Jimmy T's Family Fun: Bk. 2: Sis

turku-piter Porn

by scouries

Copyright© 2011 by scouries

Erotica Sex Story: Jimmy Taylor turns his attention to his beautiful 18 yo sister in this book. Will she turn out to be as horny as her mom? And will Jimmy still bee able to make love to his mother with his father home? Read on...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual Incest Mother Son Brother Sister Exhibitionism .

INTRO: This is Book 2 of the story of the life of Jimmy Taylor and his family. In Book 1 our now 19 year old hero seduced his mother while his father was away on one of his frequent trips to Australia – a trip he made at least three times per year. Over 340 of you voted for the first book – THANKS!

Book 1 ended with the return home of Jimmy's father. And the almost immediate realization by both Jimmy and his mother that they wouldn't be able to honor the pledge they'd made to stop their liaison. They lasted only two days before Jimmy bent her over the kitchen counter and fucked her while Jimmy's dad worked just yards away in his home office.

The final member of the family, eighteen year old Elizabeth Emily Taylor had also returned home from her summer camp the same weekend that her father had arrived home. Although he'd always loved her at first Jimmy simply regarded her as a further obstacle to his ability to make love with his mother. She certainly wasn't on his sexual radar.

Then he looked at her a little more carefully ... Could she possibly be like her mother?

Baltimore: Monday, August 22nd 2011

"Don't honey! We don't have time," mom pled as I pushed her back down onto the couch. "Your father could be back anytime."

In answer I slipped my hands up under her skirt and pushed her legs apart. My head immediately followed my hands. My tongue licked up her inner thigh. By the time it reached mom's sex my fingers had already pushed her panties aside. I could smell her need. Then I tasted it.

"Lizzie might come home," mom groaned as my tongue flicked repeatedly out and onto her clit. "Please honey ... Jiiiimmy ... oh myyyy gaaaawd!" she screamed as her body arched upward off the couch.

She was quivering, her sex open and wet when I finally sat up. Then she simply watched silently as I undid my belt and zipper and slipped my pants down my legs. She was no longer interested in who might burst in on us; her eyes were only interested in the pole that was standing erect between my legs.

"Hurry ... don't tease," she begged as she stretched her legs apart as far as possible, and as I, cock now in hand, slowly ran my cockhead up and down her slit. Then I pushed inside my mother. Into her moist, welcoming sleeve. I was fucking the woman who'd borne me. Ramming my cock mercilessly into the vagina that I'd slid out of some nineteen years earlier. Cuckolding my dad.

And my mother's legs were soon locked around my back as she urged me on. Crying out her need as her fingers and nails raked across my back. She'd needed it as badly as I. It was the second time we'd made love since dad had arrived home three days earlier.

And I've got to tell you that it had nearly killed me having had to listen to my parent's noisy lovemaking over the previous two nights. Sounds that I'd heard night after night growing up, mom's cries of sexual gratification that had been a background noise for me as I'd masturbated alone in my bed during my teenage years.

But now, these sounds of dad fucking my mom were no longer simply erotic titillation for a boy, instead they were now personal. Mom had made those sounds for me for the last six weeks. I hated the fact that it was now my father who was causing them. It was a direct challenge to my manhood.

And so I took it out on mom as I fucked her on the den couch that day. "Who's bigger?" I demanded angrily as I pounded away inside her. Mom, almost gone, just strokes away from her orgasm, said nothing through her groans. I suddenly pulled out!

"Baby ... babeeeeeee," she pled as she tried to pull me back inside her.

"Who's better?" Insistent.

"You are ... Jimmy is ... my handsome son is ... hurry baby ... pleeeeeease," she moaned. In answer I rammed every inch of my throbbing penis back into her cunt. Seconds later my teenage cum was splashing inside mom's spasming pussy.

I was in the shower when my father arrived home thirty minutes later. I didn't see him. And I was lolling on the couch in my sweat pants (and nothing else) in the TV room when my sister showed up an hour later.

Lizzie! I looked up at her in irritation when she plopped down next to me on the couch. In the couple of days she'd been home since returning from her camp counsellors job I'd just come to regard her as another pair of eyes and ears to worry about. Dad being home was bad enough. But now mom and I had to worry about her. And sis could be nosy.

