another guy that Gran had once known prior to him. And though she was nude, entirely so, it wasn't really lewd either, though even now I considered it extremely sexy.

Gran sat somewhere on some beach, her legs folded beneath herself as she sat on them, bent just enough that you couldn't see anything between her legs. Though it was of course very obvious she was indeed entirely nude. Her breasts however, certainly firmer back then than they were now, were fully revealed. She sat in a typical glamour pose of the times, one arm reaching around behind her head with it somewhat tilted back, eyes closed as though she were dreaming about something ... or someone. Her other hand carefully positioned across her lap, down between her legs, a further guard against revealing anything perhaps, though to me, it even more now, than then, looked as though she could have been touching herself, and for all I knew, maybe had been!

The number of times I had spent inside here, thankfully alone masturbating to Gran's picture had been the highlight of those prepubescent years. I remembered the day I had accidentally run across the photo. I had been playing tiddly-winks with some old bottle caps in Gran's bedroom. One of them had rolled beneath her bed. I had gone underneath it in order to retrieve it, which is when I spotted a worn crumpled brown envelope stuck between the springs and the mattress. Curious, I managed to snake it out. When I opened it, I found nothing more than a bunch of old letters, none of which I read, nor had any desire to. But what I did find, was this single old black and white photo of Gran inside. The same one I now stood looking at. I had tucked it inside my shirt, replaced the envelope, and then made a beeline to the barn where I was standing now. Gran had been my first nude woman I had ever seen, and I stood there remembering it as though it were yesterday.

"Always wondered where the hell that disappeared to," Gran said, causing me to jump three feet out of my skin when she did. "Should have known it was you," she said actually grinning at me. "Though I honestly don't think you'd have told me had I asked you," she finished as she walked over taking the photo from my hand looking at it as she stood next to me. I could feel the heat in my face as it reddened from embarrassment. Even after all this time, I felt guilty as hell, half expecting her to turn me over her knee, almost wishing she would for as bad and as stupid as I now felt.

"Wasn't half bad back then," she said somewhat amusingly all the while looking at herself.

"Hell Gran, you're not bad looking now either," I said trying to make it sound like some sort of an apology, which I now included. "And sorry ... I never meant to steal it from you, only ah ... well, sort of borrow it. But when I went to put it back, the envelope it had been in, was gone."

"Yeah, I know," she laughed. "Believe it or not, I was actually going to show the photo to your mother, told her the story behind it, and she wanted to see it. But when I went to get it, that's when I discovered it was gone. The letters that were there were from an old boyfriend of mine. Decided your grandfather wouldn't be too keen on me having kept those either, so I burned them all. But always did wonder whatever happened to that damn photo he took of me. Guess now ... I finally know!"

We both now stood looking at it together, which was weirdly erotic.

"So ... was I your first?" she asked. Her comment confused me for a moment.


"Yeah, first woman you ever jerked off to?"

Now I really was blushing, but answered her truthfully even so. "Yeah Gran ... you were." She laughed at that knowingly. I then handed the photo back to her.

"Nah, you keep it," she told me. "Unless you still prefer jacking off to the girls in Sears and Roebucks, though sorry to say, you can't get those anymore," she teased me further, making me blush even more now than I had been.

"Was she implying anything?" I actually wondered. "Had she seen me the night before? Or suspected it?" Her comment had totally thrown me, though she walked away without elaborating any further.

"Come on Peter, we've still got fences to mend. You can look at that later..." she laughed without turning to look at my reaction.

By the time we'd finished mending the fence and had moved all the horses into the new pasture, I was sweating to death. It was hotter than blazes, which at this time of day, it always had been.

"Too damn hot to do anything more today," she said wiping her own brow. "So let's call it. Matter of fact, why don't you go ahead and go down to the pond, have a nice cooling swim. Gonna take a short nap myself, and then start on dinner. I'll come get you before then," she told me.

That in fact sounded wonderful. Something else I'd enjoyed doing over the course of the years, though now a lot had changed since I'd seen it back then. Gran had insisted on planting several trees around this side of it, which I was now thankful she'd done. It had given it a bit more privacy for one, since we always just went skinny dipping whenever we'd gone swimming in it, mom included, though I'd always been told to look the other way when she went in or came out. Now the trees were tall, thick and even offered a bit of shade this side of the pond. I followed the well-worn trail down to it, and just like before, soon stripped off my clothing placing them upon the rocks well out of the way, and then dove in. The water wasn't cold by any means, but cool enough to feel good, especially with the heat of the day. I swam for quite some time, refreshed and relaxed before getting out, returning to my pile of clothing, along with the black and white photo of Gran that I still had, which I'd carefully wrapped inside the folds of my shirt for protection.

I sat there looking at it. Remembering. But it wasn't just the memories of what I used to do in the barn that I recalled. But the image of Gran the night before. The fact she was still very much a woman, regardless of her age, though even that seemed ridicules a point to consider. Obviously she still had sexual desires, thoughts, urges. Though I was somewhat saddened to realize, her only form of release was that ... simply put, taking care of herself as she certainly hadn't gone looking, nor ever would most likely, for anyone else. But it was still without a doubt, one of the most erotic things I had ever seen or witnessed. And I felt my prick once again hardening as I closed my eyes, thinking back how she had looked through her window as I'd stood there watching her, playing with myself. I began doing so again, feeling the hardness of my cock as it filled my hand, stroking it. I then turned, sitting down on the rock, likewise holding the photo, looking at Gran, the Gran then ... the same Gran now, equally as attractive to me, if not even more so. I looked up back towards the trees, towards the house. I saw movement, though I quickly looked down, wondering at first if I had. And if I had, "was Gran now sitting there watching me jerking off?" At first I was embarrassed by the possibility that she was. Though I made no effort to stop doing so, a sudden additional curious thought running through my mind. "What if she had been? Was she still?"

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