Posing for Mom's Art Group

turku-piter Porn

by bamadude 55

Copyright© 2012 by bamadude 55

Erotica Sex Story: A guy comes home from college after finishing his finals and only wants to go to sleep. When the male model for his mother's art group cancels on them, he's asked to stand in and it leads to a raucous ending.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual BiSexual Heterosexual Incest Mother Son Aunt Nephew Squirting Size .

Chris Stone just finished a long week of finals and was looking forward to a quiet weekend at home before graduating from college. He was ready to climb into bed and fall into a deep slumber. Little did he know, sleep was not going to be on his agenda for a very long time.

He was pleasantly surprised to see his beautiful mother standing in the kitchen when he pulled in the driveway. She[d always been there for him whenever he needed her, and he'd made himself a promise to always be there for her, no matter what she needed from him.

When he came trudging through the door, Missy ran to him and hugged him tight. It had been a long three months since he'd been home and she missed him dearly. Her whole life revolved around her handsome son. His father left them while Chris was still in diapers so it was only natural for the two of them to be extremely close. With the help of her parents, Missy finished college and became a successful stockbroker.

Missy Stone was a self-made millionaire and a stone cold fox. She stood a statuesque six-foot tall with long flowing blonde hair that trailed down her back until it almost touched her tight shapely ass. Her breasts were a perfect 34CC and her deep blue eyes set off, her always well tanned body. She was every man's dream, including her own son.

Missy gave Chris a quick kiss on the lips and told him. "I'm so glad you are home, I've missed you so much. The house has felt so empty these last few months without you being here. How did your finals go? Never mind, that's a stupid question, you did great, I'm sure you did wonderful, just like everything else you do. Let me look at you. Yep, you are even more handsome than you were before you left. Have you been working out?"

"C'mon mom, I'm no different today than I was before I left. I do think I did great on my finals but I'm really worn out. After all of that studying, I'm looking forward to a good nights sleep." Chris told his bubbly mom.

Missy gave her son a quizzical look and asked him. "You mean you aren't going out tonight?"

"No, I'm really beat. I think I'm just going to take a shower and go straight to bed. I'll probably hook up with Danny and Jeff tomorrow and do something with them tomorrow night. Why do you ask?" Chris answered.

"Well, since you been gone I've started taking an art class and tonight is my night to host it. Don't worry about it, I'll call Angie and see if we can move it to her house." His mother told him.

Chris could tell from his mother's expression something was going on, so he asked her. "Alright, I know that look, what's up? Do you have some new boyfriend I don't know about?"

"Oh no, it's nothing like that. What's up is, well, tonight, we were going to, um, um, paint a nude subject. Oh God, I'm so embarrassed." Missy stammered.

Chris busted out laughing and said. "Is that all you were worried about? Shit mom, that's nothing to be embarrassed about. They do it all the time in art classes at college. Don't you change a thing, like I told you earlier, I'm exhausted. I'll be sound asleep by the time your friends arrive and I guarantee you nothing will wake me up."

Missy hugged her son and promised they wouldn't get too loud. She kissed him on the lips one more time except this kiss lingered a lot longer than a regular mother and son kiss. It took all of Chris's willpower not to pull his mother tight against his body and passionately kiss her back. They were staring into each other's eyes when the kitchen door opened and Missy's youngest sister Angie walked in. She squealed out, ran to Chris and hugged him. "Hey kiddo, glad to see you home. Have you been working out?"

"It's good to be home and like I told mom earlier, I've been to damn busy studying to have time to work out. What about you, you must be doing something because you look even more beautiful than the last time I was home." Chris told her.

Angie stood 5'6" tall and had strawberry blonde hair that flowed just past her shoulders. One of the main differences between Angie and Missy was the size of Angie's tits (44DD), they were huge compared to the rest of her body. Angie used to kid Missy she had freckles on her ass that were bigger than Missy's tits.

After the three of them shared some small talk, Chris excused himself so he could take a shower and head off to bed. Things were calm for the next hour or so until the rest of the ladies showed up for the class. Chris could hear them mingling around and decided to slip downstairs and grab something to drink before going to sleep.