"Hi," she said tentatively. She clearly had been sensing my quasi hostility over the past couple of days. I'd never, ever been mean to her before. I grunted back at her and moved my legs so she'd have some room.

"Are you mad at me?" It was a timid, almost shy question and the voice that delivered it was the voice of the little girl of seven or eight who'd at one time years ago been my best friend. The little girl whose big brother had always looked out for. The little girl who'd always greeted her brother with a smile and total devotion.

"Uh uh," I said as I kept my eyes on the screen.

"Doesn't sound like it," she muttered. There was an unmistakeable teenage girl's sigh in her voice as she said it.

My sister had grown up! And on top of that I had no idea who she was. Which was strange because we'd been the best of friends growing up. Siblings as close together in age as we were - just eleven months separated us – invariably either hate each other or love each other. We'd ended up loving each other. Friends ... companions ... sounding boards for the other ... playmates...

But four years earlier Lizzie had gone away to a private school, one of America's best, but one that was two hundred miles away from our Baltimore home. The months of separation, broken only by vacation visits, Christmas, Thanksgiving and all, had been exacerbated by her having spent one month every summer away at camp the last few years. We'd lost the closeness of our youth. I didn't really know her anymore.

"You know something?" she asked. My eyes flicked from the screen back to her. "I miss you," she said softly.

"I'm right here," I grumbled back brusquely. And immediately regretted my tone. Why was I taking it out on her I asked myself.

"You used to be my favourite person in the world. I could tell you anything." I watched as a tear slid down from the corner of her eye. "I loved you."

There'd been no way I could have rejected that plea! I reached out and put a big brother's arm around her shoulder. "And now, just because you're Miss Private School snob you're too good for me? You prefer those pinheads in blazers and short pants to real men?" I asked as pulled her even closer. She couldn't miss the warmth in my teasing voice.

Lizzie's face exploded into a smiling radiance. "Real men? Yeah, like one of you dumb public school boys would ever have a chance against someone from Phillips Andover or Choate or Hopkins or Lawrenceville or Groton," sis answered with a sneer.

"Whaaaaat? Wimp central? They all sleep three to a bed," I cried. Just like that the teasing tones of our youth had been recaptured.

"They do not!"

"Everyone knows what goes on in the male dormitories at those private schools. It's sick." We were both grinning madly as we teased back and forth.

"Eighty per cent of the graduates of my school go on to an Ivy League University! They don't just drop out like some people I know."

Which was a cheap shot directed at yours truly. By my sister of all people. I'd decided last spring, even after I'd been accepted into two of my sister's wonderful 'Ivy League' schools that I was going to take a Gap year. I'd figured I needed a year off, a year of both some work and some travel, before I went off to university.

My parents hadn't been big supporters of my plan when I'd first sprung it on them. In fact they'd reacted quite hostilely to it and had tried to talk me out of it. But in the end I'd won them around. Sis, being away, had never been involved in the discussion. Now she was tossing in her ten cents worth.

"Keep that up Miss Preppy and your big brother just might put you across his knee and administer a little discipline."

"Yeah right! As if..."

"So you still like your big brother just a little bit do you?"

"I'll always love you," Liz answered as she leaned into me and then planted a big, wet, sloppy kiss on my cheek.

"What, are you crazy?" I asked as I wiped my cheek. Then added, "that is so gross." But I was smiling. And realized I was feeling almost as happy as she looked. And even as we smiled stupidly at each other some corner of my brain recognised that my sister had grown some tits. WTF?

We talked continuously for the next two hours, completely oblivious to the TV images flickering on the screen across the room. We found that there was like a million things we wanted to say to each other, four years of thoughts and ideas that we wanted to catch up on.

I went to bed happy that night. And even the noises that I soon heard emanating from my parents bedroom couldn't irritate me. I'd refound my friend!

"I know! Guess what happened yesterday?" I shrugged my shoulders. It was two nights later. Another conversation with my sister. We'd just spent the day on a family outing to Washington and the Capital.

My parents, who every year at the end of the summer always took a week's holiday alone together, at least when dad wasn't in Australia, were planning on leaving on Monday the 29th of August for a trip through upstate New York. Which meant that dad, who hadn't seen his children over the last two months while he'd been in Australia, and with Lizzie scheduled to return to school in mid September, had crammed all sorts of family stuff into the week before he and mom were scheduled to leave.

"I was grilled all about you and I realized I had no idea what music you liked..."

"Who grilled you?"

"Just some of my friends last night."

"They were asking about me?"

"Some of them think you're cute," my sister said with a grin.

"They do? Which ones?"

"They all wanted to know if you're still going with Brianne. Are you?" I shook my head no. "I could set you up," Lizzie offered.

Huh? Lizzie setting me up? I played along. "High school girls?" I said disdainfully. But with a smile.

"Yeah right ... like you're mister mature. I don't even know why they'd want to go out with some guy who can't even get into University," Liz teased back.

"Do any of them fool around?" I asked with a leer.

"Not with losers," she answered as she tucked herself in even tighter against my body. She fit perfectly. And she smelled great! My cock tingled...

The next night, after another family outing, this time to the new Barnes Museum in Philly, I again found myself sitting with Lizzie as we watched a late movie.

"Were they always this noisy?" she asked when the unmistakeable sounds of our parent's lovemaking intruded on the movie. "I mean I don't remember them being so..."

"Energetic?" I offered. I knew what she was referring to.

"Is that what you call it?"

"I sorta remember the noises when we were kids but I never really knew what was causing it. And of course we went to bed a lot earlier when we were young," I said as Liz and I listened to what had to be the final crescendo of my mom's orgasm.

"Still ... I mean what's he doing to her?"

"You're still too young to understand my dear. Some day, when you get older and get a little more mature you'll begin to understand what adults do in bed," I said condescendingly, then patted her on the top of her head.

"What, you don't think I know anything about sex? That I'm still a virgin?"

That's exactly what I'd thought! "You're not?" Lizzie had immediately started blushing the second the words had escaped her mouth. She clearly had had no intention of telling her brother her secret. "Does mom know? Who was it? If you've been running around..."

"Shut up! It's none of your business. And besides you've slept with Brianne haven't you? And probably other girls too."

It took me the next twenty minutes but I eventually wormed the story out of my sister. I think she was actually glad to finally have someone to tell it to. As it turned out Lizzie had slept twice with a boy from Boston, another camp counsellor, during the summer. "On my eighteenth birthday," she told me. "I didn't want to become an old maid now did I?"

It hadn't been particularly satisfying for her. It had hurt. And the boy apparently had been almost as inexperienced as her which hadn't helped. They'd tried again a second time a couple of days later. Better but not great. No bells and whistles had gone off.

"So you didn't make the noises mom just did?" I asked as she finished her tale.

"She doesn't do that every night does she?"

"If dad's home."

"Every time?"

"I'm pretty sure she's highly sexed."

"Highly sexed?"

"Dad is too. They both are."


"They do it every day when dad's home. And usually more than once."

"But aren't they too old for that?"

"Apparently not."

Lizzie is smart. Which means that I shouldn't have been surprised when she made the intellectual jump and asked me her next question. But I was surprised.

"What does he do when he's away? When he's in Australia."

I looked deep into Lizzie's eyes before I finally answered. But her brain had already figured it out before I spoke. Mind you she in no way had accepted it. "He sleeps with other women," I said.

"Oh my gawd!" she said and then quickly rushed on, "we don't know that for sure. He's married. He'd never cheat on mom. He probably just masturbates." I shook my head. "If you were married to someone you loved you wouldn't cheat on her would you?" Liz demanded.

"I've got somebody working on the case ... in Australia."

"Checking up on dad? Who?"

"Just someone I met online. A girl. She's studying to be a private detective. She's looking into it."

"Has she found out anything?"

"She's on vacation now. In the outback somewhere. But before she left she emailed me that she had a hot lead. That as soon as she got back..."

"What do you think she's found?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"Whatever it is I won't be surprised."

"He'd be cheating on mom!"