All of the women were setting up their easels in the sunroom so Chris was able to sneak into the kitchen without being noticed. He just finished drinking a glass of orange juice when there was a knock on the kitchen door. When he answered it, there stood his high school English teacher Ms. Eddins. He suddenly wished he had put on something besides the raggedy old pair of shorts and tank top he was wearing.

He welcomed her while holding the door open for her to come inside. Once she had all of her stuff inside, she looked him over and said. "My oh my, you certainly have grown up into a fine young man. I always knew you would. Have you been working out? You look so much bigger than when you were in high school."

"Thanks for the compliment Ms. Eddins. No, I haven't been working out, but I must've been one scrawny guy back then because you're the third person to ask me that today. If you don't mind me saying, it's hard to believe, but you look more beautiful now than when I was in school." Chris told his sexy English teacher.

Blushing, she told him. "Well thank you very much and please, call me Brenda. I'm not your teacher anymore and you're not in high school either. Are you going to be attending our art class tonight?"

"No ma'am, I just came downstairs to get something to drink before it started. As a matter of fact, I'm late for my appointment with my bed. I just finished my finals and I'm exhausted." Chris explained.

Suddenly the phone rang and he heard his mother answer it. He started up the stairs when he heard her explaining to the others they were going to have to cancel the class because their model was sick. He felt badly for his mother but since there was nothing he could do, he went to his room and laid down.

The disappointed women were discussing when to have the next class, when Brenda suggested to Angie they ask Chris to be a stand-in for their model. Angie thought it was a great idea and went to ask Missy if she would be comfortable with it.

"Are you crazy? You want my son to stand naked in front of me and you, and a whole bunch of other women, so we can paint a picture of him. You've lost it girl." Missy told Angie.

Angie retorted. "It wasn't my idea, although I think it's a good one. Brenda is the one who suggested it. Don't you think the model we had coming was someone's son too? Besides, it's not like you haven't seen him naked before. Remember last summer when we came home late that one night and he was passed out in the lounge chair out by the pool. He was stretched out in all his naked glory then. Remember?"

"Of course I remember, but this is different. These are our friends we're talking about looking at him. I don't know, do you even think he will do it?" Missy asked her.

Angie grabbed her sister by the shoulders and said. "Of course he will, he'll do anything you ask him. He wants you to be happy, just go up and ask him already. If you want me to, I'll do it."

Missy decided it was best if she asked him, so she told the other women to wait and she would be right back. Chris was a little startled when he heard a slight knock on his bedroom door. When his mother came in, he could tell right away she was nervous about something. He asked her. "What's going on mom? What happened?"

Missy lowered her head to the ground and began pacing around his room. Chris could tell his mother was nervous and said. "What is it mom? I can tell you are nervous about something so just spit it out."

"Well, this isn't going to be easy so I'm going to come right out and say what I've got to say. Our model canceled on us and I will understand if you say no, but, but, what I'm trying to ask is, will you do me a big favor and stand-in for our model, please?" His mother stammered.

Chris exclaimed! "Whoa mom, I don't know! I've never done anything like that before! I'm not sure I could go through with it. I mean standing in front of you and aunt Angie and Ms. Eddins, what happens if my coc, err, I mean my penis starts getting hard. I just don't know."

"I understand, I told Angie I thought it was a bad idea. Don't worry about it son, they will understand." Missy told her son.

Chris quickly asked her. "Angie wanted me to do this?"

"Well, Brenda Eddins suggested you would be a nice replacement. Like I told you a minute ago, don't worry about it, they will understand." She answered him.

His mother was about to leave when he grabbed her arm and said. "Hold on, I'll give it a try as long as nobody laughs. If I hear one snicker, I'm gone. Do you understand?"

Missy turned around, hugged her son tightly, and told him. "Thank you son, you are the best. I can always count on you when the chips are down. Let me go tell the girls so they can get ready."