"He's a man. A highly sexed man. There's no way dad could go two months without a woman. I know I couldn't."

"You couldn't?"

"I'm like they are. Highly sexed."

"You are?" I nodded yes. "Like with Brianne?" I nodded again. "Did she make those noises too?"

"Not like mom does with dad," I answered.

"So what does mom do when dad's away?"

"Nothing, not so far," I lied. "But she will eventually. One day she'll..."

"What are we going to do?"

"You do know Liz that you probably are too?"

"I'm what?" my sister asked.

"Super sexed," I answered.

"I am not," my sister denied. "I didn't even particularly like it with--"

"You will, it's in your genes," I predicted.

"Not in my genes," she answered even as she pushed her breast even tighter up against my side. My cock grew ... I knew that Lizzie would be a screamer with the right man.

The week quickly passed. We went on a couple more family outings before driving down to the cottage on the bay on Saturday the twenty-seventh. Liz and I and mom had always loved the cottage growing up. The escape from the hot, humid Baltimore summers to the sandy shore and the sea breezes. We loved the beaches and the days spend swimming.

Dad on the other hand had never been a beach person. But with mom and dad going off on their yearly vacation Lizzie and I had insisted that we'd spend at least some time at the cottage. So dad had grudgingly agreed.

I made love with my mother at nine thirty p.m. on Sunday evening. Dad had just driven into the closest town to pick up a couple of things that he'd decided at the last minute that he absolutely needed for his vacation trip. He and mom were leaving early the next morning. Lizzie was out visiting a couple of her friends at a nearby cottage.

As soon as I'd seen dad's taillights disappearing through the trees I'd turned to my mother. We were standing on the cottage porch.

"We can't," she insisted before I'd said a word. I simply bent down and then hoisted her up into my arms.

One of her arms curled around my neck. I walked down off the porch and onto the beach. "Where are you taking me?" my mother asked. I didn't answer. Instead I crushed her lips with mine. Twenty feet from the shoreline I set her down on the sand, sand still warm from the heat of the day.

"I've missed you," I growled as I started to lift her t-shirt over her head. We hadn't had a chance to make love in five days.

"And I've missed you," mom answered as she reached up and pulled my shorts down my legs. Seconds later my cock was deep inside her pussy. When we were finished, after I'd ejaculated twice inside her, we ran down into the sea. We were both giggling crazily as we washed the sand off our bodies.

I was angry the next morning as I watched dad pack the car. Pissed off. Jealous. I knew my father would be fucking mom nonstop the whole week. It's strange how quickly you become possessive, how irrational you can become.

As our parents car slowly drove out of view Lizzie slid up next to me. "Mommy told me I'm too be in charge while they're away," she said challengingly. "That since I'm a much better student ... and more responsible ... and more mature," she teased.

"Do you remember my warning that I might just have to take you across my knee," I warned.

"You wouldn't dare," she said with a giggle, then skipped away laughing when I started lumbering towards her.

The Cottage: Thursday September 1st 2011

We were just hanging out on the beach. It was the first day of September and more than a week had passed since our conversation about how neither of us knew the other anymore. It had been a good week – we'd been able to start to recapture the magic that had once existed between us.

We'd found out that we still liked each other. We'd rediscovered the easy intimacy we'd had as children. We'd found that we still had a hell of a lot in common.

I think we'd both been stunned at how close we'd been to losing the special relationship we'd once had.

We'd talked about everything over the preceding week – politics, school, music, sports, boyfriends, girlfriends, the future, the internet ... even sex.

Of course the one thing I didn't tell her about was mom! Even though I'd wanted too.

Nor had any real sex things happened between us. I'd told her a bit about Brianne and me. She'd even asked if Brie had been my first. I denied it with a grin, then simply told her there had been others before. And a few since I'd broken up with her.

But since mom and dad had left on Monday morning we'd both been fighting it. Not a word was said. But our eyes talked. We'd only been saved by the fact that we'd been spending most of our time hanging with our friends, on the beach during the day and at various get-togethers at night.

But that Thursday we'd slept in late and then had decided just to hang out together on the beach in front of the cottage.