Before she left, and for the second time in the day, she gave him a long loving kiss. Chris felt his cock twitch as his mother ran her long fingernails down the length of his arm. His cock began to stir and he knew he was going to need some time to recover before he went downstairs.

After Chris undressed and put on the silk bathrobe his mother gave him for Christmas, he sat down on the edge of his bed and contemplated what was about to happen. His biggest fear at the moment was his cock getting hard while he stood naked in front of a room full of women. His cock looked almost like any other cock until it got hard. He feared his mother would be really embarrassed if his cock became fully hard. He had measured it before when it was fully hard and it was a little over 10 1/2 inches long and 4 1/2 inches around.

He never knew his cock was any larger than anyone else's until he was a junior in high school. He and Wendy Jacobs were making out on his bed one afternoon when she began sucking his cock. As his cock became hard in her mouth, it wasn't long before she couldn't hardly wrap her lips around it. She looked up from between his legs and explained! "My god, your cock is fucking huge! If I knew you were hung like this, we would have been fucking sooner!"

After that afternoon, Chris was known around school as Thor. One day he asked his buddy Glenn why everyone began calling him by that name. Glenn looked at him with a big smile on his face and said. "I guess it's because you have such a large hammer hanging between your legs. Wendy told all of her girlfriends to stay away from you because she wanted your cock all to herself."

Chris began to wonder if that was the reason why Ms. Eddins suggested he model for them. His train of thought was suddenly broken when Angie knocked on his bedroom door and informed him they were ready for his presence. When Chris came out of his bedroom dressed in only a bathrobe, Angie told him. "Thanks for doing this kiddo, it means a lot to me and your mom. When we're done I'll strip for you so we'll be even. It's only fair, I might even talk your mother into joining me as well."

He was already nervous enough without having his sexy aunt offering to strip for him. When they reached the bottom of the stairs and began to walk into the sunroom, all of the women stood up and clapped while he continued towards the pedestal. He surveyed the room to see if he knew any of the women in the class. He already knew Ms. Eddins was there, then he noticed Mrs. Johnson from next door. She was in her late 50's and used to babysit him whenever his mother had to work late. He laughed to himself when he thought about how she used to bathe him. Mrs. Johnson was definitely in for a big surprise.

As he continued to scan the room he noticed an array of women ranging in ages from their early 20's to their late 50's. He recognized most of them as friends of his mother. Knowing most of the women in the room made Chris begin to feel at ease. His big surprise came after he stepped on the pedestal.

He scanned the room one more time and noticed a petite blonde girl sitting in the very back of the room away from everyone else. He did not recognize her at first, but when she stood up, he noticed it was Emily White. He went to school with her and couldn't believe she was in an art class like this. Emily was so shy in school, she always walked with her head down and dressed ultra conservatively. Tonight she looked like a different person. She had her hair down and must have been wearing contact lenses because she wasn't wearing the horn-rimmed glasses she did while they were in high school. For the first time, Chris noticed how beautiful she was.

He was still watching Emily when his mother tugged on his arm and showed him a picture of the Greek god Apollo. She then began explaining how things would transpire. There would be three 30 minute sessions and a 20 minute break between sessions. Chris acknowledged to his mother he understood.

He nervously handed his mother his robe and began to assume his pose. The room fell dead silent for a few seconds, then all you could hear were pencils scratching on paper as the women begin to draw. While the women were drawing, Chris suddenly felt comfortable. He thought to himself. 'This is going to be a piece of cake. I'm almost through with the first session, I don't know why I was so apprehensive. It's art after all, there's nothing sexual about it."

Chris was glad when he finally heard a buzzer go off and heard his mother yell! "Time! Everybody take a break while Chris rests for a bit."

The one thing Chris didn't notice was the flushed look on his mother's face. She'd had sexual feelings towards her son for a very long time but always reasoned it was because they were so close. Now, seeing him standing before her naked it began to bring out the deep dark feelings she repressed into the back of her mind. The urge was strong to walk up to him and extol her true feelings for him but she stopped her self just in the nick of time. It didn't help when Susan James walked up to her and began to express what a handsome young man Chris was. She even went so far as to compliment the size of his cock. Feigning a headache, Missy excused yourself and bolted up the stairs to her bedroom.