I whistled as I watched my sister pull her cover-up over her head. "What?" my sister asked as she reddened. She knew I was checking out her new bathing suit. She'd clearly planned this surprise.

"When did you get that young lady?"

"I've had it for a while," Lizzie answered nonchalantly but she knew she wasn't fooling me.

"Has mom seen it?" I asked as I continued to surreptitiously inspect the curves that were being displayed to me. Oh I'd seen Lizzie in a bathing suit more than once over the preceding couple of days but usually it had been with a crowd around and she'd just been one of the girls. And this suit was different. Very different.

Lizzie was starting to blush even harder so I figured I better say something. And with a girl a compliment always works! And in this case it proved true. "You look great in it."

"I do?"

"Uh huh. Different. More adult. Sexy. Hot." The Liz was really blushing as I continued to heap on the words. But there was no denying that she was enjoying the attention. Even if it was coming from her brother.

"It's no different than my other ones," she tried to say nonchalantly.

"Yeah right."

"Its not."

"You know Liz, you've become a woman. A beautiful woman," I added, really pouring it on. But the truth was that she had – and that even though we'd spent the past week getting to know each other again I really hadn't noticed who she'd become physically.

"I'm eighteen," sis answered. By her tone I wasn't sure if she was saying, 'of course I am' or if she was saying, 'I'm still just a girl'.

"You're as pretty as mom."

"No way. She's like..."

I figured then that I better get off the subject of mom. Time for a little levity I thought. "When did you grow those things on your chest anyway? Last I remember you just had little wee bumps..."

"Shut up!" she ordered. Yet she was loving the attention.

"In fact, I think you got the wrong size top when you bought that suit. Maybe you should take it back and exchange it for a bigger size."

"It fits perfectly," my younger sister insisted as she adjusted the strap that was holding the small scrap of cloth that was covering her left breast. A full, round, firm, teenage breast. A woman's breast. She watched my eyes as they followed her fingers as they adjusted the cloth.

"You're overflowing," I continued to tease and then watched as two little nipply bumps sprang up and stretched the cloth hiding them.

"You obviously don't know anything about girl's clothes," she said dismissively as she sat down on her towel and then rolled over onto her stomach. Her cute little butt, jutting upward and almost completely exposed by the high cheeked cut of her bathing suit panties, drew my eyes. She didn't quite yet have the full roundness of her mother's rear end but I had to restrain myself from running the palm of my hand over her tight, smooth skin.

"You want me to undo your strap?" I asked as I placed my fingers on the knot holding her bra in place.

She lifted her head and looked back over her shoulder. An unsure expression on her face. After staring directly into my eyes for a few seconds she let them drop and then nodded yes. A second later the strings were untied and hanging down on each side of her back.

"Sunscreen?" I asked but even before she'd lifted her head I'd already squeezed the container and released a huge dollop of thick white cream that splashed down into the small of her back.

"Not so much," she giggled as she again lifted her head and tried to look back. A good part of one of her breasts and its nipple sprang into my view. And as my hands started to spread the sunscreen my eyes were centered on the half of her left breast she'd exposed and the erect nipple that capped it. And I let her catch me watching it. I flicked my eyes back to hers, captured them, and then moved them back to the bared flesh.

"You shouldn't look at me like that, I'm your sister," she said softly but then let me look for a few seconds more before lowering her body flat again.

"There just breasts," I scoffed as my hands caressed the cream into her back. "Everyone has them." She trembled under my touch.

"Well..." Clearly she didn't know what to say. But she was definitely excited.

"But I gotta admit that they're a lot nicer than Bri's." Then added after a seconds hesitation, "Way nicer."

"They are?" she asked as she raised herself up again and looked back at me. "But she was your girlfriend. How come?"

"They just are, and you know what, it's too bad they're sister breasts," I said as I finished her back. "Now lift up a little more," I instructed as I grabbed one end of the bra strap.

"Why?" she asked even as she lifted herself up onto both elbows. I pulled the strap out from under her body and dropped it on the other side of me on the towel.

"Hey, give it back," she ordered as she sat halfway up. Now I was getting the full show! Finally realising that she'd been giving her big brother an eyeful she quickly lay back down. I lay down on my back beside her.

For minutes my sister lay still. Finally she said, "Do you really think they're ok?"

"They're magnifique!" I answered as I kissed my fingers and sent an air kiss her way.

"You're crazy." There was a contented, sexy purr in her voice as she uttered the words.

"Maybe I should touch them just to make sure," I offered, an evil grin on my lips.

"You're sick ... a real perv," she answered as she looked back over her shoulder. The excited tone in her voice belied her words.

"Have you ever flashed anyone before ... besides me?" I asked with a grin.

"Noooooooo! And I didn't flash you, you looked," she said indignantly even as she raised herself up and gave me another shot of sisterly tits. I laughed as I let my eyes fall to her ruby tipped mounds.

"Have you ever wanted to?" I had a plan in mind as I said the words.

"Wanted to what?"

I ignored her question. Instead I lay back on my back and looked up into the sky. After hesitating I said, "I went to a nude beach this year."

"Whaaaaaaaaaat!" A screech. Lizzie sat up. She'd forgotten her nudity. "Where? When?"

"Nude Day. Back iin June."

"Nude Day? What are you talking about?"

"It was held on the July Fourth weekend. There was a naked bike ride on the Saturday. Then a barbeque and beach day on the Sunday." As I spoke I continued to look skyward.

"You went for a bike ride naked? In front of people."

"Thousands of them," I agreed as I looked over at sis.

"But..." She was clearly flummoxed by my story.

"I liked it."

"Liked what?"

"Not the bike ride particularly."

"Did people take pictures?"

"Uh huh. But I was disguised. My body was painted. A fake moustache. Sunglasses."


"I liked it. I think I'm an exhibitionist," I said.

"A what?"

"I liked showing my body to them. My..."


"I liked them looking at me. It was exciting. I mean way better than hanging out with Brianne or something."

"Was she there?" I shook my head no.

"It was fun on the beach the second day. Naked. The sun beating down on me. Women looking at me. Swimming naked. Naked girls just walking up to me and talking to me. Looking at it. Staring. Wanting it."

"Yuck," my sister finally uttered. I lay back and shut my eyes. It took Liz at least three minutes before she asked her next question. She asked it softly, almost a purr. "Were you excited?"

I opened my eyes and looked over at her. She was sitting up. Her proud, firm tits were poking out towards me. I watched them. She watched me watching them. Her puffy nipples hardened.

"Yes. I mean all your life you're told you have to cover yourself up, that there's something dirty about being naked. And then all of a sudden you're on a beach with a thousand other naked people ... And after about five minutes of it you ask yourself what's the big deal anyway. But it's also exciting ... its--"

Sis interrupted, "Did you get an erection?" She blushed as she asked it.

"You're way too young to know anything about men's erections," I told my nubile eighteen year old sister.

"Ha, ha." She was still proudly displaying herself to me. "Still, it must have been--" There was no way to stop her once her curiosity has been aroused. Well, there was one.

"Lie down," I told her.

"Why?" she asked even as she lay down on her back.

"Turn over," I ordered.

She complied even as she asked why. In answer I put my hands on her bottom, then slipped them up and grasped the top of her bathing suit bottom. I quickly pulled the panties down to her knees in one fell swoop before she could utter any protest. A second later they were down around her ankles. Then they were in my hand. My sister had a great bum!

"I'll kill you," she shrieked helplessly as she looked back over her shoulder. She might have been willing to show me her breasts but she definitely wasn't keen on turning over and letting me see her pussy.

I smiled. "You wanted to know what it was like."

"What if somebody comes?" she asked as she reached for her suit. I held it out of her reach. She was clearly unsure what she should do.

"So now you know what it feels like. Now imagine that there are a thousand naked people all around you. That's what a nude beach is like."

"Men would look at me? At my--"

"Of course. You're beautiful. It's like any other beach. Guys look at pretty girls. Girls look at guys. It's just that everyone's naked."

"But anyone could look at me. See me. My--" I figured about then that we'd had enough talk. I stood up. Tossed her suit about ten feet away. Then took a step towards the water.