Chris couldn't believe how tiring it was just standing still in one place. After he put his robe on, he looked around the room for his mother. When he didn't see her anywhere, he went to the kitchen to grab a glass of orange juice. He was sitting at the kitchen table when Angie walked in with a bottle of vodka. She asked him. "Would you like a little kick to go with your orange juice? It might help make the next session go a little faster. Oh, if you don't mind me saying, you have one nice cock hanging between your legs. I might have to try it out sometime."

While she was pouring the vodka in his class, Chris emphatically told her! "Stop it Angie! It's hard enough for me to stand up in front of all of you without getting hard right now! If you keep talking like you are, I won't be up there 5 minutes before I get an erection! So please stop it!"

Without thinking, Chris turned up the glass of orange juice and vodka up and drank it down. He hadn't realized Angie poured half a glass of vodka in his juice. His throat began to burn immediately so he ran to the sink and began to gulp down some water. He turned and gave Angie an I could kill you look and left for the bathroom. Brenda Eddins was exiting the bathroom when he arrived. Without saying a word she gave him a quick wink and walked right past him. His mind began to whirl as the alcohol began to take effect. He wasn't sure he was going to be able to finish two more sessions.

Meanwhile, Missy was upstairs in her room pacing around like a caged animal. She feared someone might notice her obvious attraction to her son. She was continually asking herself. "Why, why did you go along with Angie when she suggested you ask Chris to stand-in for their model? Dammit, you just wanted to see his cock, didn't you girl? Shit, get a hold of yourself. He's your son for god sake, you shouldn't be thinking of him in that way. Fuck me, I'm losing my fucking mind."

Once Missy composed herself enough to head back downstairs, she started down the hallway. Chris just finished taking a quick piss and was exiting the bathroom when Missy walked right into him and they crashed to the floor. When their eyes met, there was no denying the intense emotions they shared for one another. With their lips were almost touching, Missy was about to cross the line from mother and son and kiss him passionately, when suddenly Angie yelled for them from downstairs. Missy clumsily climbed off of Chris's body and helped him up. Before Chris could say a word, Missy quickly bounded down the stairs.

Chris's head was spinning as he walked back towards the pedestal. His mind was spinning out of control as he wondered if what just happened was real or if it was the vodka blurring his judgment. After he climbed on the pedestal, he watched his mother intently while waiting for her to take his robe so he could resume his pose.

Missy was flustered beyond belief, once she was sure everyone was ready, she looked away from him and timidly asked Chris to hand her his robe. He wondered what was wrong as she began the timer for the new session. After a few minutes of extreme tension, Chris began to finally feel at ease once again. When he looked over to where his mother was drawing, he noticed she looked a little uneasy but otherwise happy. When they finally made eye contact, Missy quickly diverted her eyes back to her drawing while Chris quickly changed his vision back to the middle of the room. When he finally looked back in his mother's direction, she blushed and flashed him a big smile. His face lit up immediately and it made him feel proud he could do something special for her instead of her always doing for him.

After the incident in the hallway, he couldn't help himself and began to admire his mother's beauty. Almost immediately, his cock began to harden. He hadn't even noticed until he heard Mrs. Johnson whisper to one of his mother's other friends. "His cock has grown leaps and bounds since I used to bathe him. He's got to have one of the biggest cock's I've ever seen. Look at that monster."

Chris wasn't the only one who heard Clara Johnson, Missy heard her too. When she looked up at Chris and saw his huge cock hardening, she let out a loud gasp. "Oh my."

Chris felt like dying but stood stone cold still not knowing what to do. He thought about walking away but figured it would probably embarrass his mother even more. Luckily, the timer went off and he quickly grabbed his robe and put it on.

Chris watched while the women gathered into their little groups and began talking. It didn't take a genius to figure out what they were talking about. He quickly excused himself and went to his bedroom. He didn't want to let his mother down but didn't think he had the strength to finish the last session. His mind was still whirling from the incident in the hallway and the vodka he drank earlier in the kitchen.

He thought about masturbating real quick, but figured it to be a bad idea, because in the time it would take for him to cum, it would be time for him to pose again. He was about to call his mom up to his room and inform her he wasn't going to finish the last session, when there was a sudden knock on his door.

He was surprised to see Emily White standing there. She asked him if she could come inside for a minute. Once they sat down, she told him. "I know how embarrassed you must be but you really shouldn't be embarrassed at all. I've been to a lot of art classes and almost all of the male models eventually experience their penises getting hard, it's just the nature of the business. If you decide not to come back downstairs I'll understand but it would be a real shame because you are an amazing model."

She really made Chris feel at ease again so he reluctantly agreed to finish the last session. Before she left however, she looked at his crotch and asked him. "I know this is your first time doing something like this but I was wondering, would you pose privately for me? I would really like to paint a portrait of you. Who knows, maybe one day it might become famous."

Emily gave Chris a quick peck on the cheek and left to go downstairs. Chris wondered if she was talking about the painting, or his cock, when she playfully said, 'maybe one day it will become famous.' Meanwhile, Missy was in the kitchen fighting her own demons. She'd already downed a half a bottle of wine by the time her best friend and coworker walked up to her and exclaimed! "Damn girl, why didn't you tell me your son was hung like a mule! You really know how to grow'em! He's got one of the finest cocks I've ever laid my eyes on. I don't know how you can live under the same roof as him and not be crazy. I'm afraid if he was my son, I would have to see if he knew how to use that hammer between his legs."

Missy looked at her friend like she was ready to cut her throat and admonished her! "Fuck you Rosie! He's my son for christ sakes! That's just plain nasty what you're insinuating! How dare you accuse me of fucking my..."

"Whoa, wait a minute. I never said anything like that. I said if it was my son, I would have to see if he knew how to use it. I think you have a guilty conscience, that's it, you've at least thought about it, haven't you?" Rosie asked her friend.

Immediately tears began flowing down Missy's cheeks as she hugged her friend tightly before blurting out! "I'm sorry, I think I might be losing my mind! Chris and I have always been close and before tonight everything between us was normal. I don't know, maybe it's because I haven't gotten laid in a couple of years but tonight all of these crazy feelings are driving me crazy. Do me a favor, keep an eye on me and don't let me do something I'll regret for the rest of my life."

Rosie helped her friend calm down and promised to help her in any way she needed. When Missy finally stopped crying, she took her to the bathroom to help her wash the tears away. When Rosie was positive nobody could tell she Missy had been crying, they went to join the others in the other room.

Meanwhile, after resting a few more minutes, Chris descended the stairs and walked straight through the room full of women and climbed upon his pedestal. His cock was still dangling half hard between his legs when he looked over at his reserved mother and told her. "If you can handle it, I can. I'm ready to start whenever you are."

Missy instructed the other ladies to get prepared because Chris was going to complete the final session. When everyone was seated at their easels, Missy walked over to Chris so he could he hand her the his robe. Just as Chris pulled the robe from his body, his mother stumbled and her face fell against his massive cock. She couldn't believe how hot it felt against her skin. She wanted so badly to take it in her mouth and devour it but with all the willpower in her body, she turned her head away.

When Chris reached down and helped his mother up, his cock pressed tight against her ass. The friction only caused his cock to harden and flop around in front of him even more. He could hear the women ooohhing and aaahhing at the sight of his cock growing even larger by the minute. Still, he was steadfast in his resolve to finish what he started.

Once his mother regained her composure, she started the timer and Chris resumed his pose. Things quieted down until there was approximately 10 minutes left in the session. Chris's cock was fully hard and jutting straight out in front of him like an armed missile. It was so hard it was beginning to hurt. He resigned himself to stand there until the bitter end when he heard someone giggle in the back of the room.

He was wondering what had suddenly become so funny, so he looked down without moving and saw the thick strands of pre-cum dripping from his cock. One strand was almost touching the floor. In that moment he decided to have a little fun of his own.