"What are you doing?" there was panic in her voice.

"A swim?"



"No, I'm not coming," sis answered as her eyes darted over to where her bikini was lying on the sand. "You go ... maybe I'll catch up," she added, clearly hoping I'd disappear and she could get back into her suit.

"Oh no you're not," I said with a laugh as I bent down and then lifted her up into my arms.

"Don't you dare. You're crazy ... a pervert, don't you dare look," she squealed as I walked between the dunes and then down towards the shore. "Somebody will see me ... I'll kill you," she warned as she struggled to free herself. I couldn't help but notice the thick pubic patch growing between her legs as she kicked her legs and feet in frustration.

I'd checked before lifting her to make sure the coast was clear and so we had an uninterrupted journey down to the water, a journey that ended when I'd waded out until the water was over my waist and then unceremoniously dumped my sister into the surf. I retreated towards the shoreline and waited.

Under any other circumstance my sister would have coming rushing after me, ready to jump on the big brother who'd doused her. This of course wasn't any other circumstance. So she stood in the water twenty feet away from me, covered up to her neck, hesitating, unsure what to do.

"So now you know what its like," I said with a challenging grin.

"This is not a nude beach!" Still with no idea what to do.

"C'mon, come here," I invited. "Just imagine that there are two or three hundred naked people watching you. It's normal. It's just your body, everyone has one. Show us."

I don't know exactly what was going through sis's mind that second. Certainly excitement. Maybe a little fear. Pride? The whole sexual thing. She tentatively moved towards me. Her breasts came into view. Beads of water were glistening on them as she moved.

"C'mon, you're beautiful," I encouraged. "Everyone wants to see you. They're all waiting."

"It's just you. My nutty brother," she answered but she continued to move. Her belly button appeared. Then the dark triangle. Her thighs. Finally she was standing in knee deep water. She let me watch her. In fact as my eyes hungrily moved over her skin she unconsciously stood up straighter. She posed.

"That's what it feels like," I said when my eyes met hers.

"Except it's only me who who's naked. You should be too. So I'd really know what a nude beach was like." An invitation. A very clear one. If Liz hadn't squealed at that exact moment I would have had my shorts off. But she did. Her eyes were open wide. She was staring up the beach.

"Oh my gawd," she added, the turned and dove into the breaking waves. It was Mr. and Mrs. Hudson, a pair of seventy or so year olds who owned a cottage half a mile up the beach. They'd been far enough away when Liz had disappeared into the waves that I was pretty sure they'd seen nothing.

They stopped and talked to me when they got to where I was standing. Waved at my sister who'd swum out thirty or forty yards. I kept them talking for five or so minutes before letting them escape. I wanted Lizzie to experience the fear and excitement that came with her public nudity.

"I hate you," she announced when she finally marched out of the water. She came toward me and then as she passed me she made no attempt to strategically cover herself with her hands. In fact she made sure that I received the full show.

I whistled when she got about halfway back to her towel. She stopped. Turned around slowly. Posed for me for seconds, her tongue flicking wetly over her lips, before she said a word."Did you really go to a nude beach?" she asked then turned and continued walking.

"You're very hairy ... much hairier than Bri."

"And I suppose that my drop-out brother doesn't like girls with pubic hair? That he prefers his little girls shaven bare like porn stars?" she challenged as she continued to pose for me.

"You're beautiful ... in fact too beautiful," I answered. She couldn't miss my sincerity.

"I am?" Liz blushed as she asked the question. Then slowly wrapped the towel around her waist. She was smiling.

"You liked it didn't you?" I asked as we trudged up towards the cottage. Sis had her bikini in her hands and her towel around her body. Her uncovered breasts, firm teenage breasts with puffy pink nipples, jiggled delightfully with every step she took.

"I did not," she denied. I smiled.

"I love your nipples."

"You are so sick," sis answered as she stopped in mid stride. "They're just nipples," she said nonchalantly even as she ran her hand over the breast and nipple closest to me. I stuck out my tongue at her. "Pig." And yet, in spite of her words there was no mistaking the fact that young Liz was enjoying the attention.