With all of the ladies staring intently at the massive cock jutting out in front of him, Chris clinched his ass cheeks tight, causing his cock to bounce up and down in front of him. One thick strand of pre- cum flopped up high in the air and fell about a foot in front of Brenda Eddins easel. One of the older women leaned over to the woman next to her and whispered. "Did you see that? It's almost as if his cock is alive."

The other woman answered her. "I sure did, what I wouldn't give to have a boyfriend hung like him."

Another woman chimed in. "Boyfriend hell, I wish I had a son who was hung like him, I go home and fuck his brains out right now! Hell who knows, my husband might even get lucky tonight."

Most of the women had quit drawing by now and were either staring at Chris's cock while he manipulated it, or they were talking to someone next to them about it. He was really beginning to enjoy himself when he looked over at his mother and she gave him a stern look. It was a stern enough look, he figured it best he stop his antics.

To his relief, the timer went off and his mother brought him his robe. Before he had a chance to put the robe on, his mother smacked him hard on his bare ass and said jokingly. "Thanks a lot for standing in, but just because you have a big cock, it doesn't mean you have to flaunt it. It is a fine one though."

When Missy smacked Chris on the ass, all of the women stopped what they were doing and watched while Chris put his robe on. Once his cock was covered as best as it could be in his situation, the women began putting their things away. It looked like they were preparing to leave until Emily White cleared her throat and said. "Seeing's how Chris was such a good sport and filled in for us tonight, I think we should thank him properly. I mean, if it weren't for him we would have just spent another boring night at home. After all, it's because of us his penis is so hard. The least we can do is help him relieve himself from all the pressure he's built up."

Clara Johnson was the next one to speak up. "I think that's a great idea little girl, as long as it's okay with Missy. Still, I need to set you straight little girl, what he has hanging between his legs is not a penis, it's a cock. A mighty fine one, if I do say so myself."

Chris looked over at his mother almost as if he was in shock. He stood stone cold still waiting for her reaction. When she didn't say anything right away, her sister Angie went over to her and said. "What do you say sis, he has been a good sport. You don't have to do anything, just let the girls give him a reward."

Missy just stood there silent for what seemed like minutes, but was probably only seconds, before saying. "He's a grown man, he can make his own decisions. I'm not going to stop him either way he decides."

Angie immediately ran over to her nephew and asked. "What do you say kiddo, are you game for a little fun?"

Chris turned and looked over at his mother seeking for her approval. She shrugged her shoulders and with her head down said. "I don't mind, really."

Chris looked out at the voracious women and started to agree, but before he could open his mouth, Angie took charge. "Alright now if we're going to do this, I think Brenda should be the first one to go, because it was her idea in the first place to ask Chris if he would be a stand-in for our model. Does everyone agree?"

The hungry eyed women all nodded so Angie led Chris over to the luxurious couch in the den. She pulled his robe off and had him sit down in the middle of it. Once he was seated, she instructed Brenda to come over and kneel between his legs.

Once she was between his legs, Brenda looked at Angie and told her. "I'm not sure I can go through with it, I used to be his teacher."

Angie grabbed Brenda's right hand and placed it on his throbbing cock. "There you are teach. Now teach him how to cum or somebody else will."

Chris watched in amazement while his beautiful former teacher began to slowly stroke his swollen member. It was almost as if she was in a trance. It didn't take long before her strokes became longer and faster and before she realized what she was doing, she was rubbing his cock all over her face. When he laid his head on the back of the couch, he watched his mother go over to the bar and fix herself a drink. She looked distraught as she watched Chris's beautiful teacher doing what she longed to do.

He noticed right away she was staring intently into his eyes. He'd seen that look in other women many times before, it was a look of wanton desire. He began to lick his lips when the women began chanting at Brenda. "Suck his cock, suck his cock, suck his cock, make him cum, make him cum, make him cum!"

Brenda took his cock in her mouth and began to suck as much of him inside her as possible. She was only able to take about 5 inches of it before her mouth was stuffed full. Once she began bobbing her head up and down on the massive shaft, Clara Johnson squealed! "Suck that cock teacher lady, show him what a good cocksucker you are! Fuck, I can't take it anymore! These fucking clothes have to go!"

The other women watched in amazement when Clara let her jet black hair down and quickly undressed. For a woman in her late 50's, she was still in remarkably good shape. Her smallish tits had very little sag to them and her legs were still very firm, without an inch of flab on them. She also kept a nicely trimmed bush around her twat. Everyone in the room was surprised because there wasn't the first gray hair showing on her anywhere.

One of the women quipped. "I can't believe it, she's got a snatch to match!"

There was a lot of laughter at the woman's remark while Angie readied one of the younger girls in the room for her turn at Chris's cock when Clara sat down on the couch beside him. The mature beauty began rubbing his muscular chest and before Chris realized what was happening, she kissed him hard on the lips and told him. "You can't imagine how horny you've made your old babysitter. When these little girls get through with you, I want to feel your big fuck monster trying to split me in two. Do you think you can handle that Tiger?" hungry Before Chris could answer her, she stuck her tongue down his throat and pulled his right hand to her left breast. Chris responded by tweaking and pulling on the horny woman's nipples. She was moaning into his mouth so loud he barely heard what the young girl between his legs was saying. "Hi, my name is Amy and I'd like to personally thank you for standing in tonight."

The cute little minx went to work on his massive cock like a professional. Her tongue was swirling around the head of his cock driving him wild. Just as he pulled away from Clara to grab some air, he felt another mouth suck in one of his large hairy balls. When he looked down he noticed a topless brunette feverishly attacking his genitals. He would later find out her name was Katie and she was roommates with Amy.

As he looked around the room, he noticed the place had turned into an all-out orgy. Different pairs of women were suddenly making love to each other like it was an everyday occurrence. Chris began scanning the room looking for his mother but she was nowhere to be found. He reached over to the left and tapped Angie on the shoulder and asked. "Does this happen at all of your art classes? Have you seen mom? I don't see her anywhere."

"This is a first for me. Then again we've never had a model with a foot-long cock either. Don't worry about your mother, she's around here somewhere. Wait a second," Angie was answering him until he suddenly screamed out!

Chris's cock lurched so hard it flew from Amy's mouth and began erupting everywhere! "Fuck me, I going to cum! Shit, Shit, Shit, fuck me!"

His massive cock erupted like a volcano and spewed his tasty sperm all over the room. Amy's face was drenched and Katie's hair was covered in it. Three big globs landed on Clara's chest while Brenda lay beside him, rubbing some into her excited pussy. One woman after another stopped what they were doing and watched while his cock continued to spew. Angie looked over at her nephew and laughingly said. "Damn it nephew, you must have been holding that in for a long time. I don't believe I've ever seen so much cum fly out of one cock before."

When his cock finally quit spewing, Clara continued to stroke it feverishly. She was paying special attention to it's sensitive head. Each time she roughly spun her expert hand around and on top of it, Chris's body would shake and tremble in satisfaction.

Totally spent, he lay there stretched out on the couch, while one woman after another knelt down and sucked his cock for a few minutes until it came back to life. When he finally looked down, his aunt Angie was paying expert attention to every inch of his thick piece of meat. He was flabbergasted when, for the first time in his life he watched someone deep throat his erection.

Once again, the women began chanting out loud! "Deep throat, deep throat, deep throat, suck that cock, suck that cock, suck that cock!"

Everything was going along pretty smooth until one of the women shouted out! "Dammit Angie, how in the hell did you get all of that cock down your throat! You and your nephew should go into the porn business!"

Missy was in the kitchen making out with her coworker Rosie in the kitchen when she heard what the women were shouting. She broke off their embrace and went into the den to see exactly what was going on. Her mouth dropped open when she came around the couch and saw her kid sister deep throating her sons massive cock. She shouted at the top of her lungs! "Angela Marie McElroy, what the fuck do you think you are doing? Get your mouth off of his cock this instant!"