"I love puffy nipples," I said as I ogled her. "And I'm planning on seeing lots of them on Saturday."

"Puffy nipples? Saturday?"

"All kinds really. Pink and brown. Big and small. Pokers and puffies. I'm going to one of them on Saturday."

"One of what?" I didn't answer. Instead I started to walk up the beach towards the cottage."A nude beach?" I heard yelled at my back. "Really?"

"Did you really?"

"Did I really what?" I asked as I looked across the table at my sister. The ribs I'd just barbequed sat in a stack on a plate sitting between us. The sun, on one of the longest days of the year, had just set. It was a couple of hours since her nude swim.

"Bike naked."

"Uh huh," I answered between bites.

"And people saw you?"

"Hundreds," I agreed.

"That's gross. What if somebody took pictures of you like that and posted them on the Internet or something?"

"They did."

"Oh my gawd! Your penis is on the Internet?"

"I'll show you after dinner."

"You have become a perv."

"Have you ever taken any naked pics of yourself?" I asked back as sis put a long rib between her lips. She shook her head no even as a gob of greasy juice slipped from the corner of her mouth and down onto her chin. My cock started to harden. I was becoming a pervert. First mom and now this. A Lizzie hard-on?

We finished our dinner pretty quickly. In fact Liz gulped down her meal in her rush to see my pics. After we'd cleaned up, and again sis rushed us through that, we found ourselves side by side on the living room couch with my laptop on my knees. I was just wearing surfer shorts, a casual tee and rope sandals. Liz, who almost immediately nestled herself up against me, was just wearing a tank top and high cut, tight, nylon shorts. Her bra, easily seen as she leaned against me, was a tiger skin print and allowed me a view of much of the tops of her breasts.

I clicked open the home page of the Onancock Nudist Society.

"On a cock?" my little sister screeched.

"On ... an ... cock," I pronounced slowly. "It's a town. In Virginia. On the bay." I clicked open the bike ride pictures the club had posted. As it happens I was front and center in the first picture. Full frontal that is.

"Oh my gawd," sis gasped as her eyes traveled over the bodies of the five nudists displayed – two guys and three ladies. At first she didn't realise that it was her brother in the middle of the shot. Then, when her whole body gave a start, I knew she had. I quickly clicked open the next one.

"Was that you? Go back," she ordered as her fingers reached towards the touch pad. Fortunately she hadn't recognised her mother on the far right of the scene.

In answer I started to click through the slideshow of the 2011 Nude Bike Ride that the Onancocker's had posted for the world to see. I appeared again in the fourth picture.

"STOP!" Lizzie ordered. Even through the fake beard I knew she'd recognized me. She started to examine the picture slowly. "Who painted you?' she asked even as her eyes flicked back and forth across the screen.

"They had a penis painting patrol," I answered. But in a tone and with a look on my face that told her I was bullshitting her.


"I did it myself."

"A barber pole? It looks gross. Your thing I mean." I'd known what she'd been referring to.

"Young girls like you shouldn't be looking at those 'things' anyway," I said as I resumed the slideshow. I showed up again on the eleventh picture.

"Who's that girl next to you? She was in one of the other pictures too." my sister asked as she looked at her bewigged and painted mother. No one would have recognised mom.

"Just some nudist I met," I said casually as I clicked to the next pic.

"She looked older than you." There was a question in my sister's voice. But she hadn't recognized mom.

"She and her husband were there. She was just being friendly."

"She didn't try anything, did she?"

"She was married," I exclaimed indignantly as the slideshow came to an end.

Lizzie was quiet for seconds as we both watched the blank screen, then finally asked, "What was it like?"

"Biking?" I said innocently.

"You know ... having people see you ... naked," Liz whispered.

"I told you this aft. It's exciting. You feel free. And sexy. And when they look at my cock--"

"Men are all sick," my sister responded. But she had checked out every penis she'd seen in the slide show. Even her brothers!

"There are some pictures from the next day too you know," I told her a few minutes later.

"The next day?"

"Everyone went to the nude beach. There was a barbeque ... games."

"Was everyone painted like on the bike ride?" I knew what answer my little sister wanted to hear.

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