Missy was too late, Angie was lost in lust. She turned her head towards her sister and said. "Of course I know what I'm doing dummy, I do it all the time. You should try it sometime. You can't believe how delicious his cock tastes."

Missy was furious at her sister's reaction. She stood there and watched while Angie furiously stroked her sons cock with her right hand and motioned for Missy to come to her with her left hand. It wasn't long before the women began chanting again! "Missy, Missy, Missy! Missy, Missy, Missy! Do it, do it, do it!"

Before Missy knew what was happening, she felt hands clutching at her and removing her clothes. It took only a matter of seconds before she was standing totally naked in front of everyone. Of course almost everyone else was naked already. Slowly, two of the women began gently pushing her towards her son's throbbing cock. Rosie kept her promise and tried to stop Missy from committing the ultimate sin but it was too late. She was too far gone, lost in the moment, in a deep trance, whatever you may like to call it but she was going to cross the forbidden line. Two women came out of nowhere and pulled Rosie away for Missy and held her until the deed was done.

Chris lay back on the couch and watched his mother inching ever closer towards him. The anticipation of what was about to transpire was driving him wild. By the time she was standing directly in front of him, Missy felt as if she was in another world. The two women behind Missy helped her slowly down to her knees until she could almost reach out and touch her son's huge cock. She watched silently while her sister continuously ran her hand up and down its full length.

By the time Angie grabbed her sister's hand, Missy could see the thick purple veins throbbing throughout his erection. Now, as if on cruise control, Angie wrapped her sister's hand around his cock. Ever so gently and with her sisters help, Missy begin to slowly stroke her son's cock. She couldn't believe the pure girth of it in her hand. She quickly found out her hand wouldn't wrap fully around it.

She felt like she was in a dream world when she heard the women chanting yet again! "Missy, Missy, Missy! Suck it, suck it, suck it! Put it in your mouth, put it in your mouth, put it in your mouth!"

She could not deny her audience of what they wanted to see. It was like she was on autopilot as she wrapped her luscious lips around her son's magnificent cock. She could taste the wonderful pre-cum already dripping all over it. The taste drove her to another level and she began to vigorously suck and jerk on his cock like it was the only one left in the world.

By now she wasn't the only one delirious with lust, Chris was beside himself. He made up his mind, right then and there, to fuck his mother before the night was over. He motioned to a couple of the women, to lift his mother's backside up to his face so we could gain access to her magnificent pussy.

Missy could feel the women lifting her up but she was too consumed in pleasing her son's cock that she could care less what they were doing to her. She gasped out loud when suddenly she felt someone place their lips against the quivering lips of her hairy mound. She didn't know who was exploring her treasure box but they were doing a fantastic job.

Chris began to saw two fingers in and out of his mother's dripping cunt while he searched for her clit with his talented tongue. His mother was thrusting her pussy back into his face each time he touched a pleasurable spot. His face was becoming completely soaked with her juices while they continued their unlawful coupling.

Chris was now thrusting his cock upward into his mother's mouth while she flooded his mouth with her juices. When Chris finally found her clit and sucked down hard on it, his mother hissed out loud! "Yes, that's it! Don't move, stay right there! Oh lord, jesus fucking christ! Thank you, whoever you are! I'm going to cum!"

Missy bit down on her lip when an overwhelming orgasm wracked through her body. Her pussy began squirting her love juices all over her son's face. They gushed from her body like a freshwater spring flows into a creek. Once again she heard the women "ooohhing and aaahhing" as they watched her cum all over her son's face.

Her body began to tremble and convulse uncontrollably while the massive orgasm sent her to unknown heights of pleasure. All of a sudden she began seeing stars and all she could feel was pleasure bursts flowing through her entire body. Suddenly everything went blank.

She figured she must have passed out because the next thing she knew, she was sitting astraddle her son's midsection facing him. He was gently brushing the hair out of her eyes when she looked down between them. His massive cock was pressed tight against her belly and its large head was almost touching her breasts.

